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vincentvdlHi all. New day, new question: What is the best way to add a new option to an existing selection field from a different module?11:54
vincentvdlIf I simply redefine the field in the new module I get nasty errors when that new value is selected.11:54
vincentvdlIf I add a new tuple to the field in __init__ using copy and then add the tuple via .selection.append method, I?ll get nasty errors when creating a new database which have to do with translation issues11:56
cedkvincentvdl: you must append in __init__ but you must copy the list before changing it12:31
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vincentvdlcedk: If I only copy the list  "copy.copy(self.priority.selection)" I get validation errors when the new priority is selected ("ValidateError the value is not in selection"). If I copy the whole selection field "copy.copy(self.priority)"  then the module works, but as I mentioned, when creating a new database I get an error on duplicate translation that can not be added13:13
cedkvincentvdl: copy/paste the __init__ code13:16
vincentvdlcedk: self.priority = copy.copy(self.priority)13:17
vincentvdlcedk: self.priority.selection.append(('fyi', 'FYI'))13:17
vincentvdlcedk: and "import copy" at the header of course13:18
cedkvincentvdl: you must also copy selection13:18
cedkvincentvdl: self.priority.selection = copy.copy(self.priority.selection)13:19
vincentvdlcedk: Clear... going to test now13:19
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vincentvdlcedk: thanks, needs further testing but it seems to work... At first sight no crashes when creating new db and when using field anymore. Thanks!13:29
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KavliMore problems with taxes. I got it working in the test system, but in the sharp system I always get the error message "You try to read records that don't exist anymore!"18:08
Kavli(Document type: Tax Code) when I enter the Debit amount. I'm entering from Entries>Open Journal.18:08
bechamelKavli: this message appear if 1) the record you try to read/write does not exist in the db or if 2) the record exist but the user doesn't have the permition to read/write it18:12
Kavlibechamel: Ok. The user that created the tax codes is the same as the one doing the moves, and that user has got all privileges.18:13
cedkKavli: strange, you should put some print statement to understand which record makes the fault18:17
Kavlicedk: Probably I've fucked around too much in the production system too. I havent posted that many moves there, so I'll try from scratch, and then we'll see how it goes.18:20
KavliIs there a sequence how the tax groups, codes and taxes should get created?18:21
KavliMaybe there is a dangling reference?18:21
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cedkKavli: I don't think18:28
Kavlicedk: Looking in the DB, there is only one tax group defined and it has ID=1. All taxes defined has group pointing to id=1.18:33
cedkKavli: you must put print statement where the exception is raised18:52
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Kavlicedk: I've dropped the DB now and started from scratch. If I get the same problem, I'll look harder into it. I have a backup of the database, so I can reproduce the problem, if you want me to. Just need to get the books into the computer before xmas. :-)19:15
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Kavlicedk: Ok. I solved the problem with the tax-code stuff. Where the taxes are defined, there is a tab where references to tax-codes are to be filled in. As soon as I filled in those it worked. Maybe those boxes should be compulsory to fill in? (make them red when you try to define a tax, without linking a tax group?)20:55
cedkKavli: It will be great if you can fill an issue with a scenario to reproduce th eproblem21:11
Kavlicedk: Ok. I'm filling an issue now on the tracking system.21:21
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Kavlicedk: Ok. Hope the issue is understandable.21:34
KavliHmm. Posted the issue, but I can't see it... --Tagged it as a "wish".21:40
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Kavlicedk: issue 1787 and 1788 on the tracker. 1787 is a general description. 1788 is filed as a bug report.21:56
cedkKavli: why did you create two issues?22:09
Kavlicedk: The first one never showed up when I tried to review it... Feel free to delete it.22:18
Kavlicedk: None of them shows up when I select "Your Issues", either... Nevermind.22:20
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cedkKavli: it is because the issue is not assigned to you22:57

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