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sharooncedk: ping11:03
cedksharoon: hi11:04
sharooncedk: travelling these days, so not connected fulltime11:04
cedksharoon: ok, when will you be back?11:05
sharooncedk: I am connected till 2nd and then again only on 8th11:05
cedksharoon: don't understand11:05
sharooncedk: i am available fulltime till 2nd (so will be on IRC). and then will not be available till 8th11:06
cedksharoon: ok11:06
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sharooncedk: did you know that fabien "wants to avoid people that sells proprietary modules & open core possibilities (like..... tryton)"12:32
cedksharoon: yes12:37
cedksharoon: but it did not understand the license12:37
cedksharoon: the all talk abour derivative work12:38
cedksharoon: but any way, if he is attacking us like that it is because he is afraid of12:38
sharooncedk: agree12:38
cedksharoon: all the talk about the license is strange because nobody understand the real concern about it12:39
cedksharoon: it is that OpenERP wants to keep the all control of it12:39
sharooncedk: one doubt, why is such an exception required ?12:39
cedksharoon: like that they can change the license how they want12:39
sharooncedk: i dont think such an exception is required to address the purpose12:39
cedksharoon: so if one day they want they can make it closed sources12:40
cedkand this is the big issue of not sharing the copyright with other contributions12:41
sharooncedk: exactly12:41
sharooncedk: are odony's claims true that they dont have your code anymore ?12:41
cedksharoon: they rewrite the one I show12:42
cedksharoon: but there is still some part like vatnumber, some stuffs in the client12:43
cedksharoon: the more funny is that he was asking to me if there is no more of my code left12:43
cedkI answered that it is not my job to look if their devs take my code12:43
sharooncedk: lol12:44
cedkif they want to change the license they must make a audit of the code12:44
sharooncedk: exactly, and the claim itself is so funny. that all modules with the author as OpenERP or Tiny is now with this exception12:45
cedksharoon: also when they say AGPL is better for SAAS indeed it is "it is better for our SAAS"12:46
sharooncedk: my question rather is does AGPL require that modules developed can never be private ?12:46
cedksharoon: because they are the only one who is able to run it at lower cost12:46
cedksharoon: everybody else will need to make pressure on OpenERP SA to get the fixes pushed12:47
cedkso this close the market of SAAS because of their closed development process12:47
sharooncedk: ok makes sense now12:48
cedksharoon: I find also funny the proposal of rvalyi about making a foundation to sale modules with exception12:50
sharooncedk: well strictly speaking i dont think it can be done, and OpenERP SA will be happy to sue anybody and everybody for that12:51
bechamelalso; when odony say "@version2beta If a provider did that, OpenERP SA could withdraw the written permission and force them back to AGPL,to guarantee fairness", he forget to add ".. except if the provider is openerp itself"12:53
bechamelIMO the agpl and this agpl+exception is a competition-killer on the saas market12:54
cedkall this make me thing that OpenERP SA show himself as the god of Open Source that will punish anybody not play with their rules12:55
sharooncedk: the most important concern should be "if they can change from one license to another despite such resistance, they could be prop. anytime too ?"13:00
cedkACTION wondering why people continue to top-post on ml13:00
cedksharoon: yes of course13:00
cedksharoon: you must trust the "OpenERP SA" company to keep going this way13:00
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cedksharoon: about the closed modules, I think it is the choice of the user to use them or not13:04
sharooncedk: so you really dont require an alternate license right ?13:04
cedksharoon: same for an SAAS (which will use them)13:04
cedksharoon: for me, almost all the guys on OpenERP don't understand how license apply13:05
cedkit is about "derivative work" not technical concern about the "linkage" or whatever13:05
cedksharoon: moreover, I'm pretty sure that OE doesn't respect his own AGPL license13:06
cedkif you read it, it says that the application must provide a link to download the running code13:06
sharooncedk: yep13:07
cedksharoon: for me, it is something very complicated to do13:07
sharooncedk: and there is no such thing in the GTK/Web clients13:07
cedksharoon: nope13:07
sharooncedk: also each module will need link ?13:07
cedksharoon: yes but indeed it is the *running* code that must be downloaded13:07
cedksharoon: not the one that was published somewhere because you must be sure that it is exactly the same13:08
sharooncedk: what does that mean ? a facility to download the version of code ebing run on the server ?13:08
cedkfor me, AGPL is so complex to respect that I don't want to use it13:08
cedksharoon: yes13:08
sharooncedk: that's scary!13:08
cedksharoon: for any one accessing the service13:09
cedksharoon: so for example, the SSO webclient of OE (which is on google market) must have a download link on its login screen13:09
sharooncedk: so if openerp launches prop. modules on the saas no one can question because they have the enterprise13:09
cedkbut it was not there that why I asked for it but nobody answered13:10
cedksharoon: not because of that, it will depend if the "prop. modules" are a "derivative work" of some code which is under the GPL or AGPL13:11
cedkACTION lunch13:13
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zodmanping sharoon the electronic-mail from bitbucket not show the menuentry Email Management it that correct ?¿16:27
sharoonzodman: the menu is under admini.. > users >16:27
zodmanok ok i not really understanding the  xml file. sorry16:29
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cedkACTION on crusade against top-posting17:38
cedknicoe: too much new commers that do know the netiquette17:41
nicoecedk: s/do/& not17:41
nicoeI am awaiting the people that will post html only messages17:42
cedknicoe: I think google group fix it17:43
cedknicoe: indeed I thought I saw this feature but now I did not find it17:45
cedknicoe: so perhaps there is not17:45
nicoeMaybe they are catched by the anti-spam feature17:46
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