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sharoonhi, when we use _history=True and have functional fields writing to the same table we will get multiple history records for a create itself11:24
sharoonis there a way to avoid this?11:24
Timitossharoon: i think this is the actual behavior of the framework. i think it will be a bigger effort to change this.11:43
sharoonTimitos: might be better to filter in the select query for history right?11:43
Timitossharoon: yes, maybe. but i do not know if it is possible to filter those records.11:45
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sharkczcedk: question about logging in trytond - even with logfile set on command line it writes the log entries to both the console and the logfile, seems it's related to the logging.basicConfig() in, in my opinion it should write to the logfile only16:01
cedksharkcz: I think about dropping completly the logging system16:20
cedksharkcz: I find the python logging module bloated and not realy functional16:32
cedksharkcz: I guess it is related to the fedora issue?16:33
cedksharkcz: you can simply redirect the stdout to /dev/null16:33
sharkczcedk: yes, it's
sharkczI was thinking about something cleaner than the /dev/null redirect, but it will work too16:35
sharkczso you would use simple "prints" instead of the logging module?16:35
cedksharkcz: I don't know yet16:55
sharkczcedk: ok, it's no problem in a distro to capture stdout/stderr and take care of rotation the logs etc.16:56
cedksharkcz: by the way, I remember that this behavior depends of the version of logging module16:58
cedksharkcz: are you working on tryton module packages?17:05
sharkczcedk: tomorrow I will spend some time on the modules for 1.817:12
cedksharkcz: great then we could add a link on the website17:37
yangooncedk: if logging of trytond would be changed to something else than TimedRotatingFileHandler it would me also make happy for debian18:15
yangoonbecause it can't be overriden and can interfere in worst case with someother logrotate18:16
cedkyangoon: we should discuss for the best solution18:18
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lem0nacedr: about upgrade in gentoo - is upgrade of modules, server and client and restart the server enought?18:27
yangoonlem0na: no, you must update the database18:28
lem0nacedr: thanx - i was looking in the wiki but did not find the article18:29
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sharoonHi I would like to build an automatic currency exchange rate updater19:21
sharoonprobably based on the ECB feed in XML19:21
sharoonany suggestions how this can be modelled?19:21
udonosharoon: maybe a configuration view where to input the needed currencies. And a scheduler entry, which will update the exchange rate daily...19:30
sharoonudono: my doubt is about how to consider the ratio based on a base currency19:30
yangoonsharoon: I wanted to do something in this direction, too19:39
sharoonyangoon: great, did u make any progress on that?19:39
yangoonand as a frist point wondered if daily resolution on rates is enough19:40
yangoonI think it should be datetime19:40
sharoonyangoon: at the moment the highest resolution can be date only19:41
yangoonlooking at they say that update is at 3 p.m.19:41
yangoonso we have at least two rates per day19:41
sharoonyangoon: the xml is here
sharoonyangoon: so with the current situation best would e to use the rate as that of some time in  a day?19:44
yangoonsharoon: the current solution says, that rate is from 00:00 til 23:59 according to the server time19:45
udonosharoon: the xml is limited to use in europe19:45
sharoonudono: yes19:46
yangoonwhich is not exact and probably will only meet simple setups19:46
yangoonif I imagine setups with multiple companies lets say in Europe ans in Asia this could be too simple19:47
yangoonanother point is that from udono: which reference to take?19:48
sharoonyangoon: udono: then we might have to depend on something like the yahoo api?19:49
sharoonyangoon: udono : it talks all currencies\19:49
udonosharoon: or google...19:49
yangoonsharoon: udono I wouldn't want to rely for that on an unofficial source19:50
yangoonsharoon: perhaps you can tell me from if they also provide an interface for rates?;)19:53
yangoonI cannot read thai19:53
yangoonbut I am too dumb to click english language19:54
sharoonyangoon: i dont read thai either ;)19:57
yangoonconsidering the thai bat at and they are different19:58
udonoso it seems the provided rates are depending on the bank?19:59
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yangoonthe subject seems to be strongly dependent from the expected usage20:04
yangoonfor the calculation of the ECB see the footer
yangoonthey provide the 'mid-rate'20:05
udonobut afaik the own bank add some fees into the exchangerate20:06
yangoonit can serve as an orientation, but could not reflect the reality of your purchases/sales20:06
sharoonyangoon: udono: yes20:08
yangoonmy conclusion from that is: using as the base could be good for an european enterprise20:09
yangoonif an enterprise should need more sophisticated rates for buying/selling this would make chnages necessary in several parts (currency, sale, purchase, invoice)20:11
udonoACTION afk 20:18
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lem0nathe 3 p.m. rate is for the next year21:42
lem0na4-5 years ago i did this with perl screen scraper21:43
lem0nahere i Bulgaria this rates are used by the Central Bank21:44
lem0naavery other bank has they own rates21:44
cedkThe One2One patch is ready
cedkThx for testing21:47
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cedkudono: did you test the last patch on proteus?22:25
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