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Timitoscedk: hi07:46
Timitoscedk: tryton roundup is offline. could you please have a look?07:47
cedkTimitos: done08:11
Timitoscedk: thx08:12
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cedkOkko: I have updated the documentation of account_stock_anglosaxon09:41
cedkOkko: we should take care of the case if the invoice is received before the delivery09:41
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svakshahi. after installing tryton, 'tryton [options]' invokes the interface but the 'connect' button is greyed out. any idea why this happens? TIA13:03
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svakshathe UI also has the error, 'database: could not connect to server!'13:10
svakshacould someone help out please13:11
bechamelsvaksha: check that the server is running and that you use the correct host13:11
svakshabechamel: i started postgres before invoking tryton13:11
svakshahost = localhost13:11
bechamelok, now check that the tryton sever as the acces right to connect to postgres13:12
svakshahow? any documentation that i can read?13:13
bechamelthere is a small howto on the wiki
svakshabechamel: thanks13:16
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svakshabechamel: i have tried that earlier. it created a new user 'tryton' which during system bootup does not let me login13:31
svakshabechamel: i installed via the ubuntu repo so  cd ~/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond is not relevant i guess13:33
bechamelsvaksha: don't try to login with it, just du "sudo su tryton" and then start the server13:33
bechamelsvaksha: I don't know how is the config when you install it with ubuntu13:33
svakshabechamel: sudo su tryton works but does not accept the password given earlier13:35
bechamelsvaksha: when you use sudo you must provide your current password (like all the other time you use sudo)13:36
svakshabechamel: ah, i though it wanted the tryton pw13:36
svakshabechamel: tried both, its still "[sudo] password for tryton: "13:37
bechamel"..for tryton" -> this means that your are already logged as the tryton user13:39
yangoonsvaksha: /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian contains the installation hints you need on Debian and usually its derivates13:42
svakshabechamel: yangoon thanks13:57
yangoonsvaksha: welcome13:58
svakshabechamel: if i am logged in it should not ask for a pw, right?13:58
svaksha$ ./bin/tryton13:59
svakshash: ./bin/tryton: not found13:59
svaksha^^ error msg13:59
bechamelthere is probably an init script in /etc/init.d14:00
svakshaboth system pw and tryton setup pw dont work, [sudo] password for tryton:14:00
svakshaSorry, try again.14:00
svakshabechamel: will it need to be manually initialized?14:01
bechamelsvaksha: "[sudo] password for xxx" means your are currently the user xxx, so no need to use sudo su once again14:01
svakshaagree, but since the UI is not invoked does one go about that14:02
bechamelsvaksha: the UI and the server are two separate stuffs, like apache and firefox for the web14:03
yangoonsvaksha: /usr//bin/tryton if you don't invoke it with the menu shortcut14:04
yangoonsvaksha: for the client14:04
bechamelso you need 1) to run the server and 2) launc the UI client and connect to the server14:04
svakshaok, will try again14:05
yangoonsvaksha: if you have followed /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian the server should be up and running, thenstart the client14:05
bechameland all the sudo su stuff is only needed for the server14:05
svaksha, error logs while invoking the client14:12
bechamelsvaksha: FYI those are the server log14:14
bechamelsvaksha: anyway you have to install the python-ldap modules (with apt our aptitude)14:15
svakshabechamel: ok, but it says "ImportError: No module named ldap"14:15
yangoonbechamel: is is a depends of tryton-modules-ldap-connection14:16
svakshaACTION installed ldap so it should not throw that error14:16
svakshaits strange14:16
svakshaalso does a localhost need that module?14:17
yangoonsvaksha: you did two different installations14:18
yangoonone by setuptools, one by debian package management14:18 you mean i have two installations of tryton, ordo you mean that i have installed both server and client14:19
svakshafor tryton14:19
yangoonsvaksha: the first one14:19
yangoonsvaksha: please read
yangoonand decide which way to go14:19
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svakshafwiw, the server is running but the database setup is not. /me reads a bit more14:29
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svakshabechamel: yangoon , got tryton working, thanks15:13
bechamelsvaksha: great15:14
svakshathanks for helping a tryton newbie15:16
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svakshabtw, is there any documentation on all the modules for new users? i checked the tryton site which mostly has development docs.15:46
bechamelsvaksha: some user doc
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svakshabechamel: thanks16:01
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cedkOkko: did you check the doc?17:41
cedkOkko: I need to validate the behavior when shipment comes after invoice18:01
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Okkohi Cedk21:21
Okkowhich doc do you mean21:21
Okkothe google doc?21:22
cedkOkko: on codereview21:23
cedkOkko: yes21:24
cedkOkko: the main issue is to do when invoice comes before shipment21:25
Okkoyes I am thinking21:26
Okkoto me the booking is the same21:26
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Okkoonly problem is that receiving goods is updating the costprice21:27
Okkoand receiving part is not yet done21:27
OkkoI think acount 444 should be booked as to what price is in the purchase order21:28
Okkoand after the invoice is booked, the prices in the purchase order should be protected21:28
Okkoso the booking is exactly the same21:29
cedkOkko: ok21:30
OkkoI think it is good to add the terms periodic and perpetual accounting21:46
Okkoperiodic = continental21:46
Okkoperpetual = anglosaxon21:46
Okkothese two are more common21:46
cedkOkko: I don't think it is the same22:13
cedkOkko: in fact the current behavior of account_stock_continental is based on perpetual22:15
cedkOkko: and it is the same fo anglo-saxon22:15
cedkOkko: periodical means that you write move on stock account periodicaly (often once per year)22:15
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Okkocedk: ok22:22
cedkOkko: so I will start writing code ;-)22:23
Okkoother possible stupid question: how to change the draft state of a supplier move22:23
Okkoit is protected22:24
cedkOkko: don't understand22:24
OkkoI created purchase order and confirmed it22:24
Okkonow I want to receive goods22:24
Okkobut the supplier move shows a protected 'draft' state22:24
cedkOkko: create a supplier shipment22:24
cedkOkko: yes22:24
cedkOkko: then you will be able to fill it with pre-created stock move22:25
cedkOkko: edit with the right quantity22:25
cedkOkko: and validate to shipment22:25
Okkooke let me try22:25
cedkOkko: I know it is strange the first time but it is the best behavior we found22:26
cedkOkko: because:22:26
cedk- you don't know when and how you will receive goods22:26
cedk- you don't know how many shipment you will receive from your supplier22:26
cedk- it is a good way to ensure verification of reception22:27
Okkotrue, but I do want to see my outstanding purchase order lines sorted per expected delivery date22:30
Okkoafter I have selected the supplier22:31
cedkOkko: why not22:31
cedkOkko: just need to add planned_date in _order of stock.move22:31
Okkobut I experienced the purchaseorder lines are not visible within the new supplier shipment22:33
Okkoso I have to select the product manually22:34
Okkoor do I miss something?22:34
cedkOkko: do you fill the supplier?22:36
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cedkOkko: that is strange22:39
cedkOkko: you click on the + button22:39
Okkogot it22:42
Okkothat one could be more obvious22:42
Okkowe will think of something better22:42
OkkoFri and sat is still confirmed by the way?22:42
cedkOkko: for us yes22:43
Okkofor us yes22:43
cedkOkko: you should send details22:43
OkkoI will send the list of questions tomorrow22:43
Okkolong list of questions ;-)22:44
cedkOkko: hope we could answer :-)22:45
cedkOkko: but what is the issue with the supplier shipment?22:53
Okkothe + is working22:56
OkkoI wanted to check the average costing22:57
cedkOkko:  you can edit unit price on the move22:57
Okkoyes I see22:58
OkkoI will do more testing this week22:58
Okkoand first tomorrow a great sales opportunity22:59
cedkOkko: ok22:59
Okkoso I am off now23:00
Okkothanks for the help23:00
cedkme too :-)23:00
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