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phellercedk: around?20:45
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cedkpheller: yes22:03
phellercedk: first of all, greetings from Salzburg, Austria.  :-)22:04
phellercedk: I saw the email about the URI handling....  and re-read the original thread.22:05
cedkpheller: in travel?22:05
phellercedk: yes, some Christmas travel....22:05
phellercedk: so, regarding the user/password in the URI -- I generally agree that this should not be.  But, I think it is useful for the automated screenshots for documentation.  So maybe allow it, but it should default to disabled, and is only enabled with a flag in trytond.conf ...?22:06
cedkpheller: if it is there, it will be used and this is bad for security22:08
cedkpheller: if you want to automate some stuff with the client, it should be possible to tune it22:09
phellercedk: perhaps an undocumented flag in the configuration?  Certainly the ability to automate documentation should not suffer because some people will make bad decisions.....22:09
phellercedk: Ok, perhaps another way.  But if this way is very easy, I think it merits more discussion.22:10
cedkpheller: it could be like the monkey patching in Neso22:10
phellerhmmh, ok, that might work.22:12
cedkpheller: I think that the user:password in http and ftp was there to fix missing GUI in browsers22:12
cedkpheller: but if you have a good example of usage, we could still discuss22:16
phellercedk: sure, I'll think about it.  monkey patch during documentation time is probably ok.  this is probably something that would be useful to do via doctests22:17
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KavliI'm having a question regarding creating move lines. I'm posting an expense, and I wonder if it's not supposed to calculate the sales tax automagically? As it is now, it doesn't recalculate when I select a predefined percentage. The amount-value stays at zero. Tryton 1.9.0 from Hg. It's probably shit behind the KB, but I can't see anything obvious I'm doing wrong.23:06
cedkKavli: do you have define taxes on account?23:09
KavliHmm. Let me check...23:11
KavliOk. I'm using the minimal accounts from the template, and I can't see any way to modify them.23:13
KavliIf I try to create a new account from scratch, I have a line "Default Taxes" without a box at all.23:15
cedkKavli: is your user linked to a company?23:18
Kavlicedk: Yes, my user is linked to a company. Used the Wizard to get going. Have most things working, including invoicing and stuff, but the taxes are not showing up properly.23:19
Kavlicedk: Probably I have to create a tax-rule?23:20
cedkKavli: normally you should be able to add taxes on account23:21
Kavlicedk: Taxes on the invoices are showing up ok, btw. It's my expenses that is going astray.23:22
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KavliIf I go to Menu>Configuration>General_Account>Accounts>Accounts and clicks on the Expenses-account, I only get a window with move-lines associated to that account.23:26
cedkKavli: you must use the list of account not the tree23:27
Kavli...and if I click on the Menu>Configuration>General_Account>Accounts, then I get the list of accounts (yep, I fucked up there), but the "Default Taxes" line below "Currency" is uneditable. It's just the description without any editable box associated with it.23:29
cedkKavli: it is a many2many so you must have just under and add/remove buttons23:31
Kavlicedk: Ahhhhh! --As one former boss told me: Kavli: The first thing you go blind on is your eyes! :-)23:33
Kavlicedk: I'll try now. Hopefully it works better now. ! Thanks a lot!23:34
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cedkKavli: the default taxes work (I think) only when entering moves from "Entries>Open Journal"23:37
KavliDid still not work when creating a move on the fly...23:38
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Kavlicedk: Works like a dream when entering from Entries>Open Journal, as you suggested!23:51
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cedkKavli: great23:59

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