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sisalpwas there a discussion about .zip modules ?10:14
sisalpI read it is no longer supported10:14
sisalpI think I'll miss it10:14
cedksisalp: I think10:14
sisalpthank for the pointer, so I'd need an alternate10:18
sisalpI was opposed to this when it was done on openerp for security reasons, but then I use it a lot10:19
bechamelsisalp: why is it important for you ?10:19
sisalpit was convenient to me in the following situation :10:20
sisalpI host openerp for free, and all free customers share the same virtual server.10:20
sisalpThey cannot be granted an ssh access to it10:21
sisalpI don't want to block customization of modules (reports and so on) and don't want to sell management services on free hosting10:21
sisalpso module upload was a trade-off10:22
cedksisalp: you can still upload module and unzip it10:23
sisalpfor tryton, I was thinking to offer the same free service10:23
sisalpcedk what do you mean ?10:24
cedksisalp: I guess you have an interface to upload zipped modules and put it in addons directory?10:25
sisalpso far I don't10:26
sisalpI imagine this might be a simple module wich would upload a zip, remove the old module and unzip the new one10:28
cedksisalp: yes something like that10:29
cedksisalp: but you must be aware that putting not working Tryton module could make the server crashes10:29
sisalpcedk: of course10:30
sisalpcedk: I offer a test server for this10:30
cedksisalp: do you have a lot of people who upload custom module on your free services?10:31
sisalpcedk: about 30% of those who will use it for production10:32
sisalpcedk: but it is also a question of openness mindset, I'm reluctant to serve a closed service10:33
cedksisalp: and from where do modules come?10:33
bechamelsisalp: IMO for Tryton this upload feature is less important than for OERP because there are few/no modules available outside the "official" one10:34
sisalpmany from extra-addons, some for custom modifications10:34
sisalpin some cases, an integrator has made a module for them10:34
sisalpin OE V5, it was used to modify basic reports10:35
sisalpbechamel: yes for oeV5, oeV6 aims at becomming an "out-of-the-box" solution10:37
sisalpbechamel: by the way, zip modules often do not work in oev6 ;-)10:38
cedksisalp: because you could also just offer to install via pypi modules10:38
bechamelsisalp: this is a different problem :)10:38
cedksisalp: because how do you manage modules that requires some Python modules?10:39
sisalpcedk: manually upon request, installed server-wide10:40
sisalpcedk: it happened recently with camp-to-camp reports (webkit)10:41
sisalpcedk: "to install via pypi modules" sounds interesting10:42
sisalpcedk: can you elaborate a bit ?10:42
cedksisalp: you must write a script that will run on the server the pip command to install10:51
cedksisalp: indeed you can run the trytond server on a virtual-env10:51
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sisalpcedk: read a bit and seems clearer. This would solve dependency potential question12:24
sisalpcedk: i don't think a user can upload to pypi his own modules, can he ? and still I'll have to get them for him. right ?12:25
nicoesisalp: anybody can upload to pypi (but he must register first)12:26
nicoesisalp: but you can run your own private version of pypi if you want to keep things private12:27
sisalpnicoe: wouldn't thousand of custom modules pollute pypi ?12:27
nicoeThat's why I suggested that for per-customer module you would probably want to create your own private version of pypi12:28
sisalpnicoe: this sounds correct12:30
sisalphow secure is pypi ? I mean, can I ensure a package is modified by the author only ?12:32
cedksisalp: the Tryton module could be an archive with a that will be run, like that no need to publish this module on PyPI (or clone-like)12:34
sisalpcedk: yes, but in practice, opening Tryton modules to its user and keeping dependency install manual seems ok to me.12:55
sisalpcedk: probably the simplest would be an "module_upload" module, at least at first12:56
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pejugood afternoon everbody14:17
pejuI have been following the tryton project for a while but I have never deployed it14:18
pejuhow can I get involved in generating documentation for it?14:19
pejui see from the google group there is some interest in doing this14:19
pejuhow can i join that effort?14:19
udono1peju: hi14:33
pejuhi udono14:34
udono1peju: best is, when you participate the documentation discussion on groups and share your points of view.14:35
udono1peju: It is hard to say where to start, here on the irc14:35
udono1peju: maybe the best is to try to deploy tryton first?14:36
pejuwell i have a working tryton deployment14:47
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pejuwhat i meant is i havent deployed it for potential clients15:15
pejui would like to but the only thing stopping me is the documentation15:15
pejuthats why i would like to get involved in that15:15
udono1peju: ok, understand.15:15
pejuudono1: so how do i get involved? :)15:20
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udono1peju: As I read in the groups, the opinions for documentation approaches differ.15:34
udono1peju: My opinion is, to have less, but good and maintainable documentation inside tryton client, trytond and inside each module.15:36
udono1peju: But its hard for me to delegate your power to a specific work. Do you have ideas where you would like to start?15:37
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pejuudono: i was thinking about creating a pdf that details how to administer the system15:52
pejuudono1: and the major modules15:52
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rhubnerHi cedk!18:35
cedkrhubner: hi18:35
rhubnercedk: I finished the core development of rich_text widget!18:36
rhubnercedk: The last code I sent in code review I did "gh qrefresh" in it18:37
rhubnercedk: The changes that I did in this week can I send from "--rev tip"?18:38
cedkrhubner: I guess it is named qparent18:39
cedkrhubner: but look with hg log18:39
rhubnercedk: but qparent will send all I did from the beginning... I want to send over only the last revision18:40
cedkrhubner: you must put on codereview all from the beiginning18:41
rhubnercedk: anyway must I use from qparent?18:41
rhubnercedk: I'm sending18:42
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