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rhubnerAnyone had a problem with connect server<->client in the last version of repo?02:14
rhubnerI'm not getting...02:15
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Panderhi all11:17
PanderI have created an inherited tree view for in which vat_code is replaced by categories. This works fine and I can filter with it but in the Categories column below I see data such as (0), (1), (2), ... indicating the number of applied categories. How can I have these replaced by a comma separated list of the categorie names? E.g. Sales, Marketing in stead of (2)11:20
cedkPander: you can not11:22
cedkPander: or you must create a Function field of type Char that will concatenate the list of the Many2Many11:23
Pandercedk: the latter sounds OK, which file should I alter and where can I find an example implementation11:32
cedkPander: you should first create a module11:38
cedkPander: or better follow the training module:
Pandercedk: isn't it smiply overriding the "toString" for categories or Many2Many?11:47
cedkPander: toString is in Java !11:48
Pandercedk: that is why it is between quotes ;)11:48
cedkPander: but it doesn't work like that, the communication between the client and the server doesn't use objects11:51
PanderI have found this in categories = fields.Many2Many('', 'party', 'category', 'Categories', states=STATES) so I11:52
cedkPander: you must adapt the Model to modify the client display11:52
cedkPander: yes it is the Model definition11:52
Panderso I could change the Many2Many model or I could make the initialisation of categories give an extra parameter to Many2Many so that the "toString" is expanding ;)11:53
Panderthat it is only for categries and not messing up other uses of Many2Many.toString() (sorry I keep joking with Java)11:53
cedkPander: you must define a new field on the Model something like: categories_string = fields.Function(fields.Char('Categories'), 'get_categories_string')11:54
Pandercedk: ok, will try that, thanks11:55
cedkPander: look at others function fields to understand11:57
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Pandercedk: hmmm, difficult to find examples. So it is not __str__ but an extra field that will be picked up by the tree view. Since I would like to learn this could you help me on my way a bit (whithout giving the complete answer) Is string_md5 a good example to stsart from?12:08
cedkPander: better to use an other one, look at full_name on Party12:11
Pandercedk: so I create first     categories_string = fields.Function(fields.Char('Categories'), 'get_categories_string') then I implement def get_categories_string, got that12:14
cedkPander: yes12:18
Pandercedk: in def get_categories_string I need to get the categories, do I get them from the transaction as in de def default_categories or do I get it from self.categories?12:23
cedkPander: look at get_full_name12:28
Pandercedk: how does this look?
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Pandercedk: thank, that was also my mext question otherwise the output would be still (2). Do I need to couple that categories_string to the tree view or will it pick it up automatically?12:55
cedkPander: you must do the same as you did with vat12:56
Pandercedk: do you mean the inherited view, replave vat_code with categories_string? that doen't work13:01
cedkPander: it should13:03
Panderdo I need to restart the service when I change .py files?13:05
cedkPander: yes13:06
PanderTypeError: get_categories_string() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)    So I should also provide argument name?13:10
cedkPander: missing name param:
Pandercedk: already fixed that and it is working :D thanks13:13
Pandercedk: would you like a patch and included it in the next release?13:13
cedkPander: I don't think it is generic enough to be included13:15
cedkPander: as I said you should write a custom module for all your customisations13:15
Pandercedk: How more generic can you get? ;) They way we are going to use Tryton is that we will create our new business processes to match what is default offered by Tryton and only do View customisations. Please reconsider including this into the model. When I will be making more model extensions I will make them as generic as possible in order to extend the base functionality of the models for...13:24
Pander...all to enjoy when needed. In effect you will get a contributor to your team for those small and handy getter methods.13:24
cedkPander: it is not generic because it doesn't scale, what if the party of thousand of categories13:31
cedkPander: The right the way to customize Tryton is by writing custom modules13:31
Pandercedk: I could implement a cut-off after 10 and show ', ...'13:36
Pandercedk: Can I sort it with     res[] = ', '.join(sorted(cat.rec_name for cat in party.categories))13:36
cedkPander: still doesn't enter into the scope of Tryton which is KISS13:38
cedkPander: this is tipical customisation that should stay in customizing modules13:39
Pandercedk: OK13:40
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rhubnerHi cedk14:47
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rhubnerThe last version of server and client in repo are incompatibles... Anyone knows what to do?14:59
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rhubnerI got! I forgot to change port JSON-RPC...15:07
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rhubnercedk: Do you think is better to use only incons default of GTK?15:37
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cedkrhubner: I think as the usage of those icons are strictly what they are for15:38
rhubnercedk: Only markup icon I will use because it there isn't in stock icons15:38
cedkrhubner: ok15:38
rhubnercedk: So.. Is better default icons in stock?15:39
cedkrhubner: I think as the usage of those icons are strictly what they are for15:40
rhubnercedk: What icons? I added or standards?15:43
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cedkrhubner: standards15:43
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rhubnercedk: Ok... I put others icons by giving a suggestion to pack icons...15:45
rhubnerSomeone that I forgot..15:46
rhubnercedk: What kind documentation I need to do? (by suggestion from GSoC)15:48
cedkrhubner: you could extend the client doc to describe how the richtext widget works15:50
cedkrhubner: did you understand the issues I reported?15:54
rhubnercedk: About the issues you raised and others that it may appear? If I can not solve all before the end of the program can I contribute after?15:54
rhubnercedk: I understand some of them...15:55
cedkrhubner: of course you can contribute after :-)15:56
rhubnercedk: I need starting to fix to get to understand everything ...15:56
rhubnercedk: Under the program I need to fix everything before the 15th Aug...15:57
cedkrhubner: I think one big is that on the same line I can get many <p> tags15:57
cedkrhubner: it should have only one <p> per line15:57
cedkrhubner: software without bugs doesn't exist15:58
cedkrhubner: I think you already did a great job15:58
rhubnercedk: I'll start with this problem then...15:58
rhubnercedk: In client-side I need to add some lines in CHANGELOG too?15:59
cedkrhubner: yes it is a major change so it is good to inform users16:00
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rhubnercedk: How does documentations works?16:06
cedkdfamorato: ping16:06
cedkrhubner: it is plain text rest16:06
cedkrhubner: you should add in doc/usage.rst16:07
rhubnercedk: Ok.. Just add somewhere or have some specific part?16:08
cedkrhubner: I don't have the doc in mind, do your best16:09
rhubnercedk: I was thinking of making a video showing how to add the widget and then how to use it ... Maybe then you could put on the site..16:10
cedkrhubner: creating a new widget is not something we do often16:15
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cedkdfamorato_: ping16:22
dfamorato_cedk: pong16:23
dfamorato_cedk: Hi there16:23
cedkdfamorato_: how is going with the GSoC?16:24
dfamorato_cedk: Working on our discussed it starting today... Will have working code to push by next week16:26
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cedkdfamorato: could you publish on the blog?16:55
dfamoratowill to it today16:59
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IldinHello All. If I would like to run version 2.0.1 in a production environment, will I have to configure it from the tar.gz archive ? (ie from
IldinIs there no deb package yet?22:19
IldinFor the 2.0.1 release?22:20
bechamelIldin: for me the easiest is to use hgnested with: hg nclone
bechamelsome background info:
Ildinbechamel: Thanks for the tip !!! I will look into this...22:22
Ildin(Here are some more search term tags for people coming from google: tryton debian install ubuntu )22:32
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cedkIldin: according to there is packages for 2.0.122:59
cedkthe main issue with Debian is that they don't accept to update Tryton (even with bug fix release) on stable23:00
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