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yangooncedk: hi11:44
yangoonI cannot pull/clone anymore with ssh11:44
yangoonabort: There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)!11:45
cedkyangoon: and now?12:07
pjstevnsheh! 1.8 branch was created! congrats!12:07
yangooncedk: not yet12:08
cedkyangoon: what is the command?12:10
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cedkyangoon: you must change the path on the server13:14
cedkyangoon: it should be /home/hg/13:14
yangooncedk:  ssh -i /home/mathiasb/.ssh/id_rsa_tryton "hg -R home/hg/neso/ serve --stdio"13:18
yangoonabort: There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)!13:18
yangooncedk: ok, with double slash it works13:19
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cedkhere is the exe's for 1.8.0 to test:15:44
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cedkand neso:
lem0nacedk: tried neso on windows server 2008 r2 - does not start17:01
lem0nacedr: when tried to start it from command prompt there is no (error) message17:02
cedklem0na: I check17:06
cedklem0na: could you check tryton ?17:22
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hefferhi there. it would be great if downloads within were sha1summed18:31
cedkheffer: have you a command to generate it?18:37
heffercedk: sha1sum -b * > CHECKSUM18:39
hefferwill write a checksum of all files in the dir to CHECKSUM18:39
hefferif you then do a recursive download of all files in the dir you can check them with sha1sum -c CHECKSUM18:40
cedkheffer: I guess it is good if I put a cron that generate it?18:40
hefferyes that'd be okay. it could be generated whenever modules.txt is generated18:40
cedkheffer: I guess it is better to use sha256sum18:43
cedklike OpenBSD guys18:43
hefferthat'd work too :)18:43
lem0nacedr: tommorow - i am at home now18:44
lem0nacedr: but i am not shure if i have python installed18:46
cedklem0na: to test exe, it is better to have nothing installed18:47
lem0nacedr: ok - i will report tommorow for neso and tryton18:48
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cedklem0na: thx18:50
cedkheffer: done18:51
heffercedk: great! thanks :D18:51
lem0nadoes anybody have interest to check if tryton works with ironpython?18:54
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cedklem0na: is the dev of ironpython stopped no ?18:58
lem0nacedr: no - last week the project was transfed from MS to Miguel de Icaza and other OSFS devs18:59
lem0nacerd: Miguel promises full Mono support19:00
cedklem0na: I don't know well iron but is it binary compatible?19:00
lem0nacedr: 2.6 is, i think they are on the way to 2.719:00
lem0nacerd: I never tested it but will be fun to do it19:01
cedklem0na: so modules like psycopg and lxml work?19:01
lem0nacedr: will test and tell19:02
cedklem0na: if it is true, I don't see any reason to not work on ironpython19:02
lem0nacedr: i suppose so19:03
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cedklem0na: it seems it is only neso exe that doesn't work20:03
lem0nacedr: if you upload new one will test too20:08
lem0nacedr: about psycopg and lxml on windows - such project exists20:09
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KavliI have a question regarding some of the business logic in Tryton. Is it appropriate to ask here, or are there more suitable places to ask?20:34
cedkKavli: yes or you can ask on mailing list20:35
KavliOk. I'll take it here then, since that is quickest:20:37
KavliFor a given product category, I want to define a sales tax. That's ok, but in the Tax-form, I have to fill in "Company". Which company is this? Sales tax maps on all companies I do business with.20:37
KavliTryton version is the latest from Mercurial. A few hours old.20:41
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cedkKavli: the company means your company21:01
cedkKavli: Tryton can manage accounting for multi-company21:01
Kavlicedk: Ok. I'll buy that one. I was wondering if I had to set up taxes for each company I was dealing with. Btw: Is there any way to define a default tax? Like here in SE we have 25% and then we have some exceptions, like 6% for transfer of copyrights, 12% food tax, etc.)?21:05
cedkKavli: not yet21:06
Kavlicedk: Ok. I can live with that.21:07
cedkKavli: there is a plan to have recursive tree tax definition on category21:08
Kavlicedk: Ok. For now I'll use what is there. Need to play around some more first. Thanks for the quick answer!21:10
cedkKavli: no problem21:12
cedkKavli: if later you don't find help here, go on mailing list there is more people but there is delay :-)21:12
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yangooncedk: pushed first test repos21:38
yangoontar.gz is smaller than previous ones, seems to be due to stronger compression21:39
cedkyangoon: how do you generate the tgz ?21:50
yangooncedk: python sdist21:50
cedkyangoon: ok21:50
cedkyangoon: so it is strange21:51
yangooncedk:  I made a diff, it must be compresion21:51
cedkyangoon: I tested with the ebuild, it looks good21:52
yangooncedk: great21:53
cedkyangoon: did you register to pypi ?21:54
yangooncedk: not yet21:54
yangooncedk: how are you doing usually?21:54
cedkyangoon: you must do it with the repository with the right version number21:54
cedkyangoon: so I do it before increasing the number21:55
cedkyangoon: with the command: python register21:55
cedkyangoon: and as it is a bugfix release, I go on pypi and hide previous version of the same series21:56
yangoonok, since I am already done I will do by manually uploading PKG-INFO, since I have go there anyway21:57
cedkyangoon: as you want as soon as it has the same result21:58
cedkyangoon: generally I register when making the release and at the end I go on pypi hiding older21:59
yangooncedk seems to work, could you control on pypi please22:03
cedkyangoon: looks good22:25
cedklem0na: I have uploaded a new version
cedklem0na: it should work22:26
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phellercedk:  when you generate mac neso / tryton client, let me know, and I will give it a verification test23:28
yangooncedk: if you add me to other packages on pypi I will update them ASAP, now going for dinner23:41
cedkyangoon: done. ping me if I miss one23:55
cedkpheller: yes, I think it could be tomorrow23:55
cedkpheller: but if you have a complete env to create a bundle, it will be great if you could make it23:58
phellerI probably can.  haven't tried building neso yet, though23:59
cedkpheller: I'm not sure I could have the last version with gtk_osxapplication23:59

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