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hoRnis there a way to debug a  <field name="domain"> statement? or can anybody give me a hint where to put some prints?13:31
cedkhoRn: what is the issue?13:32
hoRncedk: I have a view opened by a wizard with start_date and end_date. now i wanna open an other model with ir.action.keyword with the start and end given in a domain13:34
hoRncedk: first try was ("date", ">=", Get(Eval("context", {}), "start_date", False))13:35
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cedkhoRn: inside []13:36
hoRncedk: yes - <field name="domain">[("employee", "=", Eval('active_id')), ("date", ">=", Get(Eval("context", {}), "start_date", False))]</field>13:37
hoRncedk: but finally i don't know nothing about the context of the opened view13:38
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hoRncedk: will try to print something in the of the server13:39
cedkhoRn: just run the client with "-v" option, you will see the domain used13:40
hoRnso i need to install the default - yesterday i patched my client with a lot of stuff ;)13:41
cedkhoRn: I guess it should still work13:45
hoRncedk: btw. - i tried to take a look to the dnd-patch - but the patch doesn't match my local version.13:45
cedkhoRn: it is for the changeset e35ba426dceb13:45
hoRncedk: ok13:46
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serpent213[Mon Mar 07 22:17:35 2011] ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: UPDATE ir_cron SET nextcall = '2011-03-07T22:22:29'::timestamp, running = false, numbercall = -1 WHERE id = 114:14
serpent213Exception in thread Thread-96:14:14
serpent213Traceback (most recent call last):14:14
serpent213  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/", line 532, in __bootstrap_inner14:15
serpent213  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/", line 484, in run14:15
serpent213    self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)14:15
serpent213  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond-1.8.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/ir/", line 190, in pool_jobs14:15
serpent213    [cron['id']])14:15
serpent213  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond-1.8.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/backend/postgresql/", line 295, in execute14:15
serpent213    res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params)14:15
serpent213TransactionRollbackError: could not serialize access due to concurrent update14:15
serpent213CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT 1 FROM ONLY "public"."res_user" x WHERE "id" OPERATOR(pg_catalog.=) $1 FOR SHARE OF x"14:15
serpent213how come?14:15
serpent213running pgsql 9...14:15
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cedkserpent213: please don't copy/paste traceback on irc, use tools like pastbin.ca15:27
cedkserpent213: it is just the cron that runs and failed because of concurrency access15:31
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hoRnif i opened a view with a wizzard  i can access the values with Transaction().context[key] - when i wan't to open a new view from this view with ir.action.keyword - how can I post this context again?15:53
cedkhoRn: not sure you can15:55
hoRncedk: ok - seems like this15:55
hoRncedk: so i need to set up a new wizzard again15:55
cedkhoRn: from experiences, when you start to need too much context stuff, better to rethink about the design15:56
hoRncedk: the design is broken ;)15:57
hoRncedk: we use timesheet.line for tracking jobs - but we need a second model with a custom table_query to filter overlappping times. this model is accessed via a wizzard with startdate and enddate. Now I want to provide an oneclick-solution to get all the timesheet.lines for a employee in the  daterange selected in the last step16:02
cedkhoRn: how can you have overlapping on timesheet.line ?16:04
hoRnwe added two fields: start_time and end_time  - the employees are checking in to a project using a little wxapp. In the Businessmodel there is the possibility to sign more than one project at one time.16:08
cedkhoRn: ok but why do you need to check if it is allow16:10
hoRncedk: finally we want the worktime of each employee per day - so we simply filter the table with min(start_time) - max(end_time). everything works fine but sometimes the timesheet.lines are not correct. Now I want a fast way to open the treeview with a daterange and a single employee16:12
hoRncedk: isn't than important - the active_id is given and the user can select a daterange in the tryton client again - i was thinking about how to simplify that16:13
cedkhoRn: you should be able to prefill the dates I think16:17
hoRncedk: don't know how. Which object holds the active_id?16:19
cedkhoRn: the one selected16:24
hoRncedk: how you think i can prefill the dates? the context changes because a change the model with the ir.action.keyword ...16:33
cedkhoRn: I don't understand16:35
hoRncedk: I only think out loud ;)16:37
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hoRncedk: <field name="domain">[("employee", "=", Eval('active_id'))]</field>  works fine. active_id is a property of the view just open - so i was wondring, why i can not access the context or the domain or anything else of the current view16:40
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serpent213any issues known wrt secure webdav?19:50
serpent213server closes the connection just after accepting it19:50
serpent213works w/o ssl19:50
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udonoserpent213: you have set secure_webdav = True in trytond.conf?20:11
serpent213if i set it to false and try to access by http, i get back an auth request -- as expected20:13
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serpent213this is probably rather pyWebDav or pyOpenSSL related than trytond...20:15
udonoserpent213: which tryton vrsion?20:16
udonoserpent213: see also issue 1883...20:17
udonoserpent213: how you generate the key?20:17
serpent213problem seems to be with the ssl handshake, does not seem to proceed to webdav20:21
serpent213when connecting with telnet the connection is closed immediately, instead of waiting for data20:22
serpent213i guess i could put it behind a reverse proxy doing ssl...20:30
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udonoserpent213: as far as I can tell you, for me it works with self-signed cert and cadaver as a client.20:31
udonoserpent213: maybe try to introspect the communication with wireshark/tcpdump20:33
cedkserpent213: which version of PyWebDAV ?20:35
serpent213now, without ssl, i sometimes get
serpent213and sometimes an auth request...20:42
serpent213btw, ssl works fine for netrpc using the same cert20:45
cedkserpent213: are you under OSX ?20:53
serpent213cedk: client is os x, server is a freebsd jail20:58
cedkserpent213: perhaps linked to
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serpent213this is really strange23:15
serpent213ssl still disabled23:15
serpent213depending on client os and http client (curl vs wget) the results vary23:15
serpent213curl@freebsd does work most of the time23:15
serpent213curl@osx does not23:16
serpent213wget@osx works a litte better23:16
serpent213tunneling through ssh makes it always fail23:16
serpent213failing means "error: [Errno 35] Resource temporarily unavailable", see above23:16
serpent213ACTION is really puzzled23:16
serpent213i'll try a linux server setup...23:17
serpent213p.s.: the davserver command line tool always delivers the expected result -- so it's not PyWebDAV's fault, i guess...23:29
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