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redarmysale_shipment_cost module do the cost computation,may have this issue,:if productA's weight is 200g,productB's is 300g, if a client order 1Aand 1B ,so the total weight is 500g? right? No,need to add the package's weight. and also ,many times express can offer some discount for us, so the module computated cost may not the real real cost.02:35
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rhubnercedk: Hi!18:13
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cedkrhubner: hi18:27
rhubnercedk: I'm having difficulty in applying the tags without those global attributes self.start_tags, self.end_tags...18:28
rhubnercedk: because I don't know how I don't have to create that marks all the time without a global flag18:30
cedkrhubner: are you sure it will work when siwtching of records?18:31
rhubnercedk: when I change the functionality you mean?18:33
rhubnercedk: for example, bold to italic in other place of text...18:33
cedkrhubner: no when you scroll from one record to an other18:33
rhubnercedk: Yes, when I scroll in a different record that doesn't exist the same functionality, the tags "start" and "end" are deleted18:38
cedkrhubner: so if it required to have good performence we can keep it18:42
rhubnercedk: without self.start_tags for example, I need to create a mark every time and this will generate several tags...18:42
cedkrhubner: does it have performence impact?18:44
rhubnercedk: I believe not, why do you think it would?18:47
cedkrhubner: because you said that you need to generate many times the same tags18:49
rhubnercedk: If I generate several times the same tag, I think it will affect their performance!18:51
cedkrhubner: so I agree to keep this 2 dict if it is for performence18:53
rhubnercedk: the text markup will look like follow: <b>t<\b><b>e<\b><b>x<\b><b>t<\b> instead of <b>text<\b>18:53
rhubnercedk: And I have to formalize it in time to create the markup view18:55
rhubnercedk: I'll do after several tests to verify the behavior of these two attributes okay?18:56
cedkrhubner: ok18:57
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