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phellercedk: should it be 1.8.1 ?00:02
phellercedk: that is the filename py2app spit out when I just built the bundle from the 1.8 repo00:03
cedkpheller: no 1.8.000:03
cedkpheller: you must update to tag 1.8.000:03
phellercedk: not sure how to do that....00:04
phellertryton/ seems to contain VERSION=1.8.100:07
cedkpheller: hg up -r 1.8.000:13
cedkpheller: I'm going to sleep00:14
cedkpheller: see you tomorow00:14
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lem0nacedr: neso works now but with admin privileges09:19
lem0nacedr: is this because the fact that the installed files are in "Program Files"?09:20
cedklem0na: I don't know but it should work with normal user09:20
lem0nacedr: yes - maybe this option "Run as Administrator" is not necessary then09:22
cedklem0na: where have you seen this?09:23
lem0nacedr: the neso shotcut has a little sigh that shows that it will be run as admionistrator09:24
lem0nacedr: and when look at the properties the checkbox "Run as Administrator" is checked09:25
cedklem0na: how is it possible09:33
lem0nacedr: maybe the installer have such option and it;s turned on09:34
cedklem0na: it is perhaps this
cedklem0na: could you check if tryton as the same?09:35
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lem0nacedr: i see some interesting oprion : RequestExecutionLevel  (line 27)09:39
lem0nacedr: reading help it says that usualy the value is "user" - here is "admin"09:40
lem0nacedr: maybe this can be the root of this behavior09:40
lem0nacedr: strange - i made a fresh install on a new machine and everything is OK09:43
lem0nacerd: maybe i have tried to run yesteday neso with administrator priviledges and it remmebers this even after uninstall09:44
lem0nacerd: tested it - this is the case09:49
lem0nacedr: it remmebers priviledge escalation09:49
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cedklem0na: ok thx10:03
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yangooncedk: there seems to be an issue with PKG-INFO12:31
yangoonwhile it uses for name in module dir underscores (correct) it uses under *.egg-info hyphens12:32
cedkyangoon: don't understand12:33
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yangooncedk: go into a tar.gz, look at PKG-INFO on module level and then take a look to PKG-INFO under <module_name>.egg-info12:35
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cedkyangoon: yes it is strange12:44
cedkyangoon: but python register works12:44
yangooncedk: it must take the one from the root dir12:44
yangoonI am using those, too, now12:44
yangoonotherwise pypi tells about name conflict12:45
cedkyangoon: I don't know where setuptools take the name with a "-"12:46
yangooncedk: trytond_account_invoice_history is generally hidden by design?12:56
yangooncedk: same for trytond_account_invoice_line_standalone, where auto-hide old releases is activated13:01
yangooncedk: trytond_google_maps also has auto-hide13:02
yangoonshould I remove this?13:03
yangoonbecause if I am putting i.e. a 1.4 bugfix, this one will be activated and all others will be deactivated13:04
cedkyangoon: yes13:48
yangooncedk: there is a trytond_party 1.7 on pypi13:56
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cedkyangoon: removed14:01
cedkoops internal error on pypi14:03
yangoonyeah, overload14:03
cedkyangoon: now removed14:03
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cedkyangoon: so what is the status of the bug fix release?14:09
yangooncedk: for me it is done, only have to update activation of 5 registrations14:10
yangoon5 min14:11
yangooncedk: do you plan to build also exe for bugfix releases?14:12
yangoonthose would be missing14:12
cedkyangoon: yes I will14:14
cedkyangoon: first I finish the ebuilds14:14
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phellercedk: for neso, you remove the ldap module from trytond/trytond/modules, yes?14:19
yangooncedk: pypi updated14:24
yangoonpypi webinterface really sucks, often looses configuration14:25
cedkpheller: no14:30
cedkyangoon: great14:30
phellercedk: so neso is built with all modules that come down when I do an nclone of trytond?14:30
cedkpheller: yes14:30
phellercedk: ok, very well.  I will give you a patch for neso later today, and I will make the mac bundles for distribution tonight.  I made them last night to test, and they work just fine.14:31
cedkpheller: ok thx14:33
phellercedk: also, going forward, it wouldn't be hard to build a nightly against trunk, if you want.14:34
cedkpheller: I know but have you a server for this?14:35
phelleryou mean to run the build on?  or to host the download?14:35
cedkpheller: to run the build14:36
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phellercedk: I can probably just run it on my home workstation.14:36
cedkpheller: but will you let it up for the nightly build?14:37
cedkand by the way, I don't see who will be interested14:37
phellercedk: was only an idea.  It only takes about 60 seconds to build it, and it can be done under cron in the background.  I won't even know it's happening.  :-)  If nobody finds it useful, then no reason to do it.14:38
paepkecedk, nightly builds are always interesting for checking the current state. of course not only running from source.14:39
paepkecedk, pheller so at least i' interested14:39
cedkpheller: I can give you a place to put your build if you want14:39
paepkepheller, but don't do it only for me ;-)14:39
phellerwell, I'll think some more about it.  maybe we could make it a weekly build.14:40
phelleror, maybe a nightly, but only when there has been a commit against the client repo14:40
cedkpheller: that's what we do for unittest14:42
phellercedk: ok, I'll think more about that once the 1.8 release is done.  it's no problem for me.  I can even set the machine to wake up and run the build while I'm asleep :-)14:43
cedkpaepke: calendar 1.6 doesn't have increased version number14:45
cedkpaepke: nor 1.414:46
paepkecedk, sorry don't understand.14:47
yangoonpaepke: he means yangoon14:48
yangoonACTION just controlling14:48
paepkeyangoon, ok, were both krauts ;-)14:48
yangoonverrry strange, will fix it14:50
yangooncedk: found it14:51
yangoonversion tag has space before colon14:51
yangoonirritates my regex14:51
cedkyangoon: also missing for calendar_scheduling15:10
yangooncedk: just on the way fixing all15:10
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yangooncedk: should all be ok now15:47
cedkyangoon: ok I will check15:47
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phellercedk: making the patch for neso should I so the same thing for capitalization that I did with Tryton client ?  (That is, make the app say "Neso" in the title bar?20:37
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cedkpheller: why not21:28
phellercedk: ok, done.21:28
phellerudono: time to go change passwords?  ;-)21:33
udonopheller: yes, on the way...21:39
phellerudono: hehe oops21:40
cedkudono: I can remove it from the irclog if you want21:41
udonopheller: It was a bad one, anyway21:41
udonocedk: better to remove me from the shell...21:42
phellercedk: just tried confirming a quotation with neso, got traceback "maximum recursion depth exceeded"22:07
phellercedk: just double checked, does not happen with 1.8 client against 1.8 server using postgresql; only neso 1.822:23
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phellercedk: you still around?22:56
cedkpheller: yes but I'm going to sleep23:52
phellercedk: ok, no problem.  if you can take a look at that paste I made tomorrow, that'd be great.23:52
phellercedk: ... and I will email you the patch now.  talk to you tomorrow.23:53
cedkpheller: ok23:53
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