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JohanSJAhi, all10:15
JohanSJAjust come in to understand more about tryton.10:15
JohanSJAdo we have a POS module for Tryton?10:19
cedkJohanSJA: no but there is a GSoC student working on one10:22
JohanSJAcedk: I understand that Tryton originally forks from OpenERP and OpenERP has grown since then. But by looking at Tryton website, the progress seems to be pretty slow or am I wrong?10:24
cedkJohanSJA: OpenERP did not grown some much as they try to say :-)10:26
cedkJohanSJA: which progress are you talking?10:26
JohanSJAI am not sure. The version in Tryton seems to be lagging behind.10:30
JohanSJAI am new to ERP and thinking of which to try and involve10:30
cedkJohanSJA: what is lagging ?10:30
JohanSJAi basically mean the community seems to be inactive10:31
cedkJohanSJA: ok if you prefere a community that is asking thousand of questions on forum without answers because the software is buggy, ok it is more active10:34
JohanSJAcedk: :D you definitely are active10:34
cedkJohanSJA: indeed I think what is confusing you is that behind OpenERP there is OpenERP SA who spending a lot of money in marketing10:37
JohanSJAI don't really mind about any marketing10:38
JohanSJAI just want to find a solid ERP to work on10:38
JohanSJAThe website that Tryton has and the information that it has isn't so convincing for me right now10:39
JohanSJAI like the fact that Tryton is community open source but OpenERP is commercial open source10:40
cedkJohanSJA: what is your requirements?10:40
JohanSJAbasic ERP stuff - Sales, Purchases, Financial, Inventory, POS10:41
cedkJohanSJA: there is all of that except POS10:42
nicoeJohanSJA: We would like to improve our website what exactly do you expect from a community-driven ERP website ?10:42
JohanSJAnicoe: just more information10:43
JohanSJAcedk: how about a web client apart from a GTK client?10:43
cedkJohanSJA: we don't have yet one10:44
cedkJohanSJA: but indeed, there is very few cases where a webclient for an ERP is really important10:45
nicoeJohanSJA: What kind of information ? A more detailed list of features ? Development information ?10:46
JohanSJAnicoe: I will need to seriously go deep into it to justify but the first impression is really not good10:47
JohanSJAcedk: it would be great in some cases where I don't need to install a client for every desktop10:48
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JohanSJAsorry, browser crash10:52
cedkJohanSJA: come on, if you are in such situation then you already got the infrastructure to deploy an application10:53
cedkJohanSJA: and more over, you prefer the users use a web interface which is slower, less userfriendly just because you don't want to deploy an app10:53
cedkJohanSJA: by the way, you still need to deploy at least the browser :-)10:53
JohanSJAcedk: ya. but a browser is always installed by default in most OS10:54
JohanSJAbut that's a minor problem for now10:54
JohanSJAhow about customization for report? i mean the purchase order, sales orders and so on.10:55
cedkJohanSJA: it is just odt file10:57
cedkJohanSJA: on this topic we are far better than OE :-)10:59
JohanSJAcedk: the fact that I prefer Tryton right now is really because of its community open source status11:00
JohanSJAand this means I can further improve it as I need to11:00
JohanSJAI don't want something that I am working on becomes proprietary software suddenly when it grows bigger11:01
cedkJohanSJA: do you know a littl bit Python?11:02
JohanSJAcedk: ya, I did some programming in Python before11:05
cedkJohanSJA: just have a look at this:11:05
cedkJohanSJA: both are doing the same, computing the tax amount of the sale11:06
cedkjust an example to show the difference in the code11:08
JohanSJAjust a quick run-through and Tryton codes does seems to be more solid11:09
cedkJohanSJA: thanks to PEP8, codereview and unittest :-)11:10
JohanSJAcedk: how long have you been with Tryton?11:11
JohanSJAwhat is the main reason of forking from OpenERP at that time?11:12
cedkJohanSJA: the main forkers (including me) were past employees of TinyERP aka OpenERP SA11:12
cedkJohanSJA: we did not agree by the direction OpenERP was going to11:13
JohanSJAwhere was OpenERP heading at that time?11:14
cedkJohanSJA: it was about code quality, design process, community management etc.11:14
JohanSJAOh I see11:15
JohanSJAto be pretty honest, I am looking at solid ERP to work on right now11:15
JohanSJAI have a relatively small company (around 10-15 workers) who is willing to let me to test-run any ERP that I want11:16
JohanSJAthey are running proprietary inventory system and accounting system currently and isn't satisfy with the performance of the inventory system (running figure for stock)11:17
cedkJohanSJA: are you just looking for your own needs or also for customers?11:17
JohanSJAafter I test-run with that company, I am thinking of supplying to other companies as well11:17
cedkJohanSJA: you must see Tryton as a meta-business software that allow you to build the software you need11:18
cedkJohanSJA: it is not an out-of-the-box product11:18
JohanSJAso during that test-run period, they will have 2 system running parallelly11:18
JohanSJAcedk: what do you mean by meta-business?11:19
JohanSJAI am OK with a little bit configuration here and there11:19
JohanSJAin fact that is what I am expecting to do with every ERP11:19
cedkJohanSJA: I mean meta-"business software"11:19
JohanSJAI am not planning on going with partnership with Openbravo or OpenERP, the partnership itself is too costly for me at the moment11:19
JohanSJAso I am expecting an ERP that I can freely works on and contribute back too11:20
JohanSJAOpenbravo as what I observed is not really as open source as it stated11:21
JohanSJAOpenERP seems to be on the same direction as well11:21
cedkJohanSJA: yeps, it is the issue with fundraising11:22
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JohanSJAI am not sure which approach should I go so I am still evaluating11:23
JohanSJAOpenbravo is definitely out for now11:23
JohanSJAit seems like a very limited open source software and buggy as of review11:23
JohanSJAOpenERP is much better but its commercial open source status is scaring me a bit11:24
cedkJohanSJA: in what is OpenERP better?11:25
JohanSJAcedk: compared to Openbravo, its codes is more open and more customizable11:26
cedkJohanSJA: ha ok you compare with Openbravo11:26
cedkJohanSJA: don't know enough Openbravo11:27
JohanSJAI just came across Tryton an hour ago and still need to review on that11:27
JohanSJApretty happy with your explanation so far11:27
JohanSJAjust expecting a POS and (maybe) web client also11:27
JohanSJAPOS is important as the company that I am going for test-run is both a wholesale company and a retail store as well11:28
cedkJohanSJA: we are working on a javascript lib that will manage all the connection to the server11:28
cedkJohanSJA: it will the basis for a webapp11:28
JohanSJAso they are expecting a POS for their retail store11:28
cedkJohanSJA: yes but the POS doesn't need to be stringly linked to the ERP11:29
JohanSJAcedk: sorry, but I am quite new to ERP as well11:29
JohanSJAcan you explain on that?11:29
cedkJohanSJA: POS is just there to register sales so you can just sync it at the end of the day11:30
cedkJohanSJA: most of the time POS has an export in csv file11:30
JohanSJAcedk: but wouldn't it be great if we can know how much stock we have in that store as well?11:32
cedkJohanSJA: for a POS no, because the customer have the product11:33
cedkJohanSJA: but indeed it depends of what you named POS11:33
JohanSJAbut the situation in this company is that they own a retail store11:34
cedkJohanSJA: I think you should explain what you need for the POS11:36
JohanSJAcedk: sure, if you have time to listen to me :)11:37
JohanSJAand maybe I have misunderstood what a POS is11:38
JohanSJAOK, this is the scenario11:38
JohanSJAthis company opened up a retail store last few years after acting solely as wholesaler for about 20 years11:39
JohanSJAso they have a few stores (warehouse) containing stocks to be sold to businesses and a retail store which contains stocks to be sold to public11:40
JohanSJAthey want to keep track of how many stocks that they have both inside the warehouses and the retail stores at all the time11:42
JohanSJAbecause when a business customer wants a product, they can always pull the product from the warehouse and the retail store as well11:42
JohanSJAat the same time, they want to implement POS at the retail store11:43
JohanSJAkeeping track all the sales for that day11:43
JohanSJAi think basically that's it right now11:45
cedkJohanSJA: is the POS can run on a computer with keyboard and mouse?11:48
JohanSJAya, their current POS system does work on keyborad and mouse11:49
cedkJohanSJA: so I think it could be the Tryton client with simple sale form11:51
cedkJohanSJA: does it have to work with barcode scanner11:51
JohanSJAcedk: preferable if possible11:52
JohanSJAand receipt need to be generated for warranty purposes as well11:53
cedkJohanSJA: do you know how much sales per day per point?11:53
JohanSJAif you are referring to transaction, it isn't really a lot11:54
JohanSJAsince they are selling audio system such as speaker, mixers and so on11:55
JohanSJAperhaps 2-3 transaction per hour11:55
cedkJohanSJA: so I think it is doable with the current client11:56
JohanSJAok. I think I will just work on that slowly and customize it to their needs11:57
JohanSJAi will have 1 year time to test-run with them as they can have two system running parallelly11:58
JohanSJAand how is the status of the POS from the GSoC?11:58
JohanSJAright now, what is more important to me will be the inventory (warehouse) management11:59
JohanSJAthey are having running figure all the time and it is causing them headache (product A which should have quantity of 100 can be shown as 0 in the system)12:00
JohanSJAgot to go now12:00
JohanSJAchat again in future12:01
JohanSJAi will try to explore Tryton more and see how it suits my need12:01
JohanSJAthank you12:01
JohanSJAthanks for listening12:01
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