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redarmywhen will the carrier and shipment_cost modules be ready for use?14:52
redarmyjust for use in testing env.14:52
cedkredarmy: it is planned for August 1th14:53
cedkredarmy: it will be commited in main repo14:53
cedkredarmy: and we will give some weeks for translators14:53
redarmythanks ,it think its a must module.14:53
cedkredarmy: you can already test it, it is even better14:54
cedkredarmy: like that we could fix issue faster14:54
redarmywhere can i check it out now ?14:55
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redarmyif a product have one attribute ,how can i add it into tryton? such as a clothing,have two color,red and black.14:57
cedkredarmy: you can add a new field to the Model14:58
redarmyis there a document about how to add model to tryton?15:01
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redarmythe carriers module can not set shipping cost?16:07
cedkredarmy: it is in the sale_shipment_cost module16:07
redarmyjust can choose Product Price as carrier cost method.16:08
cedkredarmy: yes it is the basic method16:09
redarmycan we manually change the shipment fee line when create new sale16:11
cedkredarmy: yes16:12
cedkredarmy: but generaly, it is on the shipment that you know the real price16:12
redarmyyes, need to add real shipment price .16:14
redarmyfor some user may need to automatic calculation the shipping fee,for some user or some times need to add shipping fee manually16:16
cedkredarmy: the idea behind the module is to develop the right cost computation method16:28
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redarmyyes, but many times, we do not use the real cost, the real cost is for financial more.16:29
redarmysuch as ,i ask client for 20USD shipping fee ,the real shipping fee when we shipping the cost may be 22USD ,or 18USD.16:30
redarmyadd option to tryton user,user choose manual input the shipping cost method  ,or auto method.16:31
redarmythe real shipping fee is used in financial expense.16:36
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redarmyif user can manually input the shipping fee line, it will be more flexable.16:50
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cedkredarmy: the method you will implement to compute the shipment cost has just to take care of the extra fees you want17:23
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rhubnerHi cedk19:49
rhubnercedk: Why do you think I have not updated the patch correctly?19:49
cedkrhubner: because it misses the icons, the etc.19:52
cedkrhubner: and also because I can not apply the patch19:52
rhubnercedk: the icons and not been for because I did "hg refresh -m 'message'"19:54
rhubnercedk: just what It was changed from patch 3 in codereview I sent in the patch 4...19:56
cedkrhubner: you must upload patch from yrou qparent19:56
rhubnercedk: Humm sorry... I didn't know19:57
rhubnercedk: How do I it?19:58
cedkrhubner: pas --rev qparent19:58
rhubnercedk: "pas" ?19:59
rhubnerhaaa "pass"20:00
rhubnercedk: I have some questions about revision..20:02
rhubnercedk: In the line 111 I used gettext...20:05
rhubnercedk: line 7: from gettext import gettext as _20:05
rhubnercedk: line 124:[tag].set_tooltip_text(_(tip))20:06
cedkrhubner: it doesn't work20:07
cedkrhubner: it is not possible to extract the string to translate like that20:07
cedkrhubner: by the way, it is better to ask this kind of question about comment in the codereview20:09
rhubnercedk: but it is not just use "_" for strings?20:10
rhubnercedk: I didn't understand...20:11
cedkrhubner: inside _() you must always have a string20:12
cedkrhubner: because there is a gettext script that parse the code to extract the strings to translate20:13
rhubnercedk: Humm I understand... I can not use a variable in gettext20:14
rhubnercedk: Other question is about lines 82, 8320:17
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rhubnercedk: I didn't understand the comment. These attributes should be used to check more easily whether there are active features20:24
cedkrhubner: but you persit state value which is not good20:26
rhubnercedk: Ok .. I try not to use it!20:28
cedkrhubner: it is the same issue than in previous review20:29
rhubnercedk: Yes... But I thought in this way would have no problem...20:30
rhubnercedk: I will try to change just to check the active buttons20:32
cedkrhubner: also I think you must use the display method20:33
cedkrhubner: did you already test the widget when you change the current record?20:33
rhubnercedk: yes.. every time20:34
rhubnercedk: What do you mean at line 103?20:35
rhubnercedk: I need to call this methods at the beginning run program to create marks in gtk.TextTag20:39
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rhubnercedk: this way, when I click on texts that are the standard styles, the activities of the buttons change according with marks..20:42
rhubnercedk: The parser from text markup, I'll use a stack to scan the corresponding tags. I'll rewrite the entire method.20:49
rhubnercedk: But first I need to create a method to formalize the <span> and <p> tags...20:50
rhubnercedk: Then only will miss the revisions of the code and tests!20:51
rhubnercedk: Do you have other questions?20:52
rhubnercedk: Are you busy?21:09
cedkrhubner: yes, bbl21:44
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rhubnercedk: Can I send an email to you after with some doubts about code?23:21
cedkrhubner: yes23:22
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