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cedkpheller: fixed01:00
phellercedk: thanks, sorry for that01:00
cedkpheller: but don't use changeset number in comment because numbers are not fixed01:00
cedkpheller: you must use sha101:00
phellercedk: ah, ok.  no problem01:01
phellercedk: are there many more patches to apply before testing should begin?01:01
cedkpheller: no except one fix for documentation01:02
phellercedk: ok, I started testing a little -- found some things already :-)01:02
phellercedk: try opening UOM tree01:02
cedkpheller: report in roundup01:03
phellerwill do01:03
cedkI'm going to sleep now01:03
phellergood night01:03
phelleroh, and thank you for allowing me to contribute.  I tried to contribute to oerp, but they never want my patches, I guess.01:04
phellerso thanks!  talk to you later01:04
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Timitoscedk: hi. i am writing the patch for 0 value move lines07:54
Timitoscedk: it would be great if i also could do this for a 0 value on unit_price07:54
Timitosit would be easy to override the required state on unit_price in invoice_line if needed07:55
Timitoswe have some cases where this would be good like 'buy 4 get 5' offers for example07:55
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cedkTimitos: unit_price and quantity are required so they can not be 007:57
Timitoscedk: yes. because of this state on unit_price
Timitoscedk: but if somebody needs it he can override the state07:59
cedkTimitos: so he will do what he wants for this kind of line07:59
Timitoscedk: it would be easy to this if i add the 0 value handling also for this cases07:59
cedkTimitos: but it makes no sense08:00
Timitoscedk: why?08:00
Timitoscedk: for example how will you handle a delivery with some extra gift? it is common to have this on the invoice without a price08:01
cedkTimitos: you can not invoice somthing that has no value08:01
Timitoscedk: on the invoice there should be all activities that are a profit for the customer. even if they have no price08:02
cedkTimitos: it is not an invoice line08:03
Timitoscedk: so you would create another line type i think08:03
cedkTimitos: I never see this on an invoice08:03
Timitoscedk: i already found invoices from 2 companies in my own ones08:06
Timitos3rd one08:07
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Timitoscedk: that you did not see invoices like that does not mean that they cannot exist. i really think that we should provide an easy way to use this.08:14
cedkTimitos: I don't think it is a good way to implement this because you can not sale at lost08:14
Timitoscedk: but for the customer it is a profit. why shouldn´t a supplier inform a customer about a profit on the invoice even if he does not need to pay for it?08:15
udonoTimitos: not only this, the supplier must demonstrate the financial tax authorities, that he give away products for free, which he bought himself. And the only official document is the invoice for showing this.08:20
Timitoscedk: and even if it does not cost anything for the customer the supplier needs to do a stock move. so it is the same handling on stock but with no price. i do not see a difference in the process08:20
cedkudono: I don't understand your "official document", if there is no accounting move for it, it doesn't exist08:29
cedkudono: invoice is not The official docuement, it is the general ledger08:29
cedkTimitos: for me most of the time, it is no a sale at 0 but indeed you sale every thing at lower price08:30
cedkTimitos: like you said 5 for the price of 408:30
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cedkTimitos, udono: we should put this discussion on tryton mailing list09:31
Timitoscedk: i agree. i am just searching for some more input09:32
Timitoscedk: i will do my patch without this and start another thread09:32
cedkTimitos: it should go on tryton and not tryton-dev09:35
cedkTimitos: because it is a business question09:36
Timitoscedk: ok. what about a patch resulting from such a business question. should i start a new thread on tryton-dev then with a link to the thread related to the business question?09:37
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cedkTimitos: it will go on codereview and then forward the codereview notification on tryton-dev09:42
Timitoscedk: ok09:42
Timitoscedk: you said not to put the tryton-dev mailinglist on cc in codereview. but how do you send these notification to tryton-dev. do you remove tryton-dev from codereview after using just wonder about your way how you manage this09:44
cedkTimitos: I forward the email that I receive from codereview09:46
Timitoscedk: ok. thx09:46
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cedkyangoon: could you test now ncloning neso?13:42
yangoon cedk works now until [neso/trytond/trytond/modules/account]14:09
yangooncedk: then same error14:09
yangoonI had also another issue with hg npull: it stops working if encountering modules from not hgnested-enabled servers14:11
cedkyangoon: and now?14:36
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yangooncedk: still same problem14:39
yangooncedk: stops at modules14:40
cedkyangoon: and now?14:43
yangooncedk: works now14:45
yangooncedk: has successfully completed, thx14:51
cedkyangoon: could you test one more time?15:06
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yangooncedk: still works16:27
cedkyangoon: ok thx16:29
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