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phellercedk: saw your url re: Mac OS and URL Handlers...... the problem is that the code at that link is Objective-C, and would have to live within gtk-osx.  The developers of that project are hesitant to include it....16:29
phellercedk: so, the next option is to use pyobjc to write a small helper script that handles the URL dispatch.  The pyobjc part has to be separate because pyobjc enters an NSMainLoop (which doesn't run concurrently with the GTK MainLoop), and also does not play well with threads.16:31
phellercedk: I'll work on this on Sunday16:31
cedkpheller: the gtk_osxapplication.OSXApplication doesn't get the right method to listen ?16:39
phellercedk: nope.16:39
cedkpheller: do you know why?16:40
cedkpheller: or is there any other way?16:40
cedkpheller: because if I understand well, the application need to be started to get the URL handle16:41
phellercedk: I understand, because gtk itself doesn't have the same concept of a listener for URL based invocation.  (instead, using gconftool-2)16:41
cedkpheller: isn't it possible to simply define the command to run to open URL16:42
cedkpheller: gconftool is from gnome not gtk16:42
phellercedk: perhaps, though I have not yet found how to do that.  As far as I understand, all URL dispatch is configured with application bundle plists16:42
phellercedk: right, the point is, gtk itself does not specify methods for url invocation.  it's left up to the window manager16:43
cedkpheller: but it is strange because the application need to be started to listen16:43
cedkpheller: what happens if the application is not started?16:43
phellercedk: I use plenty of mac applications which register url handlers, which will open when an appropriate url is invoked.16:44
cedkpheller: but if the application is not started how MacOSX know that it must start this application fro this URL kind16:45
phellercedk: magic?  :-)16:45
phellercedk: I'm testing it right now with an application I use.16:45
cedkpheller: can you start many Tryton client?16:45
phellercedk: not through the normal window manager invocation, but if you execute the binary within the application bundle multiple times, then yes.16:47
phellercedk: yes, url handler works for application bundle even when application isn't running.16:48
phellercedk: e.g., OmniFocus is not running (and it has no background listener).  I open "omnifocus:///task/a3TDxVo0veL", and the application launches and does the right thing.16:49
cedkpheller: it is perhaps possible with script:
phellercedk: perhaps.  I'll try some things when I have time to work on this again, Sunday.16:55
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cedkpheller: ok16:57
cedkpheller: but normally, there is no reason that passing the url to the binary will not work like it does on Linux16:58
phellercedk: correct.  when invoked from command line, it will work fine.  we only need this helper to glue that method of invocation to the Mac OS URL dispatch system.16:59
cedkpheller: yes it should be the way to go17:00
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ZeerakHey, just wondering if anyone here is running tryton on gentoo? I could use some help with getting started.18:46
cedkZeerak: I do19:00
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cedkZeerak: there is a overlay in layman19:09
Zeerakcedk: how did you set it up? After emerging it (and looking at the wiki and realizing I have no postgres user) running it just tells me it can't connect to the server19:09
Zeerakcedk: Yup, used the overlay as well, but I get a failure when trying to run it. Running trytond as a command also fails along with neso (pastebin on it's way)19:10
cedkZeerak: did you run the "emerge --config =app-office/trytond"19:11
Zeerakcedk: actually trytond might work, it seems that starting it from init.d might have caused the fault19:11
Zeerakcedk: Nope, i just ran an emerge -uDN @world (after adding tryton and the appropriate modules to my sets)19:12
Zeerakneso error:
Zeerakand trying to run emerge with the config flag19:14
Zeerakcedk: is an error I get when I try to run with --config19:16
cedkZeerak: it seems that you don't have postgresql running19:21
cedkZeerak: and the neso ebuild missing a dependency on pysqlite or sqlite flag for python19:22
Zeerakthat's something that struck me as strange though, the only thing postgresql related binary i can find is postgresql-config19:23
cedkZeerak: I suggest you for a first try to not try to fix postgres19:24
cedkZeerak: but simply fix neso19:24
cedkZeerak: which Python version are using ?19:24
cedkZeerak: so you must active the sqlite flag on python19:25
Zeerakjust added the sqlite flag to python and currently reemerging19:26
Zeerakhehey! Neso is running.19:41
phellercedk: I just tried Tryton on Mac with the new URL patch....  it *somewhat* works.20:01
phellercedk: if I am connected to database "test", and the url has database "foo", then a new Tryton window is created.20:02
phellercedk: but, if I give a good url, like: tryton://my.tryton.hostname/test/model/ (where my.tryton.hostname is the actual hostname of the tryton host), it does nothing....20:03
cedkpheller: need some debuging in ipc.py20:06
phellerok, I'll get to this on Sunday too.20:06
cedkpheller: could you check that the running client receive the message20:06
phellercedk: I will do it, but I can't today.20:06
phellercedk: maybe I will have a little time to test tomorrow morning20:07
cedkpheller: ok20:08
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cedkZeerak: I fixed neso ebuilds according to sqlite dependency22:10
phellercedk: I had a little time to test.... it's very weird.  it's like the gtk client is blocking somehow.22:34
phellercedk: the client does read from the fifo.... but only when an event is performed inside the gtk loop22:34
phellercedk: I bet this has something to do with gtk.gdk_threading, which is disabled on macos22:37
phellercedk: hmmh, yes, I just re-enabled gtk.gdk.threads_init() for mac os, and it works right.....22:37
phellercedk: maybe it is better to use gobject.io_add_watch() than in another thread?22:38
plantianHow are the tryton urls going to be used?22:51
cedkplantian: I don't understand the question22:56
cedkpheller: could you test if with gtk.gdk.threads_init() the client behave normally22:58
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plantiancedk:  The new functionality with the  tryton://my.tryton.hostname/test/model/  What is the use-case? I guess is what I meant.23:22
plantianI don't understand how it will be used.23:23
cedkplantian: it is useful to share/communicate with others23:25
plantianLike to embed urls in emails to other people in your company?23:25
cedkplantian: yes23:25
plantiancedk: Okay thanks, that makes sense.23:26
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Zeerakcedk: ah sweet, I'll update the overlay23:53
Zeeraknot that it makes much of difference now though...23:53
Zeerakbut yeah23:53
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