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vladimir_Hi ! Is it possible use NaN / +Inf / -Inf values in float field ?15:31
udonovladimir_: I am unsure, but I think it will _not_ work with the SQL-backends and with actually used gtk widget for floats. Maybe you can mimic with function field of type char and convert by yourself...15:40
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cedkvladimir_: what do you try to do?15:42
cedkvladimir_: and I think float Python doesn't have this representation15:44
udonoACTION guess decimal module has15:45
cedkudono: yes15:45
cedkudono: but I'm not sure the client can edit it15:47
vladimir_python is ok : float('inf') > 0.0  is valid15:48
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vladimir_postgres also support 'NaN'. One problem seems to be gtk input widget15:49
vladimir_cedk: exactly. When I change value in database to 'NaN'. In tree view it is ok, but not in form.15:50
vladimir_My motivation is store some processing data from machines sensors into database. They use coding: NULL as value not present;  NaN as sensor error; +-Inf as sensor overload.15:58
cedkvladimir_: you can patch to widget clieant to allow this entries16:00
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cedkvladimir_: and
vladimir_cedk: I will try, thanks for support.16:10
phellercedk: hi.  I don't have access to my dev machine during the day, but I can submit my patches as attachments on after work today.  I also might have found a solution for the crash of the mac Tryton client when quitting from the dock icon.16:20
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phellercedk: will you have a codereview for the one2one in the client today?  I will test it, when you have it....16:22
phellercedk: also, I noticed last night while doing some testing -- it takes a *long* time to load country.xml -- like ~ 5 minutes.  Does this seem long to you?16:26
cedkpheller: ok for the patch on bugs.tryton.org16:27
cedkpheller: I think I will not include the one2one in these release16:28
cedkpheller: it is too much changes and too closed to the release16:28
cedkpheller: to load country.xml, it is possible if you don't have a fast machine16:28
phellercedk: too bad, maybe in trunk just after the 1.8 release is made?16:29
cedkpheller: yes surely16:29
phellercedk: re: country.xml -- this is running on a dual-dual core 2.66 Xeon w/ 8GB RAM....16:29
phellerbut the load happens in just one thread anyways, I presume.16:30
cedkpheller: yes16:30
cedkpheller: need to check if there is no extra SQL queries there16:30
phellercedk: hmmh, yeah, I think there must be.  it's not *that* important.  People using tryton as an ERP can wait a few minutes at time of install.  It's more important for Neso, I think.16:31
phellercedk: so you will have a chance to look at my other 2 code reviews today?  (control sensitivity, server thread / daemon refactor)....  I don't want to export the patch until I see an "ok" on the code review....16:33
cedkpheller: I will try to check thread/daemon patch tonight17:13
phellercedk: ok, thanks17:15
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phellercedk: macos client patch uploaded to
phellercedk: I will look at testing pysandbox for you now...23:48
phellercedk: oops, left out a file from the commit for issue1624.  I just submitted an addendum patch for it.  Sorry.23:58

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