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paepkecedk, thanx10:53
cedkstill memory issue10:55
paepkecedk, damaged or too less recources?10:56
cedkpaepke: not enough memory10:57
cedkTimitos, udono, yangoon, paepke: did you plan to publish news about the release in the German "press"?10:58
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yangooncedk: question: could we have another mailing list just for announces?12:37
yangoonbecause it is kind of common use to announce by mail, not only news or rss12:38
cedkyangoon: I find that is mailing list are not done for announce12:39
yangooncedk: they are often used for this purpose and it is for sure the most widespread and reliable medium12:40
paepkeyangoon, +112:41
cedkso it will be just rss2email12:42
paepkecedk, why not. but it should be run at youre server to have the right from. and it would be anyway easier to subscribe to a tryton-announce mailinglist and push the rss2mail script to that mailing list12:43
yangoonI understand correctly: you would just set up an rss2email to a read-only list?12:43
yangoonthis would fit perfectly12:44
paepkecedk, subscribing to mailing list is common. ( or google group maybe )12:44
cedkyangoon: yes12:45
yangooncedk: great12:45
dbacedk: thanks12:45
paepkecedk, thanx12:48
cedkit will bring more memory consomation on the server :-)12:50
yangooncedk: :)12:51
paepkecedk, maybe outsourcing the tryton-demo servers? i have some space left on one of my root servers.12:52
cedkpaepke: demo is already on separated server12:53
cedkpaepke: with unittest12:53
cedkI plan to get a new host next year12:53
paepkecedk, ok.12:55
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paepkecedk, about that proteus issue: its kinda strange. against a fresh 1.8 it works. i maybe messed something up. sorry bothering you with the issue.13:52
cedkpaepke: ok13:53
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hoRn_a little db question (i'm not familar with postgres): which action can trigger a ROLLBACK. in a modul what is connected to a webservice i have to update records each time the tryton-view is called: i check someting and update the lines. Logging postgres shos me a ROLLBACK immediately after the transaction14:12
cedkhoRn_: Tryton rollback every request except if it is defined on _rpc14:13
hoRn_ok - so i have to set in in _rpc.update - cool14:15
cedkhoRn_: for each Model you want to track14:17
hoRn_cedk: ok - thank you14:18
cedkhoRn_: but be careful that it will decrease the performence of Tryton14:18
hoRn_cedk: ic can do it explicit in __init__, right?14:18
cedkhoRn_: yes14:19
hoRn_i did it with buttons before, not knowing exactly what i'm doing ;)14:20
hoRn_know i get it14:20
paepkehoRn_, cedk. following your discussion I don't get it what the rollbacking or not rollbacking with that _rpc is used for?14:29
cedkpaepke: if the value in _rpc for a method is set to True then the transaction will be commited otherwise it is rollbacked14:31
paepkecedk, but normally i want my transaction to be commited?14:31
paepkecedk, its just to make a method available via rpc?14:32
cedkpaepke: many call doesn't require to be commited14:34
cedkpaepke: this behavior allow to prevent bad programing practice14:34
paepkecedk, ic14:35
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hoRn_cedk: my construction is like this: a function-field calls a method, this method calls the create and delete of another model - so what i need to set in the _rpc to True?14:42
cedkhoRn_: what does the function-field?14:44
hoRn_cedk: fields.Function(fields.One2Many()) - it calls a webservice and updates or delete records in the related model14:46
cedkhoRn_: fields doesn't call webservice14:46
hoRn_the method14:46
cedkhoRn_: I guess you mean when reading the Function field14:47
hoRn_cedk: yes14:47
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hoRn_fields.Function(fields.One2Many('coating.configuration.line', 'configuration', 'saved hourly rates'),'get_some_informations_from_a_webservice_and_manipulate_coating_configuration_line'): return {rec_id:[ids_of_the_related_models]}14:50
cedkhoRn_: I think it is not a correct design14:51
cedkhoRn_: why do you want to modify records when reading?14:51
hoRn_cedk: in a external webservice my customer can create and manipulate settings, which i need for further operations in tryton,. so i read the actual settings from the external service and want to persist them in tryton14:53
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bechamelhoRn_: what about a cron job ?14:56
cedkhoRn_: yes cron or trigger should be better14:57
hoRn_cedk: its an idea - but a little bit unconnected to the real workflow. the client finally calls the external webservice with the id of the setting, then a external website is opening. There the cleint can manipulate the settings to his wishes and i need the information about this setttings14:59
cedkhoRn_: so it is a wizard flow15:01
hoRn_i will take a look to the trigger related stuff - the design above was my first idea - but the ROLLBACK delete the record15:01
hoRn_cedk: i think i have to rethink the design15:03
cedkhoRn_: I don't speak about the Tryton trigger15:03
cedkhoRn_: how the settings are entered?15:03
hoRn_cedk: at an external website15:04
hoRn_cedk: sometimes. we build the possibility to write records to the external webservice. but the webservice has only set and get method - there is no delete or change method15:05
hoRn_cedk: so we need to update our records, because the clent NEED to manipulate them outside of tryton15:06
cedkhoRn_: still don't understand15:10
cedkhoRn_: you said that the client needs to enter setting to call the webservice and because of that you can not make a cron15:11
hoRn_the settings to call the webservice are stored in a singleton.15:12
cedkhoRn_: so you can run a cron job to sync data15:13
hoRn_cedk: yes - i will take a look - its sound better15:13
hoRn_cedk: i was trying to update them on the fly - not than important15:14
cedkhoRn_: because otherwise you need to set read method of parent model commited15:14
hoRn_cedk: how ;)15:15
cedkhoRn_: with _rpc15:15
cedkhoRn_: but you should do that for every entry point method that could call the function field15:16
hoRn_cedk: rpc.update('read',True)15:16
cedkhoRn_: there is an other way, which is that you could create a new transaction inside the function field that will be commited15:17
hoRn_cedk: puh15:18
cedkhoRn_: the choice depend of the speed of retreiving data from the webservice15:18
cedkhoRn_: but you could be a kind of timeout on stored data15:18
cedkI created
cedkI'm just waiting for gmane approuval to store the history before running r2e15:20
cedkhoRn_: but if you can easily detect if data on the webservice has changed then a cron job could be the easiest way15:21
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cedkdid someone know if it is possible to call a method on a descriptor?15:22
hoRn_cedk: yes - i think finally this could be nicer15:22
bechamelcedk: descriptor ?15:30
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cedkbechamel: I think I can use __dict__ of the class15:46
bechamelcedk: you want something like obj.__get__.my_method() ?15:48
cedkbechamel: no15:49
cedkbechamel: it is for proteus15:49
cedkI have added descriptor and now I would like to retrieve value in the format for update or on_change15:50
bechamelok, and it works with the __dict__ ?15:52
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cedkbechamel: not yet tested15:53
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paepkecedk, neso-1.8.0.tar.gz has only 61.2K ?21:14
paepkecedk, or should i talk to yangoon?21:14
yangoonpaepke: what's wrong about it?21:15
paepkeyangoon, its too small?21:15
cedkpaepke: it is almost like others21:16
paepkeah youre right. but do i have to install all the modules by hand?21:16
yangoonpaepke: yes, it is neso, not an all-in-one21:17
paepkei only used the windows version to test, where all modules are in that installer.21:17
paepkeyangoon, cedk sorry for the misunderstanding. i were just wondering.21:17
paepkeshouldn't be a neso all in one on linux, too?21:18
paepkei know that there is a difference between neso and the tryton/trytond combination ;-)21:20
gordon_geekohow do i replace an entire view when using an existing module?21:22
gordon_geekoi tried same name, higher priority and replace for xpath //form - both don't appear to be working21:23
udonogordon_geeko: no, we replace only parts when there is something to replace.21:24
udonogordon_geeko: how is the id of your view? and which view you want to replace?21:25
gordon_geekoudono: what if i want to change the entire form (account.move_view_form)21:25
udonogordon_geeko: then you are going to break modularity...21:26
gordon_geekoudono: i'm reusing the fields, but adding some to - and the layout is different21:27
udonogordon_geeko: maybe just create an alternate view and make a menu entry for your view. After this set the menu entry of the old view active eval="False"21:27
gordon_geekoudono: i'll give it a try, thanks!21:28
udonogordon_geeko: the problem is, when you want to install another module which do view modifications too.21:28
gordon_geekoudono: yes, good point - but for lots of changes would you recommend multiple changes via xpath?21:30
udonogordon_geeko: If the original view is this bad, it could be an idea to redesign it in general. We generally respect the original views in our development and modify them all with xpath.21:32
gordon_geekoudono: not bad, just missing fields and because of that i need to optimize the layout21:33
gordon_geekoudono: i'm gonna try the xpath approach first21:33
udonogordon_geeko: for me it is the best way. And if I would need really an alternative view, I would redesign it under another id then the original view, like told above.21:35
gordon_geekoudono: it is indeed a trade-off21:36
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hoRn_sleepless in Leipzig22:46
hoRn_cedk: cron is the better design ;)22:46
cedkhoRn_: great22:58
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