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plantiancedk: Yes, seems to fix problem in the correct way, but I don't understand when default method would expect ids.00:14
plantian  -- maybe the code is not for defaults00:15
cedkplantian: the goal is to transform ids from base model into ids of parent model00:25
cedkplantian: but this doesn't work for default functions as they don't take ids as argument00:25
cedkplantian: could you fill an issue on roundup?00:26
plantiancedk: Yes, looking at 1.8 it does not seem affected.   Cursor, user, context are all on Transaction now right ?00:26
cedkplantian: yes but the issue is still there00:27
plantiancedk: I don't think so, what issue ?00:27
cedkplantian: the call to inherited method that doesn't take ids as parameter but something else00:28
plantianThe only way to better fix the issue is to treat defaults different from other fields and call them explicitly.00:28
cedkplantian: of course, default method are no more in the category of methods00:29
cedkplantian: no, we should get a better way to transforms ids (first argument) only when required00:29
plantiancedk: verification on bugs login seems to verify but presents traceback00:33
cedkplantian: don't understand00:33
plantianI will try to take screen shot.00:34
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plantiancedk: Since I'm kind of unsure of what to do I don't think it would be effecient to correspond inside issue.  Can we just discuss it here? Seems like goal would be to 1. remove the ids code all together and put it somewhere else and even better 2. don't override __getattr__ like this at all.01:16
plantianIf 1 and 2 cannot be done maybe the attributes whose first argument should be ids could be listed in a list somewhere on the class, like replace_ids_with_parent = ['browse', ...] and these could be checked when calling func in order to apply the ids code to the first argument.01:18
cedkplantian: I think about using introspection to find if method got ids or not01:19
cedkplantian: but I need to think a little bit more about that01:22
plantianYeah that seems pretty heavy handed since ids might mean something different or they might not want them replaced.01:22
cedkplantian: and we can not drop the __getattr__ method because it is required for default value, on_change methods and I guess other stuffs01:22
plantiancedk: When you say "parent" you mean in the case of product.product ids you would replace them with product.template ids right?01:23
cedkplantian: yes01:24
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cedkplantian: for issue1776, can you make a patch based on 1.6 trunk11:46
cedkplantian: this will be a temporary fix for this branch11:46
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plantiancedk: I have not submitted a patch for a while but there it is.19:53
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plantianHi, has anyone ever mentioned any kind of interface for quick inventory lookup?  Finding a product and clicking it and then clicking inventory and then clicking date and then navigated around in the locations seems a bit slow.22:09
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cedkplantian: but you need all this information23:45
plantiancedk: Right but maybe the date should be not asked for unless the user wants to specify it and it would be TODAY by default.  Also the price list implementation should be utilized to override product's default pricing.23:48
plantianI just need to make this widget and it seems like something that people would often need.23:48
plantianprice and inventory check23:49
cedkplantian: empty date means current23:49
cedkplantian: applying price list is not possible23:49
plantianIt needs party right? I guess I'm proposing a different interface.23:50
cedkplantian: not only that23:50
plantianDo you think such things belong in tryton client or would be in some outside interface? Similarly do you think something such as point of sale should be in tryton client or outside interface?23:50
cedkplantian: price list can be based on many things like quantity, party23:50
cedkplantian: it is possible to extend it to depend on the date, the location or any other stuffs23:51
plantiancedk: Hmm right, that makes things very difficult.23:51
plantiancedk: I guess you'd have to make a mock sale.23:52
cedkplantian: by the way, is this issue still on topics
plantiancedk:  I think I gave up trying to make the native version extensible and just rewrote it all.23:54
plantianLet me look over it though.23:55
plantianI think the problem was that inventory in tryton is per location but I need to take inventory at varying levels of the location tree.23:55
cedkplantian: but the design of Tryton is that locations are there to make inventories23:57
plantiancedk: Yes but I have view locations as nodes in a tree with the leaves as storage locations, otherwise it would be impossible to find anything.23:58
cedkplantian: I don't see the issue23:59
plantianSo warehouse(Warehouse) -> Section C(View) -> Row 1(View) -> Top of Row 1(Storage).23:59

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