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hoRnHi all!09:20
udonohoRn: welcome back!09:52
hoRnholidays and 40th birthday - this will kick ya out from working for more than a week ;)09:53
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udonohoRn: my best wishes for the next decade!09:57
hoRnudono: thanks a lot09:58
udonohoRn: as a gift for your 40th birthday: take a look at your issue2031. We order a solution for more flexible printing from B2CK.09:59
hoRnudono: cool - lot of changes. an all the formats included, great work.10:04
udonohoRn: yes, it looks very good. Now we are in testing phase. Feel free to try it out and put your feedback to the codereview.10:08
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hoRnudono: ok - first I need to resolve all the issues in our tracker ;) - than I will test10:10
udonoACTION .oO hoRn reject his birthday gift?!10:14
hoRnudono: NOO! I love it from the first moment! Getting it is so wonderful!10:16
nicoeACTION wishes a pleasant birthday to hoRn 10:17
hoRnnicoe: party is done -  thank you!10:18
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abeamudCan I show in a tree view, an attribute from a referenced object from the main object?13:23
cedkabeamud: you must create a function field13:24
abeamudok, thanks13:25
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hoRnStrange but logical issue here: stock.move now has internal_quantity. this field will be added in init. I wrote a stock.move-extension, which makes unit_price not required. so now the update of my extension fails, because the init of the original modul is called and this modul knows nothing about this - how to solve this in a clean way?18:17
cedkhoRn: why does it fail as you remove constraint?18:31
hoRncedk: don't know about the constraint - which constraint you mean?18:34
hoRncedk: Hello first ;)18:35
cedkhoRn: you said you remove constraint on unit_price18:37
hoRncedk: I have overwritten the field - yes - isn't the right way?18:38
cedkhoRn: so what is the problem?18:40
hoRncedk: It seems that the init-method of the original module writes in the model - so the validation acts before the model knows about my new extension18:42
cedkhoRn: it is never good to remove constraint because other modules works on the assumption of this constraint18:47
hoRncedk: but how to solve it - in our businesscase a stock.move do not have a unit_price required. suppliers are suppliing goods for free ...18:49
hoRncedk: sounds like heaven, I know ;)18:50
cedkhoRn: override get_unit_price_required to return always False18:52
cedkhoRn: but it is really strange that the product in your warehouse has no value18:52
hoRncedk: I have done this - but the error occurs before18:53
hoRncedk: it's true - products in our warehouse should have a value. this is an issue of design done in a very first moment of using tryton - the zero value products are 'empty packaging' - but they are always included in supplier and delivery notes18:56
cedkhoRn: there is 2 options, put a correct unit_price or modify the base code of get_unit_price_required to return False18:57
hoRncedk: ok - think it's done after migration - the _get_internal_quantity will not check it after the initial update19:00
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phellerHello folks, long time -- but now I have a little bit of free time again, and maybe I can finally get the Mac client back up to speed.19:08
udonopheller: welcome!19:10
phellerudono: thanks --- maybe I will have enough time in November to come to Belgium too.....19:10
phellerI've also been following the emails and tweets in the openerp licensing changes……  what a soap opera!19:12
hoRnwow - before holidays I unsubscribed the list - so I missed the Tryton Unconference. Good idea because it's similar to my proposal 3 month ago19:13
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