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plantianThe api for receiving a form in a wizard seems to have changed. Is there a place that talks about 'add' versus 'create' for things in the tree view?00:30
plantian -- the first one is the new one I guess00:34
plantianweird, actually it seems that if no adds are given then an empty entry is sent whereas before it was not00:42
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yoriksarHello, everyone.08:55
yoriksarDoes anyone know if Tryton has had any localizations for life in Russia?08:55
udonoyoriksar: Hello, see here:
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yoriksarI actually meant not localization as translation, but localization as adaptation to Russian needs08:59
udonoyoriksar: we had this discussion ... but we all had problems to understand each other because of language.09:02
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udonoyoriksar: maybe you like to start a discussion on tryton google-groups and explain the needs in Russia.09:04
yoriksarWe're looking for suitable replacement for Adempiere for our clients. Things that are really needed is russian business documents' forms.09:07
udonoyoriksar: which business documents' forms they need?09:08
yoriksarI've read through that issue. As I understand, SilverFox was creating something for OpenERP, not for Tryton...09:09
yoriksarFor example, Invoice (счет-фактура), Waybill (товарно-транспортная накладная)09:12
yoriksarI've got these translations  from Wikipedia article matches, so they may be not too accurate09:13
udonoyoriksar: so you need translated reports?09:15
udonoyoriksar: Try to generate an invoice with Tryton and choose Russian as language for the Party. Then the report is/should be printed in Russian language.09:17
udonoyoriksar: Waybill could you possibly find starting points in sale or purchase Module.09:19
yoriksarudono: The main need is in registration of basic documents, not in reports. And there is some differences in Russian forms and documents, not only translation.09:19
udonoyoriksar: yes, the same is with germany where I stay. The modules in Tryton are very general/generic, so you can extend them to your needs09:21
udonoyoriksar: But first it is important to know exactly what you need.09:26
yoriksarudono: Thanks for your time. I think, we should play a bit more with Tryton by ourselves and measure efforts needed to start integrate it. May be, we'll even start russian community (which is really hard to do with Adempiere)09:26
udonoyoriksar: sudowolfstviem :-)09:28
udonoACTION meant с удовольствием09:30
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sharooncedk: ping10:07
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cedksharoon: did you check the patch to get scenario in unittest framework?10:08
sharooncedk: nope, i tried thenm separately using python -m doctest -v <scenario>10:09
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plantianhas anyone seen an error like this -- -- ?22:25
cedkplantian: I think you got wrong arguments number22:28
plantianyeah that is what i looked for but i do not see any problem22:30
plantianthe original create call seems to have the correct number of arguments22:30
plantianI must have some other intermediary method of somesort that breaks context?22:30
cedkplantian: which version of Tryton?22:30
plantianI am trying to use 1.6 now.22:31
cedkplantian: need to see: /home/ian/workspace/laspilitas-project/busysignal/busysignal/model/", line 79, in create22:34
plantiancedk:  I have a wrapper so that I don't have to include the cursor and user over and over.22:38
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plantianSeems that call should resolve to obj.create(cursor, user, values) where obj is the actual product object fetched from the pool.22:39
yangoonplantian: line 25 obpj. ?22:39
cedkplantian: put some print statement to know what is context22:41
plantiancedk: I have some in now.  It is running.  It takes a long time to get to the point where it doesn't work.22:42
plantianyangoon:  Looks like my use of emacs is injecting errors again, thanks.22:42
cedkplantian: are you sure you are running 1.6 and not 1.8 ?22:45
plantiancedk: Pretty sure, everything with cursor, user and context in the method definition would fail right ?  I did hg nclone http://..../1.6/trytond to get the repo.22:45
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cedkplantian: ok, so I guess as you don't seem to use context in your calls that it is values that is used as context22:47
cedkplantian: so it should have somewhere a offset with args22:47
plantiancedk: print statement results are in but maybe in the wrong spot --
cedkplantian: but where is the print for the wrong value?22:58
plantian(<trytond.backend.postgresql.database.Cursor object at 0x486c150>, 1L, ([],), {})22:58
plantian([],) should be ()22:58
plantianso *([],) becomes an empty list as a positional argument to default_purchasable which gets treated as the context22:59
plantianhere is statement -- log.debug("Calling getattr with %s, %s" % (str((model_obj, name)), str((cursor, user, args, kwargs))))22:59
plantianoh sorry23:01
plantianboth debug statements are in trytond/model/model.py23:01
cedkplantian: where is the wrong call?23:02
plantianSeems to be return getattr(model_obj, name)(cursor, user, *args, **kwargs)  in def __getattr__ in Model class.23:04
cedkplantian: but this is no revelant, you must know the upper level23:05
plantiancedk: You mean modelsql: ModelSQL.create?  I will put in more debug statements to check inputs there.
cedkplantian: I'm thinking that it could be something wrong with the *args/**kwargs stuffs23:18
vladimir_Inside .read function i would like to modify the object. When I use .write I see datas in clent (in tree view), but nothing is written to DB. I try update directly via Transaction().cursor/execute, but no luck. When the function is called via client/save prosess all is done. It is read only type of cursor used in tree view or what ?23:18
cedkvladimir_: yes only some rpc calls are committed
cedkplantian: or put a context on your calls23:21
vladimir_ced: Thanks a lot . "self._rpc['read']=True" solved the problem.23:26
plantiancedk:  I think I see the problem and it is with regard to *args and **kwargs.23:34
plantianvalue[field] = self._defaults[field](cursor, user, context)   should be value[field] = self._defaults[field](cursor, user, context=context)  so that context is not passed as positional argument to func23:36
cedkplantian: I don't think it is that23:36
plantianLooks like it might be a subtle bug.23:36
plantianI'm pretty sure that's it but I will test it.23:37
cedkplantian: yes it will perhaps fix it but the issue is somewhere else in the design23:41
cedkplantian: of the default value from inherited models23:41
plantiancedk: -- func receives context as arg and thinks its ids, apparently the reduce line evaluates to True when ids = {} which converts ids to [].23:45
plantianI think, I don't konw, I will test more.23:46

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