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version2betacedk: Here's a preview of the updated post. I'm going out for coffee with Barbara (@lageekitude) but I thought you might like to review, possibly comment. Please feel free - I'll be back in an hour or so.
cedkversion2beta: looks good, except for the point where all OE module shoulb be (A)GPL00:40
cedkversion2beta: For me it is not sure that any module will be a derivative work00:41
cedkversion2beta: but it is perhaps nitpicking00:42
bechamelcedk: but it's a crucial point00:44
cedkbechamel: not for the post00:44
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version2betacedk: Thank you. I'd like to hear more about that sometime and will add it to my list of potential blog posts. I agree it's not crucial to the post, except perhaps to acknowledge that my statement that all oerp modules must be licensed agpl is a debatable, and something I'd like to explore in more detail later.02:30
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ndn_pithow can I set date value from xml? i mean when i create static data from xml file...09:42
cedkndn_pit: it is a little bit strange but there is time module in the eval09:46
cedkndn_pit: see in modules/currency/currency.xml09:46
ndn_pitwhy is it strange?09:46
cedkndn_pit: because time change09:47
ndn_pitoh no, it's for test ))09:48
ndn_pitis that time equal to datetime.datetime?09:52
ndn_pit<field name="date" eval="time.strptime('01.01.2011', '%d.%m.%Y')"/> - it's wrong...09:57
ndn_pitcan you give me example?09:57
cedkndn_pit: indeed you just have to pass a string09:57
cedkin modules/currency/currency.xml09:58
ndn_pitthere is <field name="date" eval="time.strftime('%Y-01-01')"/> in modules/currency/currency.xml09:58
cedkndn_pit: yes it is the example09:58
ndn_pitunderstood thaanks09:59
ndn_pitso I am forced to use %Y-%m-%d format, but if I want to use another format?10:02
cedkndn_pit: but it is internal10:02
ndn_pitis there way to create model without creating table in db?10:09
ndn_pitjust to visualisation10:09
cedkndn_pit: ModelView10:12
ndn_pithave you example?10:13
cedkndn_pit: in almost every Wizard10:15
ndn_pitif fount what i want in product_cost_history/ -> class ProductCostHistory(ModelSQL, ModelView)10:21
ndn_pitbut if i want to have fields.One2Many in that model?10:21
cedkndn_pit: you must use a Function fields or if it is possible have the right id in the target Model10:23
ndn_pitof course, but how must look my query in table_query method?10:26
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cedkndn_pit: for One2Many you have nothing to do in the table_query10:27
ndn_pitso solution is to use Function field, right?10:30
cedkndn_pit: most of the time10:32
ndn_pitthank you!10:33
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ndn_pitI have the opinion that only I am interested in Tryton... why is there so silent?10:53
bechamelndn_pit: by definition every person on this chan is interested in tryton :)10:54
ndn_pitbut why is there so silent?10:55
ndn_pitjust be here is nothing, i think...10:55
bechamelndn_pit: I have nothing to say, but I try to answer people questions when I have time10:56
cedkndn_pit: I guess almost everybody works for their customers10:58
cedkmost of the time people speak only when they have troubles10:59
ndn_pitthat mean that i am trouble-man :)11:00
nicoendn_pit: you're only starting with tryton11:01
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cedkndn_pit: like any new comers11:02
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ndn_pitshould i set "X" in "fields.Function(One2Many('tmodel', X, 'TModel'), getter, setter, searcher)"?11:35
cedkndn_pit: put None11:37
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sharooncedk: ping15:34
cedksharoon: pong15:36
sharooncedk: what would be a possible workflow for canceling purchase orders (which are confirmed)15:37
sharooncedk: at the moment this aint possible15:37
cedksharoon: none :-)15:38
sharooncedk: really ? can we not cancel the PO itself and also the moves to `cancel` state ?15:38
cedksharoon: you must cancel or invert shipments, cancel or credit invoices15:38
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cedksharoon: I think it is bad to consider in the system that anything can be cancelled15:39
cedksharoon: the best is just to do the opposite operation15:39
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cedksharoon: if you received products, you must send it back15:39
sharooncedk: got it15:40
cedksharoon: indeed purchase manage this, if you cancel shipments and invoice it will go in exception state15:42
cedksharoon: where you can just stop it there15:42
sharooncedk: cancel shipment ?15:49
cedksharoon: yes15:49
sharooncedk: it doesn't create draft shipment, only supplier -> inout moves15:50
cedksharoon: create the shipment to cancel :-)15:51
sharooncedk: got it15:52
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meanmicioHello there. I'm about to create some demo data in xml format for gnu health... should I include it as part of the xml in or is there something specific for demo ?21:31
cedkmeanmicio: for us, the demo data should not be in the modules21:33
cedkmeanmicio: but filled from an external script using tools like proteus21:33
cedkmeanmicio: if you put in then it will always be imported21:34
cedkmeanmicio: and more over with a script you can run wizards, workflow etc.21:37
meanmiciocedk: yes, you're right. Probably using a variable demo, and specifying, per module, whether I want to include demo data ?21:37
meanmiciocedk: some concept from OE, but optimized21:38
cedkmeanmicio: it is not logical to put demo data in the module21:38
cedkmeanmicio: and also it is not KISS21:38
meanmiciocedk: because in OE, we didn't have the choice to enable demo data from one specific module... has all or nothing.21:39
cedkit generates a lot of issues in OE because sometimes demo data are loaded for production server etc.21:39
meanmiciocedk : then I will probably work on the basis of having a demo sql21:39
cedkmeanmicio: I don't understand, what is the issue with proteus script?21:40
meanmiciocedk : or just an internet demo server. The issue here is that it should be able to update easily21:40
cedkmeanmicio: update what?21:41
meanmiciocedk : update the demo server. When info is in xml format, you can just copy the files from one version to the other.21:42
meanmiciocedk : when the info resides on the pg database, we work on the basis of upgrading the trytond21:43
cedkmeanmicio: don't understand21:44
meanmiciocedk : ok. Two scenarios . A) I have a bunch of xml encoded data for demo, that I could feed to the __tryton__ . Option B) I have a pg_dump sql file, that is tryton version dependant21:45
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cedkmeanmicio: C) you have a proteus script21:47
meanmiciocedk: Will look into it then21:48
cedkmeanmicio: you could also hack trytond/ to use it from a simple script21:48
cedkmeanmicio: the good point with proteus is that it will also provide scenario testing21:49
cedkmeanmicio: because it simulate the client21:49
cedkmeanmicio: so you have the on_change calls etc.21:50
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meanmiciocedk : yes. it seems that is the best way to go. Then I can update both the demo servers and the individual version packages. I need something that can deal with the 12+ modules of gnuhealth...21:51
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meanmiciocedk : so it needs to be automated.21:51
meanmiciocedk : I will look into the proteus option now21:51
cedkmeanmicio: if you want also we (Nicolas and me) have developped almost the same tools as proteus for OE21:52
meanmiciocedk : great ! I'll play around with it now. Looks cool21:53
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meanmiciocedk: so it probably could also work as a stress test tool ?21:55
meanmiciocedk : since that's another thing I want to check one of this days... concurrency and scalability with __many__ records and concurrent users21:56
meanmiciocedk : but one step at a time ... first I'll finish the demo data :-)21:56
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cedkmeanmicio: proteus doesn't have the smart way to handle large list of records as there is in the client22:02
meanmiciocedk : changing subject .... someone filled a bug today about the tabs orientation. By default they shoud be on top, but they don't, so I have to specify in the client the tab orientation to "Top"22:05
meanmiciocedk :
meanmiciocedk : this is the screenshot of the guy complaining about the look .22:07
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meanmiciocedk: when I started porting to tryton, I had that issue, and by that time it didn't change by putting the tab position in the notebook.23:16
meanmiciocedk : the value set on the client overrides what you have set on the view ?23:16
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cedkmeanmicio: don't know23:43
cedkmeanmicio: fill a bug in roundup23:45
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meanmiciocedk : the default notebook position is left ?23:51
meanmiciocedk : for the tabs ?23:52

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