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wolfspraulI hope this is not the most hated question here - I'm comparing openerp and tryton, which one should I take?07:00
wolfspraulwhat are the reasons for branching out, and the advantages of tryton now?07:01
plantianwolfspraul: I think it is a valid question.07:02
wolfsprauloh, and, the irclog archives are not searchable, so I couldn't quickly search for prior answers...07:02
plantianwolfspraul: You can use google to search them but I don't think they have full coverage.  You can also check the mailing list in google groups.07:03
wolfsprauleven though the irclog2html you are using has nice search, but it's not enabled on the server I guess07:03
plantianI have almost no experience with openerp except when I evaluated both a long time ago.  I think tryton has better code quality and stability but less features than openerp.  Although one could argue that some of the add on modules with openerp are not very well designed.07:04
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plantianAlso tryton also is a bit more open, meaning: code reviews, mailing list, irc, bug tracker, and lead devs are accessible here.07:05
plantianwolfspraul: You should install both though if you are serious in using one or the other and see which features you need and are available, using an ERP is a serious commitment.07:06
plantianwolfspraul: Also most of the lead developers and contributors are on European time so won't be online for a few hours and they might provide better insights.07:07
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wolfspraulhmm, yes07:17
wolfspraulfrom a philosophy perspective, I have no problem with a for-profit company07:17
wolfspraulI've read some backlogs now, thanks to google search07:17
wolfspraulmaybe I try both, indeed07:18
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plantianwolfspraul: Most likely, although it depends on your business, you will need to implement your own modules so also consider that as well.07:27
wolfspraulwhat would need to be considered there that relates to a difference between tryton and openerp?07:30
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plantianwolfspraul: I guess that is the point where the rubber hits the road with respect to code quality.07:41
wolfspraulyou are saying the code quality of oe is worse than tryton? but what does that have to do with modules I write?07:44
plantianwolfspraul: In most cases you will have to read existing modules in order to determine what to extend and how to extend.07:52
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wolfspraulok, that makes sense :-)08:17
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Panderhi all12:13
PanderI would like to change the view on party but I get this error: You are not allowed to modify this record. This record is part of the base configuration. What is the best way to go about this?12:22
udono1Pander: you need to change the view in XML12:23
udono1Pander: ... which is coming from a Module12:23
pjstevnsPander: party.xml in trytond.modules.party12:24
pjstevnsCedk is gonna shoot me but you can create a custom module and overload party.xml there12:25
cedkpjstevns: no problem as soon as it is done by inheritage :-)12:26
PanderI only want to rearrange the forms, not mess with the model12:26
PanderCan I switch off that warning so I can do the editting from within the tryton client? For soem of my admins that is preferred over editing files on server disk.12:28
cedkPander: if you do so, you will have trouble on the next upgrade12:29
cedkPander: but you can create a inherit view from the GUI12:32
PanderSo if I *only* would like to rearrange the view I have to make a derived class etc. :S12:32
cedkPander: no you don't have to extend a class, just create records in ir.ui.view12:32
Pander(my comment was on your one but last message) If I create a inherit view, can it be sued in stead of the parent one? I would like to do as less changing and maintenance as possiblee and be forwardscompatible12:33
cedkPander: and inherit view, apply modification to the inherited one so you can modify the look of this one12:35
PanderOk, New View: Model: party.partyCustom View Type: Form Inherited View: Priority: 16 ??? Domain: ???12:36
PanderThen I replace the line <?xml version="1.0"?> with that of and make my changes? correct?12:38
Pandervet! :)12:40
Panderdo I keep this line? <?xml version="1.0"?>12:41
cedkPander: I think you are allowed12:43
PanderThanks, please help me on my way, is that sane? How do I get Party to use this custom form view called party.partyCustom?12:51
cedkPander: make it inherit to the party form12:53
Panderit is an inherited view of, is that enough?12:54
cedkPander: yes12:54
Pandernope, it doesn't, how does Parties form view know to use my custom view?12:57
PanderI assume I can make more inherited views so I should tell it somewhere I think to use the parent (original) or one of the derived/inherited views, not?12:58
cedkPander: it knows because you declare your view as inherit the party one13:02
Pandercedk: like this?
cedkPander: looks good except the Model must be party.party13:21
udono1Pander: And it is better to replace the label, too. Now you have the label streetbis and the field for the email.13:22
udono1Pander: ... which looks the same as without your tweaked view, because both are fields of type char13:24
Panderudono1: In the original Form View I see only field name name until field name subdivision, no labels...13:27
udono1Pander: you mean tree view? Yes, the addresses form view is taken from model party.address.13:30
udono1Pander: ... so in the tree you should see email instead of streetbis.13:30
udono1Pander: in the tree of addresses in the form of party :-)13:31
Panderudono1: for the view you see in the screenshot above, which view should I override to replate streetbis with email (label and field)? i.e. to create and edit a party13:33
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udono1Pander: It is defined in the party.address form view.13:36
Panderudono1: thanks13:38
PanderIs this correct?
udono1Pander: model is party.address13:52
Panderthanks, see that email is not part of address and that it is not showing for that reason. thanks because I can go on diving into customisations13:59
udono1Pander: oh, yes, I forgot. The field is not in the Model party.address.14:04
udono1Pander: Just to ask, why you would combine a physical mail address with a personal email?14:08
Panderwas just a test, thought they were in the same model, turned out not to.14:09
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udono1Pander: ok, understand. FYI When you face this kind of problems in real, you can extend the model party.address module by a function field which get and set the email address in the model
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cedkudono: you can delete yourself the wiki page23:28

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