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version2betasharoon: I haven't used codereview :-( It's just the patches? There's not a module for UPS? Probably need to get more into it to understand.00:03
sharoonversion2beta: if you are talking about the tryton module, its justa  generic framework around which carriers and rates can be integrated00:04
sharoonversion2beta: its much cleaner than what we did00:04
version2betasharoon: I think I follow. But this isn't in 2.0.1 then?00:05
sharoonversion2beta: not yet, its still in review... its something for cedk to say when it will hit the main repos00:06
version2betasharoon: Thank you.00:06
version2betasharoon: Oh, I see. Each file is +X lines, -0. All the files are new.00:09
sharoonversion2beta: you can download the raw patchset and run the patch tool.. it will recreate the folders and the code00:10
version2betasharoon: I figured that out eventually ;-)00:10
version2betasharoon: Thank you for your time. I'm afraid I have three kids at home waiting for me to cook dinner and one here at the office waiting for a ride home so she can join them in waiting for me to cook dinner ;-) I best be off. Please do keep in touch. I'll read up on Rabbit MQ and Celery and perhaps you might tolerate my scalability questions.00:12
sharoonversion2beta: no problem00:12
version2betasharoon: Yes, now that I see what Rabbit and Celery do, I'd definitely be interested in hearing about your network architecture. That sounds fascinating. Thanks again. Have a safe journey - I hope it's fruitful!00:16
sharoonversion2beta: thanks and have a nice weekend00:17
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reichlichis it possible to get the pool instance from a class that not inherits Model?13:30
reichlichsolved: self.pool = Pool(Transaction().cursor.database_name)13:53
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rhubnerHi everyone!21:48
rhubnerI need help to know how does work the XML model to TextBox...21:49
rhubnerDoes anyone know something about this?21:49
nicoeWhat do you mean by TextBox ?21:50
nicoea gtk.TextBox ?21:50
rhubnernicoe: No! I want to know how is called the class TextBox in tryton client21:53
rhubnernicoe: I need to change this call to add a widget, but i still don't know where i do this...21:54
nicoeThe __init__ method setup everything21:55
nicoeThe 'self.widget' is what will be rendered by gtk21:55
nicoeAnd the self.textview is where the user will enter all the text21:56
rhubnernicoe: Ok.. I hato to add a rich text editor. The editor is ready, but i don't know how i will call the widget "rte" and other time a normal editor (as is now)22:00
rhubnerI have to*22:00
rhubnernicoe: this is my project in gsoc: rhubner.com22:01
rhubnernicoe: in the first post i added this: "<field name="text" widget="rich_text">" to call the widget, but I don't know which path I follow to do this...22:03
rhubnernicoe: Did you understand?22:03
nicoerhubner: I did22:07
nicoePlease wait one second so that I can browse my source22:07
rhubnernicoe: Ok.. thx22:09
nicoeTake a look to tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/parser.py22:10
nicoeAt the end there is a dict that maps widget type name to class of widgets22:11
nicoeSo you should create a new type of widget : richtextbox.py22:12
nicoeAnd add it to this dict22:12
rhubnernicoe: cool! Instead of call "text" i want to call "rte" in XML, right?22:15
nicoerte is not clear in py opinion22:15
nicoerich_text is nice22:15
nicoethe attribute name is the name of the field in the tryton model22:16
nicoeso your xml should be: '<field name="description" widget="rich_text" />'22:17
rhubnernicoe: Where can I find a call as ... widget = "text" ... ?22:18
nicoeany fields.Text in a tryton model will use a text widget22:21
nicoeSo find a fields.Text, and modify the xml of this name and model to add your widget="..." to the xml22:22
nicoeThere are fields.Text fields everywhere (in sale for example)22:23
rhubnernicoe: Ok... thanks for a while :)22:24
rhubnernicoe: I'll make some changes to get this22:25

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