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meanmiciocedk: ok. Once I'm done with the translation, I will investigate also.00:29
rhubnerHi cedk!00:44
rhubnercedk: Happy birthday :)00:45
rhubnercedk: (If it is your birthday yet) Here is 19:5000:50
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ndn_pitWhat other widgets are used in form view?08:07
ndn_pitI know only "selection"08:08
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ndn_pitis it really tryton's irc channel where I can ask about tryton?08:13
plantianndn_pit:  yes08:20
plantianbetter time is in hour or two though because most developers are in European time zone08:20
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ndn_pitgood morning )09:19
ndn_pitcedk: about selection field: the problem was, because of - selection value must be string type09:40
cedkndn_pit: ho yes09:42
ndn_pitcedk: I wanted create "year" field, and I did it like: year = fields.Integer('Year'), but saved value displays like: 2 011... how can I rid of space?09:45
cedkndn_pit: change the grouping of your language09:50
ndn_pitcedk: in tryton? how can i do that?09:52
cedkndn_pit: Admin>Localization>Languages09:53
ndn_pitbut in other Integer fields i want thousands separator...09:59
cedkndn_pit: so you can't10:00
cedkndn_pit: or use a Char fields with validation10:00
ndn_pitcan i set mask on field?10:01
cedkndn_pit: no10:02
ndn_pitwhat widgets can i use in form view except "selection"?10:03
ndn_pitcan you list all of them?10:03
cedkndn_pit: look at trytond/ir/ui/form.rnc10:05
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ndn_pitis there way to use widget like "limit" in advanced search10:52
cedkndn_pit: no10:55
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cedkndn_pit: what are you desiging? Because most of the time when you want just year field it is a bad design11:31
ndn_pitI think so too11:31
ndn_piti wanted to create model for months11:32
cedkndn_pit: what is the purpose?11:33
ndn_pitin our country attendance of employee is monitors by tabel (or stuff record cards - translate)11:36
ndn_pittabel is 30 days in which tabel-man must show attendace of certain employee in current month11:37
cedkndn_pit: did you look at timesheet?11:38
ndn_pitsalary is calculates by tabel11:38
ndn_pitI didn't understand some modules as timesheet too, because there is no user documentation11:39
ndn_pitthanks i will see11:44
ndn_pitcedk: I think its useful for project or porject-plan module, but not for salary (account module)11:52
cedkndn_pit: so I'm not sure to understand what kind of information you want to store?11:54
ndn_pittabel stores information about attendance of employee like:11:58
ndn_pit01.01.2011, Monday, were present11:58
ndn_pit02.01.2011, Tuesday, were present11:58
ndn_pit03.01.2011, Tuesday, were not present11:59
ndn_pitetc... until 31.01.201111:59
ndn_piti mean it's table11:59
ndn_pitfor monitoring12:00
cedkndn_pit: so you just need a DateTime field12:00
ndn_pittable like this creates every month for every employee12:01
ndn_pitso i wanted create some model for months12:01
cedkndn_pit: why do you want to create a table every month?12:01
ndn_pitfor monitoring... :)12:02
ndn_pit"why do you want" i don't want, i must because of low of our country12:02
cedkndn_pit: that is completly against any database design12:02
ndn_pitrussia is also uses tabels12:03
cedkndn_pit: I never trust anybody who says the law force me to design this way12:03
cedkndn_pit: the law never talks about databases12:03
ndn_pitfor example: some people will ask me why you pay "x" money to "y" employee, i should show him tabel and justify my act12:05
ndn_pitsorry for my English )12:06
cedkndn_pit: yes it is just: SELECT FROM table WHERE employee = x AND date > 'YYYY-MM-DD' and date < 'YYYY-MM-DD'12:06
cedkndn_pit: we are in a SQL world in Tryton12:07
ndn_pitwhat is difference between your way and my?12:07
ndn_pitia just grouped data12:07
cedkndn_pit: because I will not create thousand of tables12:08
cedkndn_pit: and what about if someone ask you about 2 months?12:08
ndn_piti will not create many tables12:09
ndn_piti will create records12:09
cedkndn_pit: also with my design, you can have also the sum for a year per example12:09
cedk< ndn_pit> table like this creates every month for every employee12:09
ndn_pitlisten, wait minute i will explain12:09
ndn_pitthereis tables: months(month, year, emplyees(rel. with employees table)), tabel(employee ,months, days(1..30))12:16
ndn_pitevery months i will create new month(record) in months-table and create 10 records(for example) in employees field, and for every employee i will create 30 days(records) in tabel-table12:16
ndn_pitin tryton it will be: months-model -> employees -> tabels -> days12:16
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ndn_pitif i need report for year i can do it by sql select )12:20
cedkndn_pit: ok but sorry to tell you that I find your design uggly12:21
ndn_pityou didn't tell me that as i remember...12:22
cedkndn_pit: I don't see why you need to create months because months are known for all the time12:22
ndn_pitfor example year passed and you want new tabel (1-30 days), but there 265 days of prev year and it difficult work in 1 big table12:24
ndn_piti mean it will be easy to work in grouped data12:25
cedkndn_pit: don't understand12:26
ndn_pitevery month i must create 30 records for every employee.. how should i do that in your way?12:27
ndn_pitif i create one table (year, month, day, employee, attendace)12:28
cedkndn_pit: creating automatic records doesn't create information12:28
cedkndn_pit: it is not a table like that, I say you must use a table: (date, employee, attendance)12:29
cedkndn_pit: SQL has a type Date12:29
ndn_pitno no... that records will creates one people from every department for his department, but not me, and hr-manager send result to account-manager12:31
cedkndn_pit: so I why do you want to split date into something not workable12:33
ndn_pitok how you plan gather information about attendance of each employee?12:35
ndn_pitin models topology12:35
cedkndn_pit: and you?12:36
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ndn_pitcedk: can i set domain condition for fields.Integer?13:45
ndn_pitcedk: or for fields.Date?13:46
cedkndn_pit: not yet13:46
cedkndn_pit: but it is in the plan13:46
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version2betacedk: I was moving my blog post on the OpenERP license change to a new domain, and was checking links. I had linked to source code to showing you held copyright for some of the code. Your copyright is no longer there, but the revision note describes why it was removed.
version2betacedk: This is one file, of course. If you don't mind me asking, do you still own copyright to OpenERP code?22:40
version2betacedk: (I assume the revision note is legit.)22:41
cedkversion2beta: on some parts23:03
cedkversion2beta: in the client and some modules23:03
cedkversion2beta: for the server I don't know23:04
version2betacedk: Thank you. I found this post from Olivier as well - - and want to make sure my post is accurate, so I'll create an update. I just wanted to make sure that, if what I had posted before had been corrected between you and them, that I am not providing incorrect information.23:05
cedkversion2beta: the main issue for OE, is that their developpers make copy/paste of code without caring about copyright23:05
cedkversion2beta: I asked to Olivier that they do a code auditing before changing their license23:06
cedkversion2beta: he tells me that they did it but it was before the removing of the copyright notice23:07
version2betacedk: I completely understand, and their coding standards have certainly been lax. (Mine generally are too - but I'm the only coder in the company and I am trying to do better.)23:07
cedkversion2beta: and they misses the client part and the modules base_vat, calendar23:07
version2betacedk: (Sorry, I suspect they are trying to do better too.)23:07
version2betacedk: If there is code that you contest, then it seems Olivier's post is not correct?23:08
cedkversion2beta: I also ask them by email to remove from their offer (AGPL+exception) the client and the modules but I got no answer since 1 month23:08
version2betacedk: I don't wish to be an investigative journalist on this topic, I just want my blog post to be fair.23:08
cedkversion2beta: the one in the file was removed some times ago23:08
version2betacedk: Would you like me to discuss the client or base_vat and calendar in my update to the post? Here is the one I'm reworking:
version2betacedk: Again, I'm not looking for dirt. When I originally posted, I had the header for with your name and copyright in it. That's no longer the case, so I don't wish to present it that way. But neither would I want to quote Olivier's posting to the forum with the suggestion that all is well now, if in fact there are still contested areas.23:11
version2betacedk: Thank you. I will include that. Last time I posted on 6/28 and the code was updated in launchpad on 6/29, and Olivier's tweets made clear he was following the blog. Perhaps this time there will also be a response.23:14
cedkversion2beta: this one is code from pywebdav (for which I'm also a dev)23:15
cedkversion2beta: don't know why there is only Christian Scholz in the header23:15
cedkversion2beta: that's all I know about it but I did not make a code audit :-)23:16
version2betacedk: I'll tweet when I'm done moving my blog onto the new domain. (Old domain, just wasn't using it before.) I will specifically mention the updates to this post. Thank you.23:18
cedkversion2beta: welcome23:18
cedkversion2beta: I think it is good that you push an update to thig topic because after big drama every things go into the silent without any changes from OE23:19
version2betacedk: I'm glad you think so. Sometimes people wish for conflict to go away, even unresolved, even when they are caught up in it. The person bringing it back can be unpopular ;-)23:20
cedkversion2beta: I think it will come back soon or later23:22
cedkversion2beta: and if it is later it will bring more trouble to the all OE community23:22

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