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plantianHi is it possible to place more than one action per button, like how the print button has a little drop-down?20:12
plantianAlso I was trying to make a wizard that needed extension but I would also want the original states, for example two wizards that share everything but one state, is that possible?  Would it be best to just create a choice state in front of the state and somehow pass vars in xml in the button configuration?20:19
cedkplantian: extending a wizard is not the same as having two wizards20:26
plantiancedk: I have a case where I want to allow the wizard to be customized sometimes but most of the time for speed-of-use time there should be defaults filled in and the first state is skipped.20:32
cedkplantian: I don't see how you can do that20:34
plantiancedk: Is there a way to pass variables in via button ?  Like to set the context maybe.20:36
cedkplantian: no only the form context20:39
plantiancedk: What do you mean form context?20:41
cedkplantian: the context of the form20:43
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cedkplantian: why not pre-fill it and just let the user press one more time "Return" ?20:55
plantiancedk: I have to explain to them why they must do that when they only need to customize it 1/100 times.20:57
plantianIt might be possible though to make them do that.20:57
plantianYou are right I should just do that for now.  Maybe later there could be a way to pass data into wizard so that init state can be of type choice and allow for dynamically configurable wizards.20:58
plantiancedk: There was talk about text search using pyparsing and stuff.  Is there a way to override the current search form in all models right now ?  Or is that a framework specific thing.  Sorry, this I think is my last question.20:59
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cedkplantian: not for now21:30
plantiancedk: Okay, thanks.21:30
cedkplantian: about the wizard, I think that in any way it is to the user to give information about using the short or the long path21:31
cedkplantian: it can be done with 2 differents buttons21:32
cedkplantian: or a first popup question21:32
cedkplantian: etc.21:32
cedkplantian: but there will be always a step for the user as he must give information about what he wants21:32
plantianHow can I do it with two different buttons ?21:33
cedkplantian: 2 buttons with 2 wizards21:33
plantiancedk: Okay I could just use actual python inheritance in parallel to share behaviour although that seems to be working against the framework.  For now I think you are right, I will just use only long way.21:38

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