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jcmok, sorry, I missed this point.00:09
jcmprobably the 2080 bug is due to this non updated db. I cannot reproduce it now I updated the db.00:13
cedkjcm: so you can put the status as invalid00:36
jcmhow do you expect me to give some comments or questions about carrier module? maybe the mail is better than irc for such things?00:57
cedkjcm: ok for email00:58
jcmwhat happened to the fourth module, product_price_list_party_rebate ? is it hard to write ?00:58
cedkjcm: don't remember, I will check01:00
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cedkanyone tested12:02
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jcmhi cedk ! I'm preparing the email with my questions. I'm stucked with price list : is it possible to have a price list for a category of products ? what is the syntax for the pricelist formulae?13:01
cedkjcm: for category in price list, it is not out-of-the-box13:02
cedkjcm: but easy to add13:03
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cedkjcm: for the fomula, it is any valid Python statement13:03
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jcmit refuses unit_price*0,7 : is it because of the comma?13:04
cedkjcm: yes, you must use .13:07
cedkjcm: Python code :-)13:07
jcmsry, I'm definitely stupid ;-) how do I attach a price list to a party?13:08
cedkjcm: on the party form13:09
jcmmaybe it's a rights pb, but I have no editable field in the price list form of a party13:12
cedkjcm: have you installed the sale_price_list module ?13:14
jcmno ;-)13:14
cedkjcm: so the field is in this module13:18
cedkjcm: product_price_list is just the basis13:18
jcmperfect, I'm testing. I tell your more in my email about rebates and price lists13:19
yangooncedk: django-shop: I am following on IRC from the beginning, but did not test yet, looked promising13:27
cedkyangoon: should it be easy to integrate with Tryton?13:28
yangooncedk: simpler than magento;)13:28
yangoonexactly this was my hope, but hadn't the time to look at the dev those last days13:29
yangoonand they are open to suggestions for models etc.13:30
cedkyangoon: ok I will try to keep an eye on it13:31
yangooncedk: great, they were on rather early stage, but they are rather active, so could be it could be a usable solution soon13:32
jcmwhere can I learn more on the meaning (and configuration) of sequences in fiscal years?15:52
udonojcm: hi, possibly here ;-)15:54
udonojcm: do you have more specific questions?15:55
jcmwhat is a posted move sequence ? should I add a prefix? what's the use of these sequences in accounting ?15:57
udonojcm: it is the sequence used for accounting moves.16:00
udonojcm: ... when you post a move, the next number from this sequence is taken and filled into the code field.16:01
udonojcm: The use is to be able to talk about a certain account move by identify it with a unique code.16:03
udonojcm: ... the use of this sequence is mostly company internal.16:04
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jcmok, so a simple sequence with no prefix should be perfect, isn't it?16:09
udonojcm: Yes.16:10
jcmfor client invoice, if I prefix with ${year}${month}, what happens on a month change ?16:10
cedkjcm: this take the value of the current date16:11
udonojcm: 201106<number> for this month and 201107<number+1> for next month16:12
jcmok, so sequence is never resetted16:12
cedkjcm: so if you really want to have year and month number in the sequence according to the fiscal year and the period, you must define a sequence per fiscalyear and/or period with the hardcoded value as prefix or suffix16:12
jcmah, ok16:13
jcmwhen are moves done ? once sale is confirmed ?16:17
cedkjcm: once invoice is opened16:19
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jcmhow do I update a tab (Accounts) without closing/reopening ?16:51
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cedkjcm: what do you mean?16:57
jcmI opened an invoice : the tab Accounts didn't reflect the move. Once closes then opened, I see the move. Is it possible to actualize values without closing/reopening?16:58
cedkjcm: reload16:59
jcmreload shows only the root for a tree view, the opened lines are not kept. Is it a feature ?17:01
cedkjcm: yes17:02
jcmwhy ? I don't see the advantage...17:02
cedkjcm: no I mean it will be a feature if it could remember it17:04
jcmok ;-)17:05
jcmthe invoice miss many important informations. Is it only a report to be changed or the invoice module to complete ?17:08
jcmeach line should show the unit_price, the rebate, the net price17:09
jcmand a subtotal for each tax rate should appear in a table below17:09
jcmpayment terms should be clearly printed17:10
jcmhere is a French example:
cedkjcm: I think everything is there except for rebate17:17
cedkjcm: I think the rebate could be deduced from the list_price and the unit_price17:20
jcmwith you idea, would it be possible to have different rebates for different lines ?17:29
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cedkjcm: if you change the unit_price of the lines17:32
jcmlist_price is the immutable price and list_price the price with rebate ?17:32
jcmand unit_price the price with rebate (sry for the confusion) ?17:33
cedkjcm: list_price is the price defined on the product17:34
cedkjcm: the unit_price is the price on the line resulting of the list price computation17:34
jcmok. So your idea would be to print a rebate without having it stored in the line, isn't it?17:35
cedkjcm: yes17:36
jcmbut it's simpler to write 30% in a rebate field than compute a new unit_price in the New sale form.17:43
cedkjcm: so you don't want to use the list price ?17:45
cedkjcm: and even, you can have a editable computed field which gives you the rebate and if you change it, it recompute the unit price17:46
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jcmha, good, if this is possible it would be nearly perfect.17:47
jcmare my requirements a French thing only or are there some others around interested with this?17:49
jcmi.e., is it a private change or should I propose to enhance invoice for everyone?17:49
cedkjcm: you can have a previous when looking at the unit of measure rate/factor17:49
cedkjcm: I think the rebate stuffs must be at least in a separated module17:50
cedkI don't know yet if it will be generic enough or not17:50
jcmand what about having defautl invoice doc show subtotals for each tax rate ? and display listprice + unit price ?17:50
cedkjcm: but you have it in the tax table17:52
jcmthe odt I got in printing the invoice has no tax table17:53
cedkjcm: is there a taxes in at least one line?17:55
jcmyes, I have two tax rates, the total tax appears but not the detail per tax rate17:55
cedkjcm: could you post somewhere the invoice generated?17:57
jcmshould be in you email inbox17:58
cedkjcm: not yet17:59
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cedkjcm: ok I have understood, you are looking at the sale order not the invoice18:05
jcm;-) indeed, a true invoice looks better!18:07
jcmwhat's the use of a sale order? I never saw such a doc here18:07
cedkjcm: it is for salemen, when you are doing quotation18:10
jcmso, on invoice, I'd wish to add: total weight, list price, rebate18:18
jcm+ customize a little the doc (add mentions, logo, etc).18:18
jcmI'd like to have always the carrier line be below others. Maybe it's already doable but I didn't find how to reorder lines.18:20
cedkjcm: reorder by Drag&Drop18:39
cedkjcm: for look customization, you must edit the odt file from Administration/User INterface/Actions/Report18:40
jcmshould Drag&drop work in the New sale form ? doesn't work here. I'll try to install another client than MacOSX to test this.18:44
cedkjcm: DnD doesn't work on MacOS18:45
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cedkjcm: DnD was explicitly disable on MacOS but it is perhaps fixed18:47
jcmah. is it possible to edit the sequence number in each line to change the order?18:48
cedkjcm: see
cedkjcm: yes for editing if we add the sequence in the view18:49
jcmalready works, when sale is in draft stat18:50
cedkjcm: yes I saw sequence is in the form view18:54
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jcmhow do I open an odt with writing rights? should I download through Administration/User INterface/Actions/Report or can I edit directly the odt in the code tree?18:56
cedkjcm: best is to use the client because it will store a copy in the database18:57
cedkjcm: like that you will not have conflict with the next upgrade18:57
jcmah, good to know18:58
jcmeven with downloading from the client, I don't have writing rights on the odt18:58
cedkjcm: you must click on the edit bottom in Ooo19:00
jcmshould I translate all plain text here in Ooo (Libreoffice in fact)?19:02
cedkjcm: no translation should be done using the translation process19:05
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jcmok. Will do it. I need to part now. Can you please indicate me the directions on how to add rebate on the invoice doc and compute a total weight? Maybe can we talk together tomorrow morning about this?19:13
jcmthks for your help anyway19:13
cedkjcm: the rebate behavior, I explained require some programming19:14
jcmsure, I got this point. I'd like to be guided to add this in a module. And maybe understand better what party_rebate does...19:15
cedkjcm: you can have a look at
cedknicoe: could you push the training module updated for 2.0 ?19:18
nicoeI'll do it after I eat19:18
cedkjcm: so you could have a look at training module also19:20
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nicoecedk, jcm: I created the training module for 2.020:17
cedknicoe: I will check20:27
nicoeIt is only the patch repository20:30
cedknicoe: this is strange
cedknicoe: ok I understand it20:33
cedknicoe: it is because you removed the return20:33
cedknicoe: by the way, why?20:33
nicoeI asked you if the return value of .write has any meaning20:34
nicoeYou said it did not, so I prefer to have clean code rather than returning something which means nothing20:34
cedknicoe: ok20:35
cedknicoe: but so, we could fix other series20:35
nicoeYes we could20:36
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paepkeare there somewhere examples how to drive the charts in an odt document via relatorio?22:01
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paepkei've moved my barcode stuff now to relatorio, the example scripts work well, but i wanna test it with tryton, too.22:02
udonopaepke: yes on the relatorio homepage:
paepkeudono: i've already applied that.22:05
paepkei'm wondering how i can drive that via tryton or the report-template.22:06
paepkeudono: or did i oversee something?22:06
udonopaepke: you will print out a ods file with Tryton?22:09
paepkeudono: yes. with an graph or barcode in it.22:10
paepkegraph like a pie_chart or bar_chart22:11
udonopaepke: ods or odt?22:11
paepkeodt. sorry.22:12
paepkehmm. i'm coming nearer...22:15
udonopaepke: what about this? Starts from the second picture: for pictures and for charts22:15
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paepkeits all about "Images". that chart is prepared from the demo python script as a ready .png file.22:18
paepkebased on a yaml file.22:19
paepkeudono: maybe i should ask tomorrow when nicoe or cedk are back22:21
udonopaepke: Sorry, I do not understand the problem.22:21
paepkeudono: another try: inside tryton you have a list of values. how can these be rendered as an pie-chart in an odt file?22:23
udonopaepke: For the barcode: you can maybe put a method in which receives number and barcode type, and delivers a picture of the barcode.22:24
paepkeudono: already done.22:24
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paepkei wanna put that into relatorio.22:25
paepkewell i have it already put it into. but the glue is missing. how a barcode (or a graph) can be drawn.22:25
udonopaepke: both as a picture.22:25
paepkehow can i tell the picture that its a barcode?22:26
udonopaepke: why it need to know what it is? For odt it is a picture anyway.22:27
paepkethat picture is rendered via relatorio.22:28
paepkeyou give relatorio a list or dict. and relatorio does the rest.22:28
udonopaepke: ok22:29
paepkeso i need to tell relatorio somehow what kind of picture is should create out of the data.22:29
udonopaepke: so why not put the methodcall into the image, like described above? image: barcode_pic('1234567890', type='ean13')22:32
paepkeregarding to cedk its better to have it in relatorio than modifying the report.py22:33
paepkemore generic22:33
paepkethats my current implementation. well with some context stuff on tryton 1.6 ...22:34
paepkei have to change some parts of my code anyway. so i put some effort in migrating that barcode stuff to relatorio.22:35
paepkeudono: we had this discussion back in 2008 :-)22:37
udonopaepke: yes22:37
paepkeudono: its too late for today. cya tomorrow22:38
udonopaepke: Put it completely into relatorio sounds hard to me. Because you will use in real something like: image: barcode_pic(invoice_line.product.code, type='ean13')22:39
cedkpaepke, udono: what is the problem?22:40
paepkecedk: i don't know how i can say relatorio to draw a chart. how to put the parameters into the template.22:41
paepkecedk: the charts are a good example.22:41
cedkpaepke: you mean puting an image inside an odt?22:42
paepkecedk: kind of. relatorio has the posibility to draw eg. a pie_chart. right?22:43
paepkecedk: and put it into an odt file.22:43
cedkpaepke: it can using pycha but it is not very well tested feature22:44
paepkecedk: so how can is say relatorio via tryton to render a pie_chart on an odt report?22:44
cedkpaepke: and I don't recommend it22:44
cedkpaepke: the problem is not like that22:44
paepkecedk: not?22:44
cedkpaepke: you have first to generate an image22:44
cedkpaepke: you can use relatorio with pycha if you want22:45
cedkbut you can use any tool you want22:45
cedkonce you have the image22:45
cedkyou can put it in a odt file using a frame22:45
cedkpaepke: I think there is an example for that in relatorio examples22:45
paepkecedk: i've already implemented such a function.22:46
paepkei put it as StringIO via that image frame into the odt file.22:46
paepkewe had a discussion about a year ago how to implement such a thing the _right_ way.22:47
paepkeit was about barcodes.22:47
paepkecedk: you told me it would be better to have such a function in relatorio. and not as a function in tryton.22:48
paepkecedk: and here i am. asking how i can tell relatorio i want to trigger the function to render me a barcode into an odt document. (the python code of generating a barcode is already there)22:50
cedkpaepke: are you sure ?22:50
paepkecedk: sure with what?22:51
cedkpaepke: I said to have the barcode generationg in relatorio22:52
cedkpaepke: it was conditional22:55
paepkecedk: same situation. i have a barcode function.22:56
paepkecedk: or has the tryton code changed that much in 1.8 or 2.0?22:56
cedkpaepke: right now, I think  the best is just having the method in the context22:56
cedkpaepke: I think relatorio need a cleanup22:57
cedkand should follow more the KISS22:57
cedkand I already thought about removing other templates engines except opendocument22:58
paepkecedk: like pycha?22:58
cedkabout barcode, there is a lot of different lib that can generate it and I think if we choose one of course we will have someone asking for a barcode format not supported22:59
cedkpaepke: yes22:59
paepkecedk: yes, there are a lot around. but different barcode types can be generated with different lib. there is no one-fits-all.22:59
cedkrelatorio should do one thing: generate opendocument based on opendocument templates22:59
cedkpaepke: yes so having one in relatorio doesn't sound good23:00
cedkpaepke: better to let the user put the one he wants in the context23:00
paepkethere could be different libs added to relatorio. as well as on tryton. that doesn't sound like a argument.23:00
cedkpaepke: not KISS23:01
paepkeso no barcode batteries included?23:01
cedkpaepke: I don't think23:01
udonofor me barcode creation is a tryton feature, not relatorio.23:01
paepkeudono: generating graphs neither.23:03
cedkudono: even, it is damm simple to make a barcode23:03
paepkeudono: but its there and we have currently no other choice?23:03
paepkecedk: yeah. its damn simple. but not included.23:03
cedkpaepke: don't care, simple to use it23:04
paepkecedk: but it will take some hours to implement it right for someone who is not familiar to tryton and the report generation via relatorio23:05
cedkpaepke: and what's the point?23:05
paepkenever mind. i'll write somewhen a blog entry about my investigations. maybe this will help someone23:05
paepkecedk: no point.23:07
paepkecedk: i think we can close the discussion. its already late. thanks for youre time and answers.23:08
udonopaepke: for me it is definitely a feature for Tryton. If it is possible bring it in a module like report_barcode. I am sure people who wanted to use flexible barcodes will use it.23:08
cedkI want to reduce features, we have been too much tempted in the 3 years23:09
cedkudono: for me, it doesn't deserve a module23:09
cedkudono: it is 3 lines of code23:10
cedkjust a wiki page23:11
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