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udonocedk: I will test your proteus patches tomorrow evening.08:21
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gordon_geekosetting a field via on_change_with which, upon changing, should trigger another on_change_with in another field doesn't seem to be working11:27
gordon_geekone1 have an idea what i'm missing?11:28
Timitosgordon_geeko: i am not sure if this is possible. maybe on_change is a better option in this case11:32
gordon_geekoTimitos: was thinking the same, just wondering if it was a limitation or not - thx11:35
Timitosgordon_geeko: you should ask cedk if it should be improved or not11:37
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gordon_geekocedk: an on_change or on_change_with setting another field doesn't trigger a subsequent on_change of the modified field, right (i'm using version 1.6)?12:49
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cedkgordon_geeko: correct14:22
cedkgordon_geeko: otherwise you can have infinite loop14:22
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cedksharoon: finnaly did you use proteus with django?14:25
sharooncedk: nope :) now its all about nereid14:26
cedksharoon: as it is now thread-safe14:26
sharooncedk: will try to do it, it doesnt need django to test... i will write a simple WSGI app for possibly displaying the list of products or something and test proteus14:26
gordon_geekocedk: so to change multiple fields i'd have to do it within the same on_change method?14:27
cedksharoon: could you answer to comment of ivanwmc14:27
gordon_geekocedk: is that what the field_list arg is for?14:28
sharooncedk: i think there is no problem in using with web2py, i will reply to that14:28
cedkgordon_geeko: the return value of an on_change is a dict with field name as key and changed value as value14:29
cedkgordon_geeko: so a on_change call can modify many fields14:30
cedkgordon_geeko: at the opposite on_change_with just modify one field value14:30
cedkgordon_geeko: the field list used in argument on an on_change method define which value will be passed to the method to compute new values14:32
gordon_geekocedk: ok, and the field list that's passed is just to place it in vals?14:32
gordon_geekocedk: ah, yes ... clear14:32
gordon_geekocedk: thx14:32
cedkgordon_geeko: and for an on_change_with it defines which changed field will trigger the call and of course their values will be passed14:32
cedkgordon_geeko: it is a generic API that allow to be modular easily at the opposite of OE14:33
gordon_geekocedk: a on_change could then trigger an on_change_with?14:34
cedkgordon_geeko: what do you mean by trigger?14:34
cedkgordon_geeko: if you mean that when setting the new values from the first on_change, this will not result in an on_change_with call14:35
gordon_geekoon change field a, changes field b and field c having an on_change_with field b14:36
gordon_geekocedk: same potential for infinite loop14:37
cedkgordon_geeko: need to check but I'm almost sure that there will be no second on_change call14:37
cedkgordon_geeko: just checked the code, when the client set the new value the on_change(_with) triggers are deactivated14:39
gordon_geekocedk: ok, thanks14:42
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lem0nacedr: i was wondering about keeping the last tryton version that is database and to check against the current tryton version - if not match to start automatic upgrade by (re)start18:58
cedklem0na: I don't think it is good to make autodetect migration19:00
cedklem0na: there is so much possibility of error19:00
cedklem0na: like you start the wrong server version and boum!19:00
lem0nacedr: i see - i was thinking bacaouse we used this approach 15 years ago without any problems19:01
cedklem0na: generally migration must be prepared so running update is not the big part of it19:01
lem0nacedr: there was routes for every verison and so this the version upgrade is done19:01
cedklem0na: don't understand19:02
lem0nacedr: we have made a product for nontechnical customers - manualy military19:03
lem0nacedr: so we made a program thet checks the database vesrion and the product version19:04
lem0nacedr: this way the customer can have an old vserion and painless upgrade to the one he starts19:04
cedklem0na: but here we got a meta-software19:05
lem0nacedr: so there was route for every upgrade19:05
cedklem0na: it doesn't work out-of-the-box in most cases19:05
lem0nacedr: i see - i was just wondering bacause i just prepare to go for 1.819:06
cedklem0na: by the way, it is possible to do it from the GUI19:06
lem0nacedr: interesting - from Administration?19:07
cedklem0na: you make a backup on old server and then restore it on new with update box checked19:07
cedkit was done especially for Neso but it works for any backend19:07
lem0nacedr: i start to love tryton every day19:07
lem0nacedr: yes - i have neso i mind; for tryton i will be normal this to be done by admin19:08
cedklem0na: Neso stores database in separated folder per series19:09
cedklem0na: (by the way, I will get notification if you type cedk instead of cedr)19:09
lem0nacedr: ah - i did not pay enough attention on neso how it works19:09
lem0nacedk: sorry19:10
cedklem0na: works! ;-)19:10
lem0nacedk: i type fast instead to use nickname autocomplete19:10
lem0nacedk: i have translated all mudules - i was wondering if I upgrade to 1.8 what will happen with the transaltions; did I get only a few untraslated fields19:30
lem0nacedk: or I have to export the transaltions first and then put in every module and then upgrade19:30
lem0nacedk: and my second question - about translation of the client; i do not find any in the installed dir - it's only in the installation package19:33
lem0nacedk: how to make the .pot file this way?19:33
cedklem0na: it will be safer to first export the translation before upgrade19:59
cedklem0na: but you should not have lost19:59
cedklem0na: for the client, you must work from the sources and not installed package19:59
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lem0nacedk: thanx - allready done both21:53
lem0nacedk: my mistake - i made a dump of the database not export of the translations21:57
lem0nacedk: thanx again21:58
cedklem0na: so we will have soon a bulgaria translation :-)22:10
lem0nacedk: sure22:45
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