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diofehergood evening02:14
diofeheri was looking at gsoc ideas of tryton, and i got interested in "add memcached support"02:17
plantiandiofeher: Interested as a gsoc participant or just in the technology involved ?02:24
diofeherplantian, as gsoc participant02:24
diofehertryton will be in gsoc under psf umbrella, right?02:25
diofeherplantian, are you from dev team?02:27
plantiandiofeher:  I am not sure about psf. I only am aware of gsoc via the mailing list and reading over the document on the wiki.  I am a user of tryton and have submitted patches but I am not part of the dev team.02:28
plantiandiofeher: Tryton is a very interesting piece of software that touches many technologies though, so I am glad you are considering it.02:29
plantiandiofeher: What timezone are you in?  Many of the developers are in European time zones.02:30
diofeherplantian, oh nice02:32
diofeheri'm in Brazil/Brazilia timezone (GMT -3)02:32
diofeheri saw that are many devs from germany02:33
diofeherplantian, where are you from?02:33
plantiandiofeher: I am in San Francisco/United States (GMT -7 I think).  I think many are in Belgium too and a few in Spain.02:35
diofeherplantian, nice :D02:36
diofeherwhere is the place to send patches? at
plantiandiofeher: We use so start issues which may or may not include patches but many times patches are put on codereview and reviewed before being applied.02:40
plantiandiofeher: Repositories are served here -- -- (may redirect to hg2).  Each major release is maintained for a set amount of time. -- is the client and is the server.02:43
plantian(the last two links are to development trunk)02:44
plantianWe use mercurial for repositories.02:44
diofeherthanks plantian , i'm cloning right now ^^02:59
plantiandiofeher: I don't mean to overwelm you with links, but earlier when I said, "patches are put on codereview", I meant the Rietveld Code Review Tool, here is an example of a patch created by Cédric Krier --
plantiandiofeher: The code base is pretty big so you'll probably want to look around for a while before you start trying to patch anything but it might be interesting to look through reviews and logs and stuff.03:00
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pwijeckHi, I'm playing around with tryton to decide to what extent we will use it. I'm having trouble with the combination of the Party, Invoice, and Account modules. Specifically, I issue a supplier invoice that contains a sales tax; then I create an account move in which the company pays the full invoice value; then I reconcile the lines in the Main Receivable account. But when I go to the party module, the "Payable Today" field is off by04:41
pwijeckthe amount of the tax. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? I would be greatful for any suggestions.04:41
plantianpwijeck: I don't know enough about accounting to answer your question but if you wait, people in other time zones will be on later.  You could also ask the question on the mailing list.05:10
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cedkdiofeher: hi, I saw on the log that you are interesting in gsoc participation?10:46
cedkdiofeher: Tryton will be under PSF for GSOC but it is not yet officially in GSoC10:49
plantianIs the process for building tryton client for mac still performed manually ?10:57
cedkplantian: what do you mean by manually?10:58
cedkplantian: it is just about running: python py2app10:58
plantiancedk: Do I need mac OS X to build it?  I need a client for mac but from trunk although I am developing in linux, I seemed to remember not being able to do it myself last time.11:01
cedkplantian: you need OSX to build it11:01
cedkplantian: you can perhaps ask to pheller which is OSX leader11:03
plantiancedk: Okay, is it rather time consuming to setup mac os x dev environment ?11:05
cedkplantian: it can if you are not regular user11:06
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plantiancedk: Okay thanks.11:46
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plantianDoes anyone know what would cause an error like this?  Or how I would find that index in psql?  It doesn't seem to exist... so maybe the module is being initialized twice?
cedkplantian: index name too long I guess13:09
plantianActually it might exist, but I don't see how to drop it.13:11
cedkplantian: DROP INDEX ...13:12
plantiancedk: Sorry, I'm tried, I needed to wrap it in "" because of -.  Didn't read error properly.  I think you are right, because it is truncated trytond tries to create it again when I run update and it fails.13:15
plantianIt is confusing because it doesn't happen the first time module is loaded.13:15
plantian*because detecting truncated versus not doesn't matter13:15
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cedkplantian: it will be great to add an assert on the length of index name13:51
cedkto detect issue at first install13:52
yagami_iMmm... defensive programming... always a good idea.14:32
yagami_iUsability question: How do I define two separate fiscal years that overlap? For example in case one reporting requirement ends on September 30th (U.S. Government fiscal year end) and another on Dec 31st?14:35
udono yagami_i: hi, you can not create overlapping fiscal years. But...14:42
udonoyagami_i: you can create additional Periods on a date14:43
yagami_iI wonder if there is a way to add that as a feature. Is it possible to assign different charts of accounts to operate at once, accounting for the same business activity in different ways (so you can solve your reporting requirements for, say, the local government and a securities commision at the same time)?14:46
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udonoyagami_i: take a look at the analytic_* series, maybe this is what you are looking for.15:05
yagami_iIt may be. I haven't explored that far yet. Sorry if I asked prematurely.15:06
yagami_ibtw, reading the pre-fork Tiny/OpenERP source and the re-vamped Tryton source is instructive. I don't have a lot of Python experience.15:07
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yagami_icedk: As per our discussion of a web client yesterday, I looked over the GWT stuff. It is indeed a bit difficult (and I noticed you mentioned that in your GSOC 2011 information sheet). Specifically, it may be a bit much to expect newcomers to know Python, Java, GTK, SQL and the ways web kits will render the pages.16:46
yagami_iI also looked over the WebERP base (it's mostly written in PHP which directly makes SQL queries -- much like common auction, webmail and forum packages do).16:48
cedkyagami_i: this is a design that doesn't scale well16:48
yagami_iIt would not be at all unthinkable to change the WebERP PHP MySQL queries to trytond queries.16:48
yagami_iYou are right.16:49
yagami_iAs far as scaling goes, nicoe was right: I *was* able to open several trytond instances on different ports at once and thereby take advantages of my multiple cores.16:50
diofehercedk, hello, i saw your message in logs... yes, i'm interested16:50
yagami_iANd of course that coule be expanded to several servers. A load balancing utility would make this very useful.16:51
cedkdiofeher: great16:52
cedkdiofeher: so it is not yet official that PSF is a GSoC project but...16:52
cedkdiofeher: so you are interresing in the memcached idea?16:52
cedkyagami_i: you can not make direct queries into the database because you will skip all the business logic of trytond16:53
diofehercedk, exactly ^^ i think i'm going to start with translation (to pt-br, i think doesn't have yet) to get more familiar with tryton while developing my application16:53
cedkdiofeher: ok, there is a wiki page that explain how to translate16:54
cedkdiofeher: by the way, what are you knowlegde in Python, SQL etc.16:55
yagami_iI don't want to make direct SQL queries. I want to make queries to trytond.16:56
cedkyagami_i: I really don't think it is a good idea to start from an other web project16:58
yagami_iPerhaps not.16:58
diofehercedk, tks for the link16:59
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phelleranybody around with a capability to build the Tryton client on Mac?18:56
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cedkpheller: it is not you?19:39
phellercedk: yes, I'm looking for someone else who might be able to take a look... the latest gtk-osx release seems to have broken something....19:39
cedkpheller: I have no time right now19:40
phellercedk: it's no problem, I'll keep working on it.19:40
phellercedk: I have had very little time too.  Work getting more and more insane.19:40
cedkpheller: plantian was looking for a build19:40
cedkpheller: he can perhaps help you19:40
phellerok, I'll message him19:40
plantianpheller: hey19:41
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sharoonhi everybody19:43
sharoondoes the account_Stock_continental work with tryton 1.8 ?19:43
udonosharoon: ?19:45
sharoonudono: yes19:46
udonosharoon: no time to try it. But it has a test scenario==documentation19:46
sharoonudono: oh yes! forgot about that19:46
sharoonudono: i will run the tests and check19:47
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cedksharoon: not sure but it should be not too difficult to port it20:11
sharooncedk: it does work, i tested, but the problem seems to be in product view20:14
sharooncedk: the use from category does not seem to work20:14
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phellercedk: I mostly figured it out.  seems pixbuf loaders are installed to gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders now, rather than gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders20:43
phellercedk: I'll add something into to parse the output of gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders to learn the location of the loaders20:44
cedkpheller: ok20:51
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