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yangooncedk: shall I publish news for bugfixes now?11:11
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cedkyangoon: ok11:30
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cedkcould someone update the Tryton wikipedia page for the new release?11:57
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pjstevnscedk: I've updated
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cedkpjstevns: thx12:04
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pjstevnscedk: just the release info though. I haven't edited the technical features etc.12:05
cedkpjstevns: I don't think it is required12:05
pjstevnscedk: ok.12:05
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cedkTimitos: I have updated the cash discount wiki page12:26
cedkto include taxes12:26
cedkTimitos: just need to wait Red15 comes back12:26
Timitoscedk: ok. our module handels vat like we discussed the day before yesterday. hopefully it is the way Red15 needs12:28
Timitoscedk: i plan to update the module to 1.8 and fix the things you pointed out. but it will take some time as i am really busy for the moment12:29
cedkTimitos: so you mean it is like on the wiki?12:29
Timitoscedk: yes i think so12:30
cedkTimitos: but I'm not sure it is what Red15 said12:31
Timitoscedk: yes. i hope that it is like. but i am not sure too12:31
cedkTimitos: ok so wait and see12:33
Timitoscedk: anyway the change would be not so big as we only need to add new tax codes on the taxes for cash discount moves when different tax codes are needed.12:33
cedkTimitos: yes it was what I thought if it is required12:33
cedkTimitos: we could perhaps ask for validation on tryton groups12:34
Timitoscedk: yes12:34
Timitoscedk: i will do it12:35
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hoRnlittle question: is it possible, that i can't releate a  One2Many-Relation to a ModelSingleton?15:02
udonohoRn: hopefully not...15:07
cedkhoRn: never tried but it should15:07
hoRnin a singleton i create some new objects. the xx.create gives me an id - but the table ist empty15:09
cedkhoRn: the only issue I saw is if a user delete the singleton15:09
cedkhoRn: what is the xx.create ?15:10
hoRncedk: self.pool.get().create(c,u,v,c)15:11
cedkhoRn: not sure to understand the design15:11
cedkhoRn: could you post the code?15:12
hoRncedk: its now in rebuild - looks very bad because i changed everything and now its in a bad state15:14
hoRncedk: there must be another error - i will check - that was the first id, that something is restricted, if a singleton has childs15:17
hoRn-id +idea15:18
cedkhoRn: normally singletons are like other record, it is just that it is only allow to get more than one record15:19
cedks/is only/is not/15:19
cedkACTION bbl15:20
hoRncedk: thanks - i don't have used singleton so much time before - so that was my first idea before debugging my code15:20
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cedkhoRn: ping me if you find issue15:56
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hoRncedk: after setting the context to None in the create-method it was working, thanks16:23
hoRncedk: magic :)16:26
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cedkhoRn: it was set with what?16:45
hoRncedk: with the context of a function field16:49
hoRncedk: in the getter of the function i was writing entries for another table16:50
cedkhoRn: ok so nothing wrong in Tryton at this level16:59
hoRncedk: no - but a little bit confusing in the first moment ...17:01
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hoRna "Wait until we processing your request"-Widget would be nice. We are requesting some webservices and the user don't know what's happening ...17:41
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cedkhoRn: there is one after some seconds17:44
hoRncedk: than our request is to fast ;)17:45
cedkhoRn: it is after 1 sec17:54
hoRncedk: i will take a look17:55
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cedkgordon_geeko: by the way, there is one big difference between OE and Tryton about accounting19:52
cedkgordon_geeko: in Tryton the python code uses Decimal instead of float in OE19:52
gordon_geekocedk: yes, i noticed only after the shock of finding floats were being stored in the db20:09
cedkgordon_geeko: OE stores float for accounting?20:10
gordon_geekocedk: it would seem so20:10
gordon_geekocedk: well, its an unspecified numeric field in postgres20:11
cedkgordon_geeko: I know OE uses float in Python but stores with Numeric in Postgresql20:11
cedkgordon_geeko: that's correct if there is correct rounding20:12
gordon_geekocedk: indeed, there isn't - at least not in the version i tried20:12
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gordon_geekocedk: for the currency rate with digits set to 12,6 it stored 0.98370009 as 0.9837000900000000320:15
cedkgordon_geeko: in Tryton, we store also with numeric without decimal constraint but at the Python code level there is check about rounding20:17
cedkgordon_geeko: weird20:17
gordon_geekocedk: perhaps some global setting that ignores the field setting...20:18
cedkgordon_geeko: I guess it is because OE use a float to write value in the numeric SQL field20:19
cedkgordon_geeko: then you got the unprecision of float stored in the numeric20:20
gordon_geekocedk: i see you use decimal class for field type numeric20:20
cedkgordon_geeko: yes the only way to do correct accounting20:21
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phellercedk: is proteus ready for 1.8 now?20:36
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cedkpheller: not yet20:58
cedkpheller: there is an issue with on_change event20:58
cedkpheller: and perhaps one with wizard20:59
phellercedk: ok.  Now that you use threading.local(), I think it can probably be used within sharoon's django example20:59
phellercedk: .... which will *really* simplify writing custom web access components20:59
cedkpheller: yes for sure21:00
phellercedk: I might write an example using bottle or web2py; even simpler than django21:02
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Timitoscedk: the questions about cash discount: should i use the dev-ml or the other? maybe the dev-ml is the better one21:14
gordon_geekois there a OE related fields equivalent?21:22
Timitosgordon_geeko: what type of fields do you mean?21:29
cedkTimitos: I think tryton ml as it is more an accounting question than a dev one21:44
cedkgordon_geeko: no but indeed it is like a Function field21:45
gordon_geekoTimitos: a field via another relation, e.g. getting a country in the city object via state when the objects are related as city->state->country21:46
cedkgordon_geeko: we prefer to not encourage this behavior as it generate most of the time bad design21:46
cedkgordon_geeko: as you can see
cedkgordon_geeko: it is easy to write this kind of Function field21:47
cedkI already saw some OE projects that uses intensivly the related fields and they become bloated21:48
cedkand this show a lake of good design at the begining21:49
gordon_geekocedk: i think i get your point21:49
Timitoscedk: ok21:53
Timitoscedk: meister did the cleanup on tryton section of intuxication21:56
gordon_geekoout of curiosity, why the use of CDATA in the view definitions?22:25
cedkTimitos: great22:32
cedkgordon_geeko: because we don't want the parser to parse it when loading records from xml22:33
gordon_geekocedk: not sure i understand, when does it get parsed then?22:37
mhi2Hi, I'm playing around with a fresh tryton instance. But I was not able to add a price list because price lists require companies.22:37
mhi2Companies can be added but not looked up (in the price list's company look up field).22:38
cedkmhi2: you must set your user to a company22:39
cedkgordon_geeko: the XML in modules define records22:39
mhi2Thanks. Great. :)22:40
cedkgordon_geeko: there is some records for ir.ui.view on which there is a field in which we put XML description of the views22:40
cedkgordon_geeko: so the XML of the view has nothing to do with the data XML of modules22:40
cedkgordon_geeko: so it is better that the parser doesn't spend time and memory to parse it at this level22:40
gordon_geekocedk: so the cdata is loaded only once in the db22:41
cedkgordon_geeko: yes22:41
gordon_geekocedk: and the other xml parts are to render the views22:41
cedkgordon_geeko: yes22:41
gordon_geekocedk: excellent22:42
cedkgordon_geeko: but there is a work in progress to move the XML of the view outside the data XML22:42
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mhi2Price list items require a formular. Is there any documentation about valid formulars?22:57
cedkmhi2: any Python statement22:58
cedkmhi2: with unit_price being the unit price of the product22:59
mhi2ok, that means 1 * unit_price would be valid?22:59
cedkmhi2: it is on the help of the field, you just leave the cursor on it for a couple of seconds22:59
cedkmhi2: yes22:59
mhi2oh - didn't know about the help function...23:00
mhi2hm, 1*unit_price is _invalid_.23:01
cedkmhi2: wait, i think I found a bug in the module23:01
cedkmhi2: could you test with this patch
mhi2ACTION is trying23:06
mhi2by the way - is it difficult to use pdb on trytond?23:06
mhi2seems to work.23:09
cedkmhi2: ok23:10
mhi2Thank you.23:11
cedkmhi2: for pdb I don't know, I never use it23:11
mhi2Are there better solutions for debugging tryton?23:12
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cedkmhi2: print statement23:12
cedkmhi2: like Guido
cedkmhi2: but pheller make some change in the thread code to allow easier debugging with debugger23:14
cedkmhi2: you could see with him, I think he's using pydev23:14
cedkACTION bbl23:15
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