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Panderhi all11:41
Panderhow is it possible to test if a tryton connection is available on a certain port or not, from a windows machine?11:41
cedkPander: you should search for the netstat equivalent in windows11:45
Panderhow do I use netstat on linux to test port 8070 on a certain host?11:48
cedkPander: you can't11:49
Panderthat's not easy for troubleshooting11:52
Panderone of my clients has a client that report "unable to connect" how do I know it is his firewall or my server that is the error?11:53
cedkPander: you must test but I don't know the tools on windows11:53
PanderThe thing is that I tested on a windows machine and there it worked fine. Perhaps someone else here know about windows tools specifically for Tryton11:56
bechamelPander: by default, windows does not trust application to connect to the web11:58
Panderby default I don't trust windows ;)11:58
bechamelPander: there must be a way to tell Windows to trust the tryton client11:58
PanderProblem is this is a machine I cannot see and the user is no expert either. Since it is likely that more Windows users will experience this, because of Windows strange security, it might be good to have some troubleshooting guide for windows users to counter this. This would be for the better for tryton in general for those users that do not are able (educated) to perform the required admin tasks12:00
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cedkPander: Tryton doesn't do anything special, people have to know their system12:01
bechamelPander: iirc when tryton is launched, windows opens a popup and ask me if I allow this application to connect to other hosts12:02
bechamelPander: but maybe the problem is not windows itself but a anti-virus12:03
cedkbechamel: most of the time the problem is between the chair and the keyboard :-)12:03
cedkbechamel, Pander: joke apart, it is well possible that it clicks deny the first time12:05
cedkthen the firewall block the outgoing connection on port 807012:05
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Pandercedk: I know, I know. Too many people think using computers is too easy12:07
Panderhi pjstevens12:08
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PanderDoes anyone have experience with printing barcodes from Tryton?12:28
cedkPander: I used
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Pander(Had to restart, still interesting in use of barcodes with Tryton.)12:35
cedkPander: I used
Pandercedk: I would like to print membershipcards for a certain selection of Parties. Each print should have some basic info of each of those Parties and a barcode. What approach should I take and do you have some reference implementations available? I'm willing to package what I have made and send it back to the communicty but need some help getting started.12:40
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cedkPander: I will do a relatorio report and used huBarcode to generate the image of the barcode12:42
ciupicrisharkcz, I've just reviewed your packages12:42
sharkczciupicri: thanks, tryton 2.0 for f15, f14 and el6 is being uploaded right now to
ciupicrisharkcz, got it, but today at least I won't have time for it anymore because it's my birthday :-D12:45
Pandercedk: Where can I find an example or documentation of a relatiorio report? (Excuse me I'm very new to all thuis but have a lot of Python experience by the way.)12:46
ciupicricedk, the LICENSE in the account*continental/anglo-saxon is for GPLv2, not GPLv312:47
cedkciupicri: an issue12:50
sharkczthe COPIRIGHT file is the most important (IANAL)12:51
cedkciupicri, sharkcz: fixed12:53
ciupicrisharkcz, that's how I see it as well, but it never hurts to be sure12:54
Pandercedk: thanks12:54
sharkczciupicri: yep12:55
sharkczciupicri: if I see correctly, the only objection in the review is that the doc dir is not included in package? the index.rst file in an input file for python-sphinx and the Makefile for building the output from the rst file is missing13:45
ciupicrisharkcz, that and the license thing14:00
ciupicrisorry for not doing a summary, but I was in a hurry14:00
ciupicrisharkcz, even the rst would be fine I think14:01
ciupicriI don't object 100% to not including the doc subdirectory14:01
ciupicriafter all it's just a should14:02
ciupicriyum provides '*/doc/*.rst' shows a lot of packages include rst files14:02
ciupicripycairo, python-crypto, python-fedora14:02
ciupicripython-nose-docs cas and others14:03
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sharkczcedk: could you add the Makefile + to <module>/doc dirs (where exists) so the *.rst docs can be translated to final format? or should I include the plain index.rst as doc in a package?15:40
cedksharkcz: no, the rst is written to be generated by doc.tryton.org15:43
cedksharkcz: and rst for doc is a good format15:44
cedksharkcz: why do you want an other format?15:44
sharkczcedk: ah, understood, will add the rst then15:45
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cedksmall video about no-modal dialog
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