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Hydranthello all04:06
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serpent213just found out, openerp is using float for accounting11:36
serpent213now i'm, thinking about cross migrating from openerp v5 to tryton, instead of v611:36
serpent213system is not in heavy use yet11:37
serpent213is there a ruby/rails connector for tryton? like ooor for openerp?11:37
cedkserpent213: yes but in Python :-)11:39
cedkserpent213: there is also
serpent213mmmkay, so i either have to learn django or port ooor...11:45
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cedkserpent213: I guess you can rewrite proteus in Ruby11:48
nicoewhy using ruby ? python is better #troll11:52
serpent213thx, cedk11:53
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serpent213shouldn't 1.8 be listed there?11:58
serpent213as does work...?11:58
cedkserpent213: yes12:01
cedkserpent213: you can make your first contribution :-)
ikkscedk we have now spanish wikipedia article version for Tryton :)12:18
serpent213cedk: how do i get access?12:22
serpent213should have worked...?12:53
cedkserpent213: I don't understand12:58
serpent213i did "hg commit"13:04
serpent213didn't give a response13:05
serpent213i never used hg much before  :)13:05
cedkserpent213: should read
serpent213i did13:52
serpent213hg tip shows my change13:52
nicoeserpent213, you are not allowed to push yet13:53
nicoeJust send us a patch13:54
serpent213push is not mentioned in the tutorial13:54
serpent213% hg push13:54
serpent213pushing to
serpent213searching for changes13:54
serpent213remote: ssl required13:54
serpent213where should i send it?13:55
serpent213it's not mentioned there, is it?14:05
serpent213"how to submit" just talks about exporting...14:05
udonoserpent213: hi, the usual way is to create a ticket and attach the patch to the ticket. When you are unsure and want to discuss, put a codereview on http://codereview.appspot.com14:08
udonoI have an attachment with the name index.html. When I try to download the file via webDAV and firefox/chrome, the browser ask me to save the file, instead of showing it. How can I show the file instead of 'download'?14:09
cedkudono: WebDAV is not HTTP14:23
udonocedk: yes, but it uses http14:24
cedkudono: it is over HTTP14:24
nicoeIt might be a Content-Disposition problem BUT I think webdav should not send different content-disposition header according to the extension of the file14:25
serpent213if i had known this before...14:28
udonocedk: nicoe: I just try to add text/html to but it will not work.14:29
nicoeIndeed, I think that when Firefox remarks that this is webdav it will by default and whatever the mimetype of the file is pop up the "Save As" window14:31
nicoeBut I might be wrong14:31
nicoeTo be sure of that you could use wireshark to check that the correct header is sent by tryton to firefox14:32
udonoMy general aim is to provide the sphinx html documentation from the server to the client. But maybe Tryton should support a simple webserver for this?14:32
nicoeIt might be a good idea14:32
udononicoe: thanks for the tipps, I will try my luck with wireshark14:33
nicoeudono: np14:34
serpent213 might be easier14:35
nicoeyes indeed14:35
nicoe(but since I don't use firefox I did not remember this extension ;))14:36
udonoserpent213: thanks!14:36
cedkudono: setup a simple webserver14:39
udonocedk: yes, this already works.14:51
paepke+1 for an internal webserver15:45
cedkI don't understand the advantage15:46
paepkecedk, advantage over what?15:51
nicoeI suppose over the current situation :D15:52
serpent213ACTION stumpled upon recently15:53
paepkeviewing docs via browser and webdav is a kind of anoying (INFO:database:connect to "favicon.ico")15:54
paepkewhich forces a login-prompt on every page view.15:54
paepkeok, you can use django, werkzeug whatever to render some pages.15:55
cedkpaepke: I don't see what is the advantage to have a webserver inside Tryton15:56
paepkecedk, ok.15:57
bechamelwhat about sticking together a simple wsgi framework with proteus and serve files with it ? this would be easy to do and better looking15:59
paepkebechamel, yes, thats what i said. you can use werkzeug for example with it.15:59
cedkbechamel: why do you need proteus to serve files?16:00
bechameleven simpler: as files are on disk, just generate several .html files and serve eveything as static files16:00
bechamelcedk: enforce access right16:01
paepkebechamel, ? static files? didn't get the point16:04
cedkbechamel: yes but could be done with a simple auth script in a real HTTP server16:05
bechamelpaepke: for attachement16:06
bechamelpaepke: of course this will not work for on-the-fly reports16:06
cedkI think someone should define the usage of this "web server"16:07
paepkeudono already give an example: server online-doc. for me its another view to the data. and possibly giving access to some setup-helpers. like uri's to caldav calendars on a personal page.16:08
cedkpaepke: documentation is static data16:23
paepkecedk, yes, but delivered via the source.16:24
cedkpaepke: so I don't see why it should be serve by trytond16:24
paepkeits ok for me not having a webservice within tryton. but it would fit.16:25
paepkeyou can use of course write a small wsgi app which connects via proteus or use tryton as modules (as described in the wiki) to arrange it.16:26
cedkpaepke: what will be the use of proteus ?16:27
paepkebechamel mentioned it...16:28
paepkeyou could use xml-rpc or net-rpc, too.16:29
paepkecedk, if you use an extra webserver to access tryton it should possibly be programmed that it is not running on the same server.16:32
cedkfor me documentation is static file so it doesn't require to have access to the running instance of trytond16:32
cedkthe authentication could be done via a simple SQL query to the database, this kind of thing are commonly supported by most http servers16:33
paepkewith wsgi you can write your own authenticator and use the api's of tryton.16:34
paepkethats not the problem16:34
paepkeaccessing sql-server directly is bad.16:34
cedkpaepke: I don't find it is bad16:35
cedkany way, I don't see where the discussion goes16:36
paepkecedk, don't see it, too. we should not discuss it further.16:36
nicoeDoes anybody use ir.default ?17:06
yangoonnicoe: I don't understand the question17:11
yangoonI use it everyday when setting defaults in the client17:12
cedkyangoon: on which fields do you use it?17:15
yangooncedk: hmm, mostly o2m, but also timezone17:16
cedkyangoon: where?17:18
yangoonor boolean for 'use category' on products17:18
cedkyangoon: we think this feature is wrongly designed17:18
nicoeyangoon, In the case of the o2m what is the use case ?17:24
yangoonnicoe setting default account on sale line17:25
yangoonsetting language in all wizards related to translation17:26
cedkyangoon: until now, I think your usage just reveal missing smart behavior in Tryton17:29
cedkyangoon: and we should fix it instead of configure it every time17:29
yangooncedk: what's wrong with it? I think it is a setting per database17:31
cedkyangoon: it lacks access control17:32
nicoepeople can set default for all users17:32
nicoepeople can set default on dangerous fields (imagine state being set to 'invoiced' on sales)17:33
yangoonok, could be, I only tested as admin17:33
cedkyangoon: you can break stuff by setting default on some fields (like states per example)17:33
yangoonyes, access control is of course a must, never tested this17:35
cedkyangoon: taking your usage list:17:36
cedk'use category' -> default should be define on Company17:36
cedk'language' -> should set the language of the user17:37
cedk'account' (on invoice.line I guess) -> should use the default receivable/expense account of the company17:38
cedk'timezone' -> default could be define on Company or use the server one17:38
yangooncedk: the setting for me has two purposes:17:38
yangoon1) user specific settings to ease his work17:39
yangoon2) company specific settings for all users to define company usage17:39
nicoe1) I never saw anybody using this, usually users prefer going on specific menu entries (in their shortcuts sometimes)17:40
nicoe(but I might be wrong)17:40
yangoonfor 1) it is the most practiced usage I am  seeing (and recommending)17:41
nicoe2) If there is a specific settings for the company, it should be defined there17:41
nicoe2) moreover it don't think the default in ir.default is ok with a multi-company set-up17:42
cedkconfirm, ir.default is borken for multi-company17:42
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cedkit could set account from wrong company per example17:43
yangoonfor 2) ack, it would be better property by company17:43
yangoonafk, bbl17:47
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Hydranthey all... has anyone heard of "caseware"19:50
HydrantI'm going to have to be able to export my Tryton data to this format for our corporate accountant19:50
Hydrantit looks like xrbl is the format for this20:02
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serpent213is there a list of modules on the web? with descriptions?21:34
serpent213only found ...21:34
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