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2011-08-10 16:31 <jbwiv> out of the box, is tryton intended to be useful as an erp? or is it more of a foundation for developing erps?
2011-08-10 16:32 <pjstevns> jbwiv: the latter
2011-08-10 16:32 <jbwiv> pjstevns, ok, thanks. do the docs cover what is not there in terms of functional erp? i know they cover what seems to be there, but I'd rather start with what is missing...
2011-08-10 16:34 <pjstevns> jbwiv: I don't follow - you mean steps to bring it up to speed as a function erp?
2011-08-10 16:34 <jbwiv> pjstevns, yes, or just something like: here are the gaps in tryton. If you were wishing to build a functional erp on top of tryton, here are the bits you need to worry about creating
2011-08-10 16:35 <pjstevns> There's been some discussion here and on the list about starting some documentation in that regard. I don't know if anything's been done yet. But it is definitely *not* there now!
2011-08-10 16:36 <pjstevns> It also very much depends on how you want to use tryton. ymmv.
2011-08-10 16:36 <jbwiv> pjstevns, we're looking to replace our existing erp system, which has been highly customized for our particular business. I've been looking (only briefly) at openerp, which led me to tryton
2011-08-10 16:37 <jbwiv> if we don't find a fully functional erp, I'd like to at least identify something which would give us a head start towards developing one
2011-08-10 16:38 <pjstevns> ah. Well, developing for tryton is a real pleasure. Most aspects of the API are very well documented. And word has it the API is very, very much cleaner than the openerp one.
2011-08-10 16:40 <pjstevns> I generally need two to three days to develop a custom module and roll it out. Most of that time is spent gearing things around to find the best workflow, and tweaking stuff - mostly reports. Add a day or two for extensive testing and flushing out bugs after deployment.
2011-08-10 16:40 <jbwiv> pjstevns, what do you use it for?
2011-08-10 16:41 <pjstevns> But those are always small modules to fit tryton's unixy philosophy.
2011-08-10 16:41 <pjstevns> I use it for accounting/billing of a internet hosting/registry
2011-08-10 16:42 <pjstevns> I also connect a pyramids/pylons based webshop with it over json
2011-08-10 16:42 <pjstevns> Oh, and for projects I use it for hour-based billing as well
2011-08-10 16:42 <jbwiv> pjstevns, ok, interesting. so is it really focused on accounting/billing at the moment? modules-wise that is?
2011-08-10 16:45 <pjstevns> No, accounting is not the focus. Those are just the most mature core modules. Any serious usage would require quite a few custom modules to fit your business model, reporting and accounting needs, workflows, etc.
2011-08-10 16:45 <jbwiv> pjstevns, ok, thanks. so are the docs the best place to get a feel for what you can do with tryton?
2011-08-10 16:46 <pjstevns> Yes, but also look around for third-party modules on and other places like intuxication, and pypi.
2011-08-10 16:47 <pjstevns> And dont forget to ask around on the lists.
2011-08-10 16:53 <jbwiv> pjstevns, ok, great. thank you!
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2011-08-10 18:49 <Ildin> Is google the best way to search the IRC logs for FAQ, noob stuff, etc.?
2011-08-10 18:52 <cedk> Ildin: it should be well indexed
2011-08-10 18:52 <Ildin> Okay, I'll try that out...
2011-08-10 19:24 <Ildin> cedk, pjstevens: Hello from the USA. Earlier today, pjstevns suggested that Tryton is a "foundation for developing ERPs". I am evaluating Tryton as an OOTB alternative to Quickbooks . I would like to use Tryton for very basic bookkeeping and business management. Am I misguided in thinking that I could make use of Tryton to do my bookkeeping in a office environment of maybe 3 users, and also...
2011-08-10 19:24 <Ildin> ...make some basic use of the API?
2011-08-10 19:24 <Ildin> On a more technical note, would it be possible to back up a database from the standalone SQLite based Neso program, and then restore it to the Postgre backed TrytonD server to be used in production?
2011-08-10 19:26 <cedk> Ildin: I think Tryton works quiet out-of-box for basic bookkeeping
2011-08-10 19:27 <cedk> Ildin: but of course it depends on what you mean by "basic" :-)
2011-08-10 19:27 <cedk> Ildin: we can not convert at the moment a SQLite database into a PostgreSQL one
2011-08-10 19:28 <cedk> Ildin: indeed I never tried but it is perhaps possible by tuning a dump ?
2011-08-10 19:29 <cedk>
2011-08-10 19:29 <cedk> it seems possible
2011-08-10 19:29 <Ildin> cedk: I see. What is the function of the "Backup Database" button? Does that export to a foo.sql file which could be imported into Postrgres?
2011-08-10 19:29 <Ildin> Ah.... I will take a look at that....
2011-08-10 19:30 <cedk> Ildin: on neso, it just gives you the database file
2011-08-10 19:30 <Ildin> Oh, okay...
2011-08-10 19:30 <cedk> Ildin: and on PostgreSQL it is a binary dump
2011-08-10 19:31 <Ildin> By basic bookkeeping, I am think about invoices, bank accounts, transfers, expenses, etc. We have a single location and don't do anything very complicated.
2011-08-10 19:32 <cedk> I think also you should let Tryton create the database schema and empty every tables and fill after that with the data only SQLite dump
2011-08-10 19:32 <cedk> Ildin: there is purchase/sale/invoice and account statement
2011-08-10 19:33 <Ildin> one minuite.....
2011-08-10 19:34 <Ildin> Okay. What do you mean by account statement?
2011-08-10 19:35 <Ildin> Is that just the running balance of a single account (ex a bank account?)?
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2011-08-10 19:35 <cedk> Ildin: yes it can be used for that
2011-08-10 19:38 <Ildin> cedk: Just a clarification about your earlier statement: "works quiet out-of-box" By this, do you mean that it "works quite well out-of-the-box"?
2011-08-10 19:39 <Ildin> cedk: I think it was just a typo?
2011-08-10 19:39 <cedk> Ildin: yes I mean you should not need devs to get it work
2011-08-10 19:40 <Ildin> Ah.... Okay.... Thank you for your time! I will continue my evaluation!
2011-08-10 19:41 <cedk> Ildin: welcome
2011-08-10 19:41 <Ildin> pjstevens: If you return and have any input on this, I will continue listening on this IRC channel all day.
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2011-08-10 20:13 <Pander> hi all
2011-08-10 20:14 <Pander> In overview of Parties is a filter called "VAT Code: contains" which form do I need to inherit from to replace that with "Categories: contains"
2011-08-10 20:18 <cedk> Pander: the search fields comes from the fields in tree view with the attributes select="1"
2011-08-10 20:20 <Pander> is it this: <tree string="Parties"> ... <field name="vat_code" select="1"/> </tree>
2011-08-10 20:22 <Pander> I can find that in trytond/modules/party/party.xml on the file system but how do I find it quickly in the Administration/User Interface/Views ?
2011-08-10 20:23 <cedk> Pander: search by model
2011-08-10 20:26 <Pander> got it
2011-08-10 20:53 <Pander> Would it be wise to replcae the entire "Contact Mechanisms" in Party Form View with simply a label and field for phone and e-mail?
2011-08-10 20:55 <cedk> Pander: I find it is a bad model
2011-08-10 20:59 <cedk> Pander: but expect in the party_vcarddav I don't think it is really used for now
2011-08-10 21:01 <cedk> once we will have email integration, it will be wildly used
2011-08-10 21:06 <Pander> we only use phone number and email and the contact mechanisms is too elaborate for the people that have the enter the data for us
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2011-08-10 21:10 <cedk> Pander: I will suggest you to just create a simpler wrapper over the current schema
2011-08-10 21:13 <Pander> cedk: can that prefill the contact mechanisms with empty email and empty phone number?
2011-08-10 21:14 <Pander> cedk: or can I also customise the view so that it is a label+field for both. we need to input a lot of parties and userse will not be happy with going inside contact mechanisms all the time
2011-08-10 21:33 <cedk> Pander: both are doable
2011-08-10 21:38 <Pander> I'll go for the later
2011-08-10 21:38 <Pander> latter
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