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plantianIs it okay to link google groups from roundup issue ?07:16
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serpent213what did i do wrong?14:36
cedkserpent213: did not yet check but it seems that you did not run make before commiting14:36
cedkserpent213: because there is no change in the translations14:37
serpent213oh, right14:38
serpent213thought that would be done server side14:38
cedkserpent213: yes but it will generate some conflict on the next update14:42
cedkserpent213: can you re-submit a new patch ?14:42
serpent213yep, will do...14:46
cedkserpent213: it is not to boring you, but we try to get people submiting good patch and then they can be part of the development process :-)14:47
serpent213np, it's the way to go!  ,)14:48
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lem0nacedk: about this:
lem0nacedk: you said that this is not appriate16:51
lem0nacedk: should mark is as "invalid"?16:51
cedklem0na: for me yes16:54
lem0nacedk: ok16:54
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serpent213stoopid question: i downloaded all the modules as single .tar.gz files -- is there a convenient way to install them?19:42
serpent213i guess, it's best to install them all at filesystem level and then pick the required ones within tryton, right?19:42
cedkserpent213: I don't think19:44
cedkserpent213: but you can use easy_install to install tryton19:44
serpent213that's " install", isn't it?19:47
serpent213did that for trytond19:48
cedkserpent213: no, it is a tool that fetch automatically packages and install them19:50
serpent213thx, i'll play around...  :)19:52
serpent213it suggests 1.8.1, but i installed trytond 1.8.2 by hand20:01
serpent213do i have to deinstall first?20:01
serpent213or can i point it to 1.8.2.tar.gz?20:02
cedkserpent213: strange easy_install propose 1.8.2 for me20:05
serpent213there is no tryton-1.8.2.tar.gz...20:14
cedkserpent213: sorry, I thought you was talking about trytond20:14
serpent213trytond-1.8.2 is found, but does not pull any deps with it20:18
cedkserpent213: certainly because you have all deps already installed20:19
serpent213but how do i get the modules?20:21
serpent213sorry to bug you with my python lameness...  ,)20:21
cedkserpent213: simply install them20:21
serpent213k, think i got it20:27
cedkserpent213: trytond doesn't depend on modules, it is the opposite :-)20:28
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cedkserpent213: I have some time to do the patch for website22:14
cedkserpent213: do you mind if I do it?22:14
sharoonthomasi have a doubt on how the stock could be handled in FIFO (not accounted)22:14
serpent213cedk: sure, feel free  :)22:15
sharoonthomasassume that i have an order for Product X 3 units and later an order for same product 5 units on a later date22:15
sharoonthomason incoming stock i want the stock to be allocated/assigned for the oldest order22:16
sharoonthomasis this already possible or should it be implemented ?22:16
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cedksharoonthomas: the first shipment on which assign button is clicked will have the products22:17
sharooncedk: thanks, that confirms what i wanted to know22:17
cedksharoon: now in Tryton there is no automatic assignation so you can implement your own that will follow your rules22:17
cedksharoon: it can be done with a cron task22:18
sharooncedk: got you - that could be implemented as a scheduled task right?22:18
sharooncedk: yes - what i thought too22:18
sharooncedk: would it be possible for you to review the `electronic_mail` and `electronic_mail_template` modules22:18
sharooncedk: we are using it in production now and i think it works fine, now its for the quality checks that need to be done for tryton22:19
cedksharoon: I already did on the 2 months old codereview22:20
sharooncedk: i think I am not getting mails then - let me check22:20
cedkACTION bbl22:23
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