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phellercedk: when do you think you will commit something for the URI handler?  I will then test it on Mac OS.....15:40
cedkpheller: the end of the week15:46
phellercedk: ok, cool.  I'll start looking at how to implement the URI handler for the application bundle, again.15:47
cedkpheller: it will just require that the OS run tryton with the URI for every URI that has tryton as protocol15:50
paepkecedk, inpired by the URI stuff. have you already thought about some kind of backchannel from tryton server to the tryton client? To push notifications.15:51
cedkpaepke: no15:52
cedkpaepke: I think it should go with email or xmpp15:53
paepkexmpp could be a good transport layer. I'm thinking more of a notification inside tryton.15:54
paepkelike an event based update of the client.15:55
cedkpaepke: I think we should not try to replace other good software16:01
cedkpaepke: so notification works well with email (when delay is allowed)16:02
cedkpaepke: and if it must be instant xmpp is good16:02
cedkso I think we should just have in trytond tools to sent notification through those protocol to users16:02
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phellercedk, paepke:  I like XMPP.  I had originally done some testing using XMPP as a transport to invoke URI actions.  (for example, screen popups when a call comes into an agent)16:06
cedkwhen we will have URI to open windows in Tryton then the communication can be done with external way16:07
phellercedk: The problem is that on Mac OS, a URI hander is defined within the plist of an application bundle, and it is not easy to run multiple instances of an application bundle's binary.16:07
cedkpheller: why?16:08
phellercedk: yes, I agree.  The user can run some jabber client or agent that automatically opens URI's from trusted users.  (for example, all messages from the PBX user)16:08
cedkpheller: why automatic ? popups are annoying16:09
paepkecedk, pheller: using XMPP would be a good way. Another idea is to use a concept like in push mail with long term requests. But my favourite is XMPP16:10
phellercedk: think about a call center, where agents simply wait for customers to call.  The customer might go through some automatic system, where they identify their problem, and securely identify themselves.  Only then is the call transferred to an agent, and when the agent answers, the PBX would notify the agent's computer to open a URI which represents the caller "party", or perhaps a specific "sale".16:11
phellercedk: the reason is to save the agent time, so that they don't have to ask as many questions of the caller.16:11
cedkpheller: yes it is a possible usage16:11
phellercedk: when we have URI handling in place in trunk, I will build some asterisk integration for this as an example.16:12
paepkepheller, very nice.16:12
paepkecedk, another use case is to have the current status of your production environment without constantly refreshing the tryton client.16:15
paepkecedk, kind of traffic light system: green: production, yellow: some delay, red: an error.16:16
cedkpaepke: yes but I would not want to change the current client16:17
cedkpaepke: it is just external client16:17
cedkpaepke: and notification could be done with the trigger system16:17
paepkecedk,  but if no one click on the client it doesn't get refreshed? even with trigger?16:18
paepkecedk, why an external client? Its part of production planning. A big screen on the wall which could show the status is of course another client. I'm talking about the visualisation for the planner or maintanence personal16:21
paepkehave to go. bbl.16:21
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plantiancedk: Have you thought more about the price/stock lookup?  I was going to try to just make it a button on the product search screen.22:19
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cedkplantian: what do you name "product search screen" ?22:48
plantiancedk: Sorry, just the default products list.  When you go to Product in menu and double click Products.22:49
cedkplantian: and what kind of "button" ?22:49
plantianYeah I don't know, the kind where you select one or more products and then click the button to look them up.22:50
cedkplantian: ok and then ? You will get a popup to fill price list parameter ?22:52
plantiancedk: Yes I have started to try stuff out.  You enter party(there can be default somehow), price config lines(product(taken from selection before button clicked), quantity(default 0), uom(default uom for product)) and price lists(defaults to all price lists).22:54
plantianThere might also be need for currency.23:01
plantiancedk: Something like this --
cedkplantian: I'm not sure23:27
cedkplantian: I don't see exactly how it will work23:27
cedkplantian: and if it is really usable23:27

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