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k33bzis anyone here?05:59
plantianI'm here but I probably can't help.06:03
plantiank33bz:  Did you have a question ?06:06
k33bzoh sorry didnt see I got a reply till now06:06
k33bzis there any documentation or user guide (step by step) for tryton06:07
k33bz<<not a programmer and the wiki not much help for me06:07
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plantiank33bz: as far as I know there is only the website documentation and the wiki --
k33bzread that already, but to no avail :( at least not for me. I want to know how to use the modules that are installed already06:56
k33bzhowever i did see a module that i would like to have, but I dont see that module to be installed ups_shipping06:57
k33bznvm, just read that the ups_shipping module was for v 0.2 OpenERP, not for 1.4.1 Tryton, unless am I able to use modules from OpenERP with Tryton?07:09
plantianNo they would have to be ported AFAIK.07:29
plantianTryton was forked from openerp but there have been many improvements to the codebase.07:29
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k33bzwhat does AFAIK mean? Does that mean there is a way, or it is currently hopeless?07:44
plantianas far as i know08:11
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pepeuhi anyone knows how to make a many2one use other view different from that used, for example, the module hr.employee16:35
pepeuonly show me name and work_number16:35
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cedkpepeu: for now, it use the view with the lower priority17:11
pepeucedk, I did but I also changed the the hr.employee and I just want to change that of my module many2one17:13
cedkpepeu: don't understand17:14
cedkand by the way, there is no hr.employee17:14
cedkI plan to remove this priority stuff and work only with direct references17:16
pepeucedk, I have a requisition module that is where when a user changes the state recorded its name based on hr.employee, but I do not want it to show me the salary and other confidential data17:16
cedkpepeu: security doesn't work by hiding stuffs17:17
cedkpepeu: you must use a rule17:17
cedkpepeu: or don't put confidential data on employee17:18
cedkfor the salary, I'm pretty sure it must be design with a one2many that takes start/end date and amount17:18
cedkso you can put a rule on this lines17:18
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phellercedk: I've installed hgnested, but hg reports no such command nclone19:01
yangoonpheller: did you activate the extension19:02
phellerhmmh, I think I might see what's wrong19:02
phellerone moment19:03
phellerI had two different python versions installed, and I was installing hgnested with the python that wasn't used to build mercurial19:07
phelleryangoon: hmmh, ok, how do I activate the extension?19:16
yangoonpheller: hgnested =    under extensions in .hgrc19:17
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