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alexbodnhello friends04:20
alexbodni wish to make a module. would the openerp documentation help?04:20
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hoRncedk: at the new server install monit - since installed it, i can sleep better, because some expensive task are restarted depending on serverload ;)08:54
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cedkhoRn: I'm not sure to understand08:59
hoRncedk: we have some a server with a complex zopinstallation, roundup, subversion, mail, mysql etc - sometimes it crashes because of crazy load of some processes and a posible bug in debian kernel. so we installed monit to monitor all thsi processes - by cpuload, memory etc. if something looks strange, monit restart the services and processes. since using it, our server runs more sane09:02
hoRncedk: i saw that is sometimes not responding09:03
cedkhoRn: it is just because we have only 256M on it09:07
hoRncedk: that's not to much ;)09:07
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cedkhoRn: by the way, I don't like "auto-restart" service because it makes people not looking at fixing issues09:13
hoRncedk: that's true - but sometimes for me its better to read the logs and thinking about the problem than making changes stressed by telefon calls of the clients09:15
cedkhoRn: don't have this stress with Tryton infra09:18
alexbodnhello friends09:28
alexbodni wish to make a module. would the openerp documentation help?09:28
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hoRnalexbodn: is a good starting point09:35
cedkalexbodn: and after you can follow the mq patch repo
cedkalexbodn: and you can read the OE doc but be careful to not take bad coding habit with it :-)09:40
alexbodnhoRn: seen that, but well, that's for hello world ;)09:41
alexbodncedk: reading09:42
cedkalexbodn: it is still for 1.6 but most of it is still valid09:43
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alexbodncedk: i'm trying to understand the files' format09:50
cedkalexbodn: it is a mq repository09:52
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cedkalexbodn: I put command lines in description
alexbodncedk: is mq used to show the stages of building this module?09:56
alexbodnand every stage is a diff?09:57
cedkalexbodn: yes09:57
alexbodngood cedk :)10:01
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alexbodncedk: could i add custom locations to tryton to find modules in?10:12
alexbodnor should i use python develop?10:14
cedkalexbodn: trytond looks in trytond/modules directory10:14
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cedkalexbodn: and also use the pkg_resources10:15
cedkalexbodn: with entry_point starting with trytond.modules10:15
alexbodncedk:i wish to develop a module not as root, outside that. i thought of using develop to put a link instead10:17
cedkalexbodn: I think you can install the module in user directory10:21
cedkalexbodn: and the entry_point will do the job10:21
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alexbodnif you look at the way modules are been installed, you'll see they are physically copied under the entry_point10:25
alexbodnhence i'd need a link under entry_point to my location. i know this will be done using python develop. that will put a file at location that specifies where my files are. (not a real link).10:28
alexbodnto go this way' everything should become more intimate, in /usr/local. is there a way to batch easy_install all modules?10:29
alexbodnor should i parse the modules.txt ;) ?10:30
cedkalexbodn: modules are on PyPI10:40
hoRnis there a way to open a view without using wizard?10:50
cedkhoRn: yes with the menu, the Many2One, the relate action etc.10:51
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hoRncedk: sorry - bad explanation - but i will take a look to relate10:53
abeamudHi.. where is the helloWorld tgz?... the link in the wiki links to a non exists resource10:54
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hoRnbtw: yesterday i had a small talk and beer with a professor from - this school is teaching in ms navision and SAP. he was very interested in our experience with tryton. so he ask me about some community events and i was thinking about this after ..10:58
cedkabeamud: seems the wiki has been removed10:58
cedkabeamud: any way, the best way to learn is to do it yourself :-)10:59
hoRnhe intimate that there could be some support or such things from the school - how a about a tryton conf this year?11:00
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cedkhoRn: why not but I guess it should be in German?11:01
hoRncedk: english - no problem - programmers pidgin11:02
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cedkhoRn: so what is your request?11:03
hoRncedk: I'm not tryton - can i talk to them checking out the posibilities for support a meeting of the community11:04
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cedkhoRn: I'm neither tryton :-)11:05
bechamelACTION think a community meeting is a good idea11:05
abeamudcedk: I've tried create the helloWorld my self, but the form (to fill data) is not created.. I want only to see diffs with the complete code...11:06
hoRncedk: second question - someone is interested in such a meeting - nice talks about usecases, beer, dancing, sprints11:06
nicoeACTION thinks like bechamel 11:07
cedkhoRn: so you can make a tryton conf if you want11:07
hoRncedk: thank you ;)11:08
cedkdo you think there is enough people who will come to make a meeting?11:08
nicoeThat's the main point11:08
hoRncedk: don't know - for this I'm asking here.11:08
nicoewill there be enough people to come and make talks11:08
cedkfor now, there is many people following Tryton but they are all around the world11:09
hoRnyes - need to ping them all with geoip to get a map where they are located11:10
cedkI think making a meeting that will fail because not enough participant will be worse then doing nothing11:10
cedkhoRn: you can ask to fill the ohloh user map
nicoeWe should probably ask on the mailing list also11:11
cedkthere is about 200 people on tryton mailing list11:11
nicoeMaking a sprint is also a very good idea11:12
nicoeAnd a newbie coding session would be good too11:12
cedkhoRn: do you the school could sponsor it?11:15
hoRnyes - all that stuff - but first i need a  idea how much people is interested. I talked also with a guy from IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce with local dependencies)  - they are also very interested in open source software for small business11:16
hoRncedk: sponsoring is always a question how communicating the advantage for the sponsor11:18
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hoRncedk: the school for example is the place for world plone day in leipzig for example - but this is because of a good connection between a zopista and a teacher from this school11:20
cedkhoRn: first question is to know if it will be business and/or developper talks11:22
nicoeMoreover if we want to attract people from outside germany the conference has to last for more than one day11:24
hoRnyes - a weekend11:24
nicoeBut we could make a day of conference (business & technical) and a more technical day (sprints, coding introduction or something like that)11:25
hoRndevel <> business: there should be schedule with some events for interested user - so they can take a look to the community to get a feeling, what powerfull tryton is ;)11:26
nicoe(I am not tryton, eventough I own ~= 33% of the trademark ;)) but it looks good to me. Maybe you could write a to post to the mailing list because I think it is the better place to talk about this (and keep a record about it).11:30
hoRnyes - I implement a tool for researching the interest and write a message to te list11:32
nicoethank you11:34
nicoe(what kind of tool do you have in mind ? A web based tool ? If so, what kind of questions ?)11:35
hoRnnicoe: yes - webbased . back in hours with a first dummy11:36
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alexbodnhoRn, cedk, nicoe: there's a trend of brief online seminars. this could be made at different hours for far timezone audition. and pre-scheduled meetings here, too.11:50
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hoRnnow rock and roll - business of the day has kept me from writing the little dummy for a possible meeting21:28
hoRnoloh needs registration - new mash up needed21:39
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cedkhoRn: why not google moderate23:18
hoRncedk: who the f*** is google23:19
hoRncedk: never heard about it23:19
hoRncedk: i have trunken half a bottle of wine and a first dummy is done23:20
hoRnlittle play with google maps - dont know if it works23:21
hoRncache its to cachy ;)23:30
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