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yangoonbechamel: hi12:34
bechamelyangoon: hi12:35
yangoonis there any trick to post rst to blogger or do you reformat your texts?12:35
bechamelyangoon: is juts reformat my text, it's just a matter of removing "====" under titles, + some extra formating12:36
yangoonbechamel: ok, thx12:36
vincentvdlHi all... I was wondering: how do you guys debug pyson expressions?13:04
hoRnvincentvdl: in my local installation i put some prints in the eval() - methods13:09
vincentvdlah thanks :) I was just looking at the pyon functions13:10
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vincentvdlI hope you guys are not betting bored with my questions! In I have added a one2many field to model X with context={'party' : Eval('active_id')  } argument. If I add a dummy default field to model X I see that context has 'party' entry with the correct party ID value, so far so good....13:29
vincentvdlhowever when I add a Many2One field which points to party.address and has a domain of domain=[('party', '=', Get(Eval('context', {}), 'party', 0))] I do not get any result13:30
vincentvdladding a print statement to Eval method in pyson Get reveals that context does not seem to have the party entry13:31
bechamelvincentvdl: if party is not in the view, you have to tell the gtk client to read it:
hoRnsharoon: Can i ask you a little question about sale.opportunity?13:36
sharoonhoRn: oh sure13:36
hoRnsharoon: i extended your module for our needs13:40
sharoonhoRn: great, if its generic enough you could either ask for merge or have an extended module itself13:40
hoRnsharoon: its the opposite of generic ;) - we have done a module for coating industries - we are using the idea of your model and added a related modul with very individual fields for the needs of this customer13:43
hoRnsharoon: its called coatingrequest - the user must ask the potential client a lot of stuff for getting an ida what the client needs (harder, thickness, covering ...) - after this we generat sala_opportunity_lines with this informations an a new salable product13:45
hoRnuii - syntax error13:46
sharoonhoRn: this is great13:46
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hoRnsharoon: now my question: if I delete a sale_opportunity_line i get an error in your custom One2ManyHistory-field - because the line isn't existing anymore.13:48
hoRnor better to say: in the view history13:48
sharoonhoRn: could you paste the tacktrace/error somewhere13:48
hoRnsharoon: i was exploring the code - the problem is, that the s._o_line isn't existing anymore - but I'm not shure, if this is an sideeffect of our extension13:52
hoRnsharoon: can i delete a line in your model without getting an error in the history?13:53
bechamelvincentvdl: does it work with "depends" ?13:53
sharoonhorn: checking13:54
vincentvdlbechamel: I'm affraid not... I only get it working when I add a Function field and let the address field depend on that Function field14:04
sharoonhoRn: i think you will have to debug the server side further to find which of the dictionaries the key is None14:05
sharoonhoRn: use --debug option on the server and i think its bugging out here
hoRnsharoon: ok14:05
sharoonhoRn: and then evaluate i[self.field], my assumption is thats what is None14:06
vincentvdlbechamel: when I do a Transaction().context.get('party')  manually I get the correct ID from the context, but when I do a f domain=[('party', '=', Get(Eval('context', {}), 'party', 0))] 'party' does not seem to be in the context14:06
bechamelvincentvdl: strange14:08
cedkvincentvdl: so the context is not set14:10
hoRnsharoon: ok - i will check14:14
cedkhoRn, sharoon: I think it is a bug14:18
hoRncedk: me too ;)14:18
cedkThe One2ManyHistory tries to read the opportunity field of the line that is deleted14:19
cedkthen it gets None14:19
hoRncedk, sharoon: yes14:19
cedkhoRn: did you reproduce on a clean install without your custom module?14:19
hoRncedk: so we need an other way to fetch the history of the sale_lines if the parent line is gone14:20
hoRncedk: i'm going to install a nwe database14:21
cedkhoRn: we just need to not read deleted lines14:23
hoRncedk: yes - i don't knowe all internals - but if there are the related histories, it would be nice, to read them14:24
hoRncedk: but i don't know if they are related CASCADE14:25
hoRncedk, sharoon: its a bug in my extension14:29
vincentvdlcedk:  Would I need to set it manually for Eval('context', {}) to work?14:30
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cedkvincentvdl: where do you want to use it?14:33
cedkvincentvdl: it is always strange to have a domain depending of the context14:33
cedkhoRn: ok, did you change something to the history?14:33
hoRncedk: i related an other one2many-Field with an own history14:37
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cedkhoRn: so it is perhaps the definition of this one2many which is buggy14:44
hoRncedk: hard tu debug14:44
vincentvdlcedk:: On I have a many2one field. When user clicks Add on that field,I need the id of the current party14:50
vincentvdlcedk: I need it for one of the domains. I am aware of the fact that it will not work on New parties14:53
cedkvincentvdl: so Eval('id')14:53
vincentvdlthat would return the ID of the one2many record instead of the party, wouldn't it?14:54
cedkvincentvdl: which one2many?14:55
vincentvdlcedk: ouch... I meant the many2one... sorry....14:59
cedkvincentvdl: no14:59
vincentvdlcedk: I'll test it14:59
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hoRnI got it15:49
hoRnbut don't know how to fix it - some unwanted magic in my own code is writing history for non existend sale_opportunity_lines - so i have to search ;)16:03
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vincentvdlmy final question of today... can a column in a Tree view be hidden dynamically? I only see simple <field .... tree_invisible="1">  alike examples.. is it correct we can not use pyson for this attribute? I have this special occassion where we would like to hide a field in a tree depending on a certain type field of the parent record16:58
cedkvincentvdl: no16:59
vincentvdlin a form this works correctly, with the "_parent_" construction16:59
vincentvdlcedk: thanks for your quick reply... but do you mean "No, this is not possible" or "No, it is not correct that you can't use pyson in this case"17:01
cedkvincentvdl: it is not possible and it is no correct17:07
cedkvincentvdl: simply create a specific view for the  one2many17:07
vincentvdlcedk: good idea, thanks17:08
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cedkpheller: I thought about the issue with dmg on 10.417:22
cedkpheller: did you compile Python in static17:23
phellercedk: that's a good question.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think yes.17:27
phellercedk: I did try building against the 10.4 SDK, and python wouldn't even build.17:27
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paepkei'm pretty sure that stock osx 10.4 has only python 2.4, which is dropped as of tryton 1.817:30
phellercedk: paepke makes a good point, but yes, the python I build for the tryton client is included in the bundle17:42
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cedkpheller: so I guess we must do 2 build if we want to keep 10.417:54
cedkpheller: for now, my only concern is that I can not test it as I got only 10.417:55
cedkanybody knows the security update policy of Apple?17:57
cedkI will have no worry to drop 10.4 if there is no more security update from Apple17:58
cedkpheller: how do you know that your MacOS is still supported?18:00
phellercedk: I'm looking to find that out now18:00
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phellercedk: so apple tends to provide security updates for a relatively long time.  Last security upgrade on Tiger was 10 Sep 2009.18:05
phellercedk: it seems they support one full version prior to the current version.  I.e., the last update for 10.5 will be right around the time 10.7 is released.18:07
cedkpheller: so now it is 10.5 and 10.6 ?18:08
phellercedk: for updates, it would appear this way yes.   The prior history shows usually the current and previous release only get updates.18:09
phellercedk: but there is no official announcement from apple..... if you take your laptop to an apple store, they will still help you on 10.4.... but there will probably be no more updates.  (maybe a security update if there is a crazy exploit, but that's unlikely)18:10
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lem0nacedr: macos 10.7 will come next year18:48
lem0naopz he is not here18:48
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cedkpheller: I tested bundles21:56
cedkpheller: tryton works well21:56
cedkpheller: and it is really good how the toolbar is on top21:56
phellercedk: ah, you have access to another machine?  I will still send you 10.6.... I just bought a copy to send to you....21:56
cedkpheller: but for neso, the version number of modules are not correct21:56
phellerhmmh, what should the module version numbers be for neso?21:56
cedkpheller: last tagged version21:57
cedkpheller: you must run the hg command I sent you yesterday on each modules21:58
phelleroops.  I will do it tonight21:58
pheller.... so did you upgrade the macbook to 10.5?21:58
cedkpheller: my brother has one21:59
phellerah ha.  do you want this copy of 10.6 for your laptop?21:59
cedkpheller: don't know. How do you get it?21:59
phellerI bought it from
phellerit's a legitimate retail copy.22:00
phellerI'm happy to donate it to you so you have it for testing22:00
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phellercedk: neso fixed23:22
phellercedk: you can find the dmg at the same url I gave you yesterday.  same file -- I just overwrote it23:22
cedkpheller: ok I check23:26
cedkpheller: looks good23:31
phellercedk: excellent, back to my homework.  talk to you later23:34
cedkpheller: I upload it on downloads.tryton.org23:35
cedkpheller: done23:43
phellercedk: cool.  I think with 2.0, if I can get rid of the crash in the client, it can finally leave beta.  :-)23:44
yangoon btw: next version 1.10 or 2.0? ;)23:56
bechamelyangoon: good question :)23:58

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