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yagami_iplantian: What version of psycopg2 and Python are you running? I had a few strange errors getting trytond 1.6 to run from the Fedora 14 repositories because of a few unlisted Python dependencies that exist on *very* minimal system installs.08:17
yagami_iThat sounds like a Python module is either too old, too new or (most likely) missing.08:20
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plantianyagami_i: I'm using psycopg2-2.3.1 but I think it has to do with the tryton update not finishing.18:08
yagami_iDid you install from a repository or from source? If repository, did you use easy_install or yum/apt/other distro tool?18:09
plantianI'm installing the source with pip into a virtualenv.18:18
plantianI will try the newest version but I think the column just doesn't exist because updating the db fails for some reason.18:20
yagami_iSo this happened after trying to update an existing database? Were you adding a new module to an existing system or upgrading modules/tryton?18:32
yagami_iI wonder if a manual SQL query could fix this (obviously not the cleanest solution).18:33
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plantianyagami_i: I changed a module's dependencies that was already installed.  The dependency is new.  In order to update tryton from older versions to newer versions you run an update which updates the db and all the modules I think.  It tries to find that dep when I update but its not installed yet.  If I install it first it doesn't work because the db isn't updated.  Its kind of a chicken and egg problem.18:57
yagami_iCan you update the original (unmodified) db to a recent version of Tryton without the new module dependency, and then add the new module in to Tryton the normal way? That should add the necessary fields at that time and get everything back in sync the same way normal module additions work, I believe.19:07
yagami_iAlternatively you could ask postgres to just add the field, which should be blank and if its not a required field should not produce an error (I think).19:08
plantianYeah I just have to keep both versions of the module separate until I deploy.  It just is breaking the build process I guess.19:10
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uranusis the demo broken?
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plantianuranus: What kind of error are you getting?  You must connect with a client that has a major version that matches the demo.21:43
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uranusoh, i was trying to connect via browser22:47
uranusi think I'm happy to find this22:47
uranusI was dreading trying to install openerp again22:48
uranusis there a web interface?22:48
uranusi mean a module for the package?22:49
uranusthat would be nice22:49
uranus.... or not...?22:49
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plantianuranus: There has been an effort to start a web interface but nothing is completed.  For now there is only the gtk-client.22:51
uranusloh, nice, well it's not completely necessary22:51
uranusi just found you (maybe REfound) so i'm just getting started22:52
uranusinstalled openerp last year but lost that machine and the install went south anyway22:53
uranusa reall pain22:53
uranusI'll probably be installing on debian and/or arch22:54
uranusis this software considered safe for production?22:54
plantianuranus: Well an erp can be pretty complicated in general.22:55
uranusi'm helping a small business get started22:55
plantianuranus: I have not tried it but there is a guide on wiki for debian :
uranusi generally try to promote foss or at least open source and my people are using quickbooks, etc22:55
uranusright, I saw that there are packages already built in debian and arch22:56
plantianuranus: Major versions should be safe for production but in most cases will need to be customized to the business.22:56
uranuslooks great22:56
uranusme likey22:56
uranusi feel like i'm destined to enjoy this project since i'm already nicked with a space/mythology reference22:59
plantianuranus: Ha right, a match made in the heavens.23:00
plantianuranus: Did you get connected to the demo ?23:01
uranusno, i didn't dl the client23:01
uranuskinda busy getting a lease together23:01
uranusgoing down to the server room in a bit23:02
uranuswill probably try later tonight23:02
uranusi'm sure it works anyway23:02
uranusi'll probably even just skip the demo and install straight away23:02
uranusi'm putting together a machine23:03
uranuswas trying clearos23:03
uranusbut didn't realize that it's hooked up to a cloud23:03
plantianuranus: You sound fully committed before the test drive.23:03
uranusso it's on to arch23:03
plantianI've never heard of clearos.23:03
uranusoh yeah23:03
uranusit's the 'new' clarkconnect23:03
plantianI live in a cave though, not a lot of communication in and out.23:03
uranusi live in a 'man' cave23:04
uranusa bunker23:04
plantianI've never heard of clarkconnect either.23:04
uranusit's red hat based23:04
uranusi've always found a home with debian23:04
uranusactually the reason i was looking for a diff server env was because openerp was such a chore to install the latest version on debian23:05
plantianWhy not just use ubuntu?  Seems to have a large user base these days.23:05
uranusdebian is not friendly to license issues23:06
uranusactually, i just installed a desktop version on an old machine23:06
uranuscalled PinguyOS23:06
plantianIn what way is it not friendly ?23:06
plantianYou're addicted to os diversification.23:07
uranusdebian tries to stay fully clear of any license issues23:07
uranustries to retain a fully foss profile23:07
plantianDoesn't that make is more friendly ?23:07
uranuswhich i like, in theory23:07
plantian*make it23:07
uranusyes, absolutely23:08
uranusexcept that with 'stable' you don't get the latest versions23:08
uranusplantian> You're addicted to os diversification23:09
uranusha, yeah, sort of23:09
uranuswell, i support the gnu ideal23:09
uranusbut a great example of the pitfalls of this ideal is the fact that gnu doesn't really even have it's own kernel yet23:10
plantianHow can you ever learn how the OS layout works if you use so many ?23:10
uranusi mean, it's in devel but still not finished23:10
uranusthe hurd23:10
plantiangnu is making a kernel ?23:11
uranusyeah, the hurd kernel23:11
uranusthat's gnu's kernel project23:11
uranusbeen working on it for years and years23:11
plantianHa why are they doing that ?23:11
uranuswell... i guess so that it's even more fossy23:12
uranusapparently, torvald's 'linux' was originally released with a restrictive license23:12
uranusbut gnu convinced him to fix the license23:13
uranusi really only use debian and arch and windows23:13
plantianRight, yeah I don't nkow it just seems like their time could be spent better else where.23:13
uranuswell, debian and windows23:13
uranusand coming to arch now23:14
uranusha, well, it seems they think the same23:14
uranussince it's taking so long23:14
uranusbut i think they're making strides lately23:14
plantianJust in time, for 2 people to use it.23:15
uranusi pretty much started with ubuntu23:15
uranushad a few episodes before that23:15
uranusbut ubuntu provided an easy environment for learning the concept of linuxxx23:16
plantianyeah I used mandrake, suse, redhat and now I mainly use gentoo23:16
plantianI'd prefer to never switch again for the rest of my life.23:16
uranusoh, yeah, i had gentoo on an ibook23:16
uranusi was afraid it was going to kill the hd building everything23:17
plantianyeah I have that fear too, but as computers get faster its not as ridiculous23:17
uranusit finally got trashed and i went back to debian and it's still running like a champ23:17
uranusi'm def a fan of gentoo23:18
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uranusi see some of the community is forking though23:18
uranussome trouble in gentoo paradise23:18
plantianf#!@, what fork ?23:18
uranushaven't looked at it lately23:19
uranusi forgot the details23:19
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uranusthe 'new' gentoo looked interesting23:20
uranusat least in their stated goals/philosophy23:20
uranusas i recall23:20
uranusi never actually tried it though23:21
uranusit was very new at the time23:21
uranusone thought that bothered me after using gentoo for a while, though23:22
uranuswhy try to make it 'like' bsd?23:23
uranuswhy not just use bsd?23:23
plantianuranus: nobody likes bsd but bsd users23:23
uranuswell, yeah23:23
plantianYeah I don't know anything about it, its all magic to me.23:24
uranusit is pretty obscure23:24
uranuswell, i do run two things that run on bsd23:24
uranusa file server system called freenas23:24
uranusand a firewall called pfsense23:24
uranusand they are just awesome23:24
uranusthis was after i built a firewall called m0n0wall23:25
uranuswhich is supreme as well23:25
uranusand those others are actually based on m0n0wall23:26
uranusbut are way more feature full23:26
uranusthing about them is that you don't really have to know much/anything about bsd to use them for the most part23:27
plantianwild, yeah I stopped doing firewall stuff a long time ago23:31
uranusok, reading up on the 'fork' ... maybe a false alarm23:34
uranusactually the first non-ms type system that i ever got running and usable was a little netbsd base firewall project that loaded off a floppy disk23:35
uranusand it worked very very well23:36
uranusit was for a network in my building to share a dsl line23:36
uranusback at the 'end' of the dialup days23:37
uranuswhen dsl was all that and a bag o' potato chips23:37

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