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cedksharoon: hi, you wanted to speak to me yesterday?10:30
sharooncedk: yes10:30
sharoonneeded advice on how the remaining part of the email module needs completing10:31
sharoonbefore that I have one question about the template engine10:32
sharoonwe usually use self in tryton for getting the variables10:32
sharoonin an evaluation10:34
cedksharoon: not when evaluating domains, states10:34
sharooncedk: in genshi self is reserved10:34
sharooncedk: how do we do it? can we change the convention here?10:34
cedksharoon: keep this in mind and process step by step10:35
sharooncedk: fine10:35
cedksharoon: otherwise for MDA10:42
cedkI think we just need a procmail like script10:42
cedkthis will allow to interface with email server like postfix or sendmail10:42
cedkand also with simple fetch script like fetchmail10:42
cedkso the script just take an email as input and put it in the Tryton database10:43
cedkit will just require the database name as parameter10:44
sharooncedk: sorry was out10:50
sharooncedk: so probably the script needs to be written as a python script which could be run using the linux scheduler (cron)10:51
cedksharoon: not necessayr from cron10:52
sharooncedk: ok... but from yesterdays discussion i feel many prefer to have the email settings also as configurable within  a tryton object for easy management10:53
sharooncedk: what do you suggest?10:53
cedksharoon: bad idea10:58
sharooncedk: i thought you would say that ;)10:59
cedksharoon: don't try to put everything in Tryton10:59
cedksharoon: no, I was always against the design of pulling emails10:59
sharooncedk: have you seen that most of the support systems (tciket systems) which "eat" emails have this eature11:00
cedksharoon: for me, the good design is to use a MTA and plug a Tryton MDA11:00
cedksharoon: it is not a ticket system11:00
sharooncedk: thats ok, but can you suggest a good design for the MTA/MDA plugin - totally no idea how it should be done11:01
sharooncedk: also what do you think of using the smtp client configured in trytond.conf for sending emails?11:02
cedksharoon: this is good11:03
sharooncedk: but can you also suggest how to tag emails that need to be sent11:03
sharoondo you want to configure that using a singleton and choosing the mailboxes that should be treated as an outbox or should the mails have a boolean in them?11:04
cedksharoon: just send it11:05
ecarrerasHi cedk and sharoon, sorry for the intrusion. If you want a fetchmail like script, there is getmail4 (is written entirely in Python)11:05
cedksharoon: don't store it11:05
sharoonecarreras: welcome to the discussion - not  an intrusion at all11:06
sharooncedk: so you dont want a behaviour like a mailbox? a queue?11:06
sharooncedk: it will be badly needed if we do mass mailing11:06
cedksharoon: i don't see the usefulness11:06
sharooncedk: for example an email to all partners on monthend with the balance statement11:07
cedksharoon: why?11:07
sharooncedk: do you think it is relevant and important for mass mailing?11:09
cedksharoon: no, it is the job of the smtp server11:10
sharooncedk: which means the system will be in wait mode for a specific user for minutes, unless we write the operation on a different thread?11:11
yangoonsharoon: I have the impression that in the email discussion it is not very clear what finally has to be achieved11:11
yangoonwiki only speaks from 'The goal is to store emails in Tryton and be able to read it with most email client. '11:12
cedksharoon: yes11:12
sharoonyangoon: I am not clear yet, any further clarity on the same will help11:12
sharooncedk: clear on smtp sending now :)11:13
sharoonACTION reading
cedkI don't want to write functionnality that exist somewhere else11:14
cedkso a queue to send email already exists in postfix/sendmail/exim per example11:14
cedksharoon: and if you generate a lot of email like in your example, the bottleneck will be the generation of the email not the sending11:19
sharooncedk: i should trust your experience in this, but i doubt it what happens when the server is different from where tryton resides, for example google apps11:20
sharooncedk: so email_tempalte will have an additional method to send along with render and save11:23
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cedksharoon: so you will just need to put a local smtp server to make the cache11:45
cedksharoon: don't reinvent the wheels11:45
sharooncedk: i am not a system admin, so to be frank not familiar with these, but happy to learn11:46
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sharooncedk: is there any doc on how tryton could be accessed as a module since 1.8?14:01
cedksharoon: I don't think14:04
cedksharoon: the wiki page should be updated14:04
sharooncedk: i can update the page, but i think the only changes would be the change of location of cache and the transaction14:04
sharooncedk: should it be the same page ? or another wiki entry?14:05
cedksharoon: it should be like
sharooncedk: can you confirm if the example needs to use the set_user API or just use the way it is now?14:21
cedksharoon: set_user is to change the current user14:22
sharooncedk: so what i have written now is the best practice14:23
cedksharoon: I think14:26
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marcelahi I need help19:08
marcelawith tryton stock modules19:08
marcelahi, Somebody here...19:10
cedkmarcela: yes but ask question first19:10
marcelaDo you help me with any question about tryton stock module?19:11
cedkmarcela: ask question we will see19:11
marcelaI am trying to generate a internal shipment, I can do draft shipment, but when I try assigned, tryton client say me It is not possible assign19:17
cedkmarcela: because you don't have enough product in the origin location19:18
marcelaOk, I see,19:19
marcelaBut It is new location (I created PRODUCTION location), of course inventory is cero, I have been trying create inventories for this location, with inventory19:22
marcelabut PRODUCTION do not appear19:23
marcelabut PRODUCTION do not appear in inventory tree19:24
cedkmarcela: production location is not yet really used19:26
cedkmarcela: so it is normal to not be able to make inventories on it19:27
cedkmarcela: and it should not be used for internal move19:27
marcelaOk , thank you very much,19:28
marcelacedk: Do you tryton developer?19:28
cedkmarcela: yes19:29
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cedkmarcela: the production location type is for the futur production module19:30
marcelaAh I see, I was imagine that19:31
marcelacedk: So, too I am trying create staff(employees) module with name_employee, salary, department (area or category), internal_code, init_contract,19:35
marcelaand settlement timework, print pay stub, and register employees event, in and out from company19:38
marcelaand settlement timework, print pay stub, and register employees event, in and out hour from company and relation cost from staff19:39
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sdistefano2Hi ; I'm not getting any thousonds separator at all on my invoices22:20
sdistefano2any ideas?22:20
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cedksdistefano2: Tryton uses the language separator of the party22:31
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