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redarmyin the calendar says "Release carrier and sale_shipment_cost" today, are they released?15:05
cedkredarmy: not yet15:06
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sharooncedk: ping16:05
sharooncedk: there seems to be a bug in stock_supply (or it may be just the concept which needs some explanation)16:05
cedksharoon: pong16:11
cedksharoon: first, is it working with LRU?16:11
sharooncedk: i tried with a sandbox database (which has far less data) and it was fine, i am deploying to production today16:12
sharooncedk: the problem is products by location computation is done with warehouse in the context16:13
sharooncedk: this means that the stock is computed only for storage location16:13
cedksharoon: yes if the input/output are outside of storage16:14
cedksharoon: what is the problem?16:15
sharooncedk: yes, but when the purchase requests are computed it must consider the input zone also because goods in transit (draft moves from supplier to input zone/moves awaiting reception) must be reduced from the quantity to purchase16:15
sharooncedk: assume that the computation creates a purchase request of x units for an item, it won't recreate them while purchase request is in draft stage (which is fine), on creating the purchase order it will still not be created (which is also fine), but it will create a new purchase request of x units after the PO is confirmed (which is wrong)16:19
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cedksharoon: need to ask why Betrand did
sharoonbechamel: ping16:27
sharooncedk: i think thats where the problem is :-)16:27
bechamelsharoon: pong; let me have a look16:29
sharoonbechamel: thanks16:29
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cedkbechamel: I think it is a wrong commit that was done when introducing skip_warehouse16:42
cedkbechamel: it was required for sale and purchase but not for stock_supply16:42
bechamelcedk: I don't remember why it was introduced, but removing it will not solve the problem16:43
cedkbechamel: why?16:44
bechamelcedk: without the skip_warehouse, the stock computation will also count the outgoing products16:44
cedkbechamel: it is good16:44
cedkbechamel: you want to decrease the quantity with what is planned to go out16:44
bechamelcedk: yes, I mixed several ideas16:45
cedkbechamel: I think when we designed the supply, we say that the purchase confirmed or coming from request should be taken in the computation of quantity16:46
bechamelcedk: the point that I want to check is: does the purchase generates only incoming moves (from supplier to input) or also internal moves (from input to storage)16:46
cedksharoon: does it fix your issue if we set skip_warehouse to False?16:46
cedkbechamel: only incoming because the user must create the shipment16:47
sharooncedk: i havent checked that16:47
cedkbechamel: but any way, input moves will not change the warehouse quantity as it is an internal move16:47
bechamelcedk: yes correct, I remember now :)16:48
cedkbechamel: I guess you was going to fast to use skip_warehouse when you implemented it :-)16:48
cedksharoon: it will be greate to have a test scenario for the stock_supply module16:49
sharooncedk: i will take that on me16:49
sharooncedk: this week i will write a test case for it, for some strange reason i might prefer to right a test case than scenario. is that ok ?16:50
cedksharoon: it depends, for me unittest is to test just a method and scenario to test a workflow (not in Tryton meaning)16:52
sharooncedk: i agree, then its a scenario :-)16:54
sharooncedk: will do it sometime this week17:14
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