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hoRnI wonder that the invoice_state and shipment_state in sale isn't set since my last update. Where to check this?08:52
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hoRncedk or anybody else with intimate knowledge: all my sales do not show invoice_state and shipment_state right. What am I doing wrong?09:11
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hoRnwhere is this triggred: I only find some entries in sale.xml - but never something like write({'invoice_state': 'open'})09:42
plantianI don't know much about it but I think there is some work flow that does it.09:46
cedkati drivers09:47
hoRnplantian: i' still searching this workflow. there is a begin in sale.xml > create_invoice > state waiting. but if I change the invoice, no action on sale is done or I don't see it.09:52
hoRnunless I am mistaken there should be a reference to sale_workflow in the invoice_workflow?09:55
hoRnclient is dissing me for this issue ;)09:56
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plantianhoRn: Do you mean its never set or its just not change in tryton client?  I think there is case where UI might not reflect change until refresh.   I'm not sure that still exists.10:02
plantianOR do you mean state does not change in database ?10:04
hoRnplantian: is never changed  in the sale. If I go to a Invoice and set it from draft to open, the field invoice_state in sale is not changed10:04
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Timitoscedk: hi10:27
Timitoscedk: i have a problem with proteus. it seems that with xmlrpc values of type are converted into datetime.datetime10:28
Timitosand the server does not seem to reconvert it into datetime.date10:29
hoRndon't know what has changed with invoice_state: is since updating my modules10:40
hoRnsorry, mental aberration. looking for non existent issues ;)10:53
plantianhoRn: It stopped happening ?11:02
hoRnplantian: no ;[ there is no state 'open' in the field invoice_state of the sale. it changes only if an invoice is paid11:03
plantianhoRn: Ha, I hate when that happens.11:15
hoRnplantian: need a coffee. searching for nonexistent stuff is a hard business ;)11:17
cedkTimitos: yes, XML-RPC doesn't have date format11:18
Timitoscedk: the problem is that i have a on_change which does have an date value in it. the server gets a datetime value. this crashes my on_change function11:19
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cedkTimitos: change your method to works with datetime also11:20
Timitoscedk: yes. it seems that there is no other way11:21
cedkTimitos: it is the flaw of XML-RPC11:21
Timitoscedk: yes. this means that when date fields are used always a check for datetime.datetime must done if the module should work with xmlrpc?11:22
Timitoscedk: for the moment xmlrpc is the only way to use proteus from a remote location. right?11:23
cedkTimitos: but datetime inherit of date so it should be transparent11:23
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cedkTimitos: I just found that proteus doesn't allow to set None in Date/DateTime fields12:44
Timitoscedk: i found that for numeric fields when xmlrpc is used the value must be converted to decimal in __set__12:45
Timitosi will provide a patch12:46
Timitoscedk: seems to be down13:06
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cedkTimitos: restarted14:10
cedkTimitos: I bought a new server yesterday to migrate on it14:11
Timitoscedk: this sounds great14:11
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Timitoscedk: what do you think about supporting schemas of postgresql in tryton?17:08
cedkTimitos: don't know what is schemas ?17:12
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cedkTimitos: I don't see real advantage17:15
Timitoscedk: it is interesting for bigger installations to share some tables between the schemata for read access17:16
cedkTimitos: don't see real advantage17:17
Timitoscedk: will dive a little bit more into it when i have some time for it17:18
cedkTimitos: for me it is a convienent for SQL user but for programs it changes nothing17:19
Timitoscedk: think of a situation where tryton needs to access tables of another solution that does not provide a service. with a schemata you do not need to create a connection for the other database. you can use the same connection17:21
cedkTimitos: if it is on the same database17:22
cedkTimitos: which will be strange17:23
Timitoscedk: schemata are created within one database17:23
cedkTimitos: yes so it is strange that an other application will use the same database then trytond17:23
Timitosespecially for oracle it seems to be common17:24
cedkTimitos: oracle is not a business application ???17:25
paepkeyou can use a schema as kind of environment. having tables, indexes and so on with the same name, but different data in it.17:28
paepkefor example having a "production" environment and a "testing" environment. Just switch the schema, everything else is the same.17:29
cedkpaepke: I think it is a bad idea17:29
cedkschema are in the same database17:30
cedkit is just like if you add a prefix on every tables17:30
paepkecedk, only want to show a possibility to use it.17:30
paepkecedk, if you connect to the other scheme, you don't see the other tables.17:31
cedkpaepke: to see if we should manage it in trytond we need to have a valid example17:31
cedkpaepke: it is not what says the documentation17:32
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Timitoscedk: i think it is for creating something like a namespace to define which table is managed by which application when more than one application is accessing the database.17:34
cedkTimitos: I don't think17:34
cedkTimitos: it doesn't provide any access rules17:34
cedkI really see it as a prefix17:35
Timitoscedk: this is not correct. you can define rights be schema17:35
cedkTimitos: ho yes17:36
cedkTimitos: but in any case, I think tryton should be in only one schema17:37
Timitoscedk: yes. but why not allow to set a schema different to public schema ?17:37
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cedkTimitos: why not in the database connection configuration17:39
cedkTimitos: but should it not be possible to configure the default schema on the database user17:39
Timitoscedk: it would be great to have the possibility to set the schema in the database connection. for this a new config entry would be helpful i think17:40
paepkecedk, i meant it by structure. timitos said it in a better way.17:41
cedkTimitos: I think it is better to set the search_path17:43
cedkit is the advice of Postgres doc17:43
Timitoscedk: yes. you can do this by connection. this is what i mean17:43
cedkTimitos: it is not on the connection but on the database user17:45
Timitoscedk: i only saw this by connection17:46
Timitoscedk: this would be my prefered solution because it is more flexible17:47
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cedkTimitos: don't see it but I find PostgreSQL should allow to define a default search_path per user17:49
cedkTimitos: ALTER USER test SET search_path TO bar,foo;17:50
Timitoscedk: there is a django example:
cedkTimitos: ok but why polluate trytond code with parameter that can be stored in database17:58
Timitosi will try if i can handle it this way.18:06
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cedkany one has tested the new windows exe ?23:42

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