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udonocedk: back. Sorry, the demodata script is not finished. there are some problems with proteus, I documented in tryton-dev.14:30
cedkudono: ok14:41
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cedkdemo server for 1.8 is up on demo1.8.tryton.org15:27
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hefferhow do i move parties i created while creating an invoice to either associated to sales / purchases?16:09
cedkheffer: I don't understand16:19
hefferas far as i understand tryton has two "categories" of parties in the main menu16:21
heffer"Associated to Purchases" and "Associated to Sales"16:21
cedkheffer: ha ok16:21
cedkheffer: it is filled automaticly when you make a sale for the party16:21
hefferoh okay :D16:22
cedkheffer: or when you make a purchase16:22
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phellercedk: how would you feel about splitting countries / states out into "l10n_<iso>" modules ?16:37
phellercedk: so something like "l10n_us" for the "united states", and all of the states associated to the us...16:38
phellercedk: and perhaps some "meta" packages for regions.  Maybe you could install all of europe with a "l10n_region_europe" module or similar.   just some ideas16:39
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cedkpheller: I don't think it is a good idea16:45
cedkpheller: it will be bad to have to install a new module because you need to enter an address outside EU per example16:46
cedkpheller: by the way, I'm commiting the last fix like that we can make the neso build16:48
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cedkpheller: done, you can make the neso build16:57
cedknew neso exe:
phellercedk: ok, so the and other fixes are committed against the 1.8.0 branch?17:26
phellercedk: Ok, I see that it is against 1.8.  also nice to see nclone works for neso, and that hg nup -r 1.8.0 does the right thing :-)17:30
phellercedk: so do I need to do anything regarding versioning?  when I nclone neso from 1.8 branch, version for neso and tryton is 1.8.1, where trytond is 1.8.217:35
phellercedk: I'm trying to clone trytond trunk, and having some issues:17:43
phellerabort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found17:43
phellercedk: tryton and neso clients built and you can get them here:
cedkpheller: you must have tagged version for every repositories17:58
phellercedk: I did "hg nclone"17:59
phellercedk: are you saying I should also do "hg nup -r 1.8.0" ?17:59
cedkpheller: but you must get the last tag17:59
phellercedk: how do I do this?17:59
phellercedk: yes, but when I do this, it reverts changes.  e.g., it removes the contextlib, etc., from ...18:02
cedkpheller: just apply the patch on neso18:11
phellercedk: this update also rolls back the trytond patch for sqlite.....18:14
cedkpheller: no18:15
cedkpheller: trytond must be updated to tag 1.8.118:15
phellercedk: ok18:16
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cedkpheller: the 4040 seems to be due to crawling all the website18:23
phellerah ok18:24
phellerI have to do homework for school for a few hours, then I will get back to this and get the packages built with the right version #18:24
cedkpheller: ok18:24 doesn't respect the robots nofollow attribute18:31
cedkin fact it seems to come from a china host18:35
cedkI blocked the ip18:38
cedknow everything seems to work18:39
lem0nawhen there is a term "Chart Account" does it mean "Chart of Account"?19:08
cedklem0na: I guess19:09
lem0nacedr: thanks19:09
lem0nacedr: are the term the initial used in OpenERP?19:10
cedklem0na: where did you see it?19:10
lem0nacedk: "Create Chart Account Properties"19:10
lem0nacedk: "Create Chart Account Account"19:10
lem0naand many more19:10
cedklem0na: ok it is just the description of technical Models19:12
cedklem0na: so you did not see it in the client?19:12
lem0nacedk: in the moment i try to finish the bulgarian translaton for 1.6 and eventualy to update it for 1.819:13
cedklem0na: ha ok19:13
cedklem0na: by the way I did not understand "are the term the initial used in OpenERP"19:14
lem0nacedk: i have not started to learn in depth tryton19:14
lem0nacedr: a friend of my wants some integrated system and i want to show him tryton and convince that will work for him but without transaltions is useless for him19:15
cedklem0na: yes I understand19:16
phellercedk: done.
phellercedk: I applied the patch I sent to you for to neso after hg up -r 1.8.019:17
cedkpheller: I will test19:17
phellercedk: ok, thanks19:17
lem0nacedr: so did you used the 4.x OpenERP terms?19:22
cedklem0na: almost all modules were rewritten so...19:23
lem0nacedk: i have the impression that they are written by someone not very familiat with the english19:23
lem0nacedk: aha thaks19:23
cedklem0na: like?19:23
lem0nacedk: i have the impression that some phrases are revesed like the ones ending with "init" or "used"19:24
lem0nacedk: anyway - i look at the german and russian translations19:25
lem0nathis helps me a lot19:25
cedklem0na: this is no real sentences19:29
lem0nacedk: i see19:29
cedkpheller: it doesn't work19:29
phellercedk: ??  what version of Mac OS ?19:30
cedkpheller: 10.4.1119:30
phellercedk: yes, that's why.  This is built against the 10.5 framework.  It will be a pain to build against 10.4.  I can do it, but it will probably take me a couple days.19:31
cedkpheller: I don't know well the MacOS X world19:47
cedkpheller: is 10.4 still supported?19:47
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phellercedk: Yes, 10.4 is still supported, though it is quite out of date.  Released April 2005, last update was November 2007.22:09
phellercedk:  The only reason people would continue to run 10.4, is for support of PowerPC G4 processors < 867mhz.  But, the client is only built for Intel anyways.  Intel support began with 10.4.4, but really most Intel based Macs will be running 10.5 or 10.622:12
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cedkpheller: how could it be still supported with last update older than 3 years22:29
cedkbechamel: could you put news on blogger22:30
cedkpheller: or is it still security update?22:31
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