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hoRnGood Morning10:27
hoRnseems impossible for me to update a 1.8 database to 2.0 - iss there anything special that I'm missing? Things I have done: truncate ir_translation for adding src_md5 - but now I'm stuck with a missing column 'group' in res.user-res.group10:39
cedkhoRn: it is impossible to help you if you don't give information: traceback, error etc.10:43
hoRncedk: - was posting here and searching at the same time - sorry10:44
cedkhoRn: I think you mix up 2.0 and trunk10:49
hoRncedk: ok - i will clean up everything10:49
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hoRncedk: update is running finally - don't know how I messed up the versions - thanks eagle eye11:26
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abeamudwhat's the best way to work with code review? Download the raw patch set from the web? It's possible to pull the issue from a repo?12:47
nicoeabeamud: you could do something like "hg import --no-commit <url>"12:48
nicoewhere url is url of the raw patch12:48
nicoein a new cloned repository of course12:48
abeamudI'm trying to apply the json-rpc patch (import --no-commit
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abeamudbut fails12:58
abeamudwith rejects12:58
nicoeabeamud: let me look12:58
cedkabeamud: it is perhaps no more up to dat13:00
nicoeI guess the patch is not up to date to the last tip13:02
abeamudIt's possible to know from what version was this patch generated?13:15
nicoeWith the date of the patch you can infer the revision13:24
nicoeSomething like "hg update -d `date --rfc-3339=date -d "-3 days 17 hours"`" might work13:24
abeamudSure..ok, I'll try it...13:25
abeamudbuff, impossible to apply the patch cleanly...13:34
abeamudI'll apply manually...13:41
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cedkudono: hi, do you think it is possible to talk with timitos on irc about jsonrpc?22:05
udonocedk: hi, yes, but today he is out. I will ping him tomorrow.22:07
cedkudono: ok22:08
cedkudono: I think I find the issue with jsonrpc22:11
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udonocedk: I just hear from Timitos that it is working so far and the ui feels more responsive. No chance to test it myself so far :-(22:20
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cedkudono: I should have fixed the Timitos issue22:48
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cedksharoon: by the way, I fixed the mysql unittest server23:52

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