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Panderhi all15:23
Pandercedk: are you here? pjstevns and me have fixed a hard crashingbug in the windows client we'd like to discuss with you shortly15:25
cedkPander: yes but I don't have a lot of time15:34
cedkPander: perhaps make a bug report and upload the patch on codereview15:34
Pandercedk: ok, I will describe all in the bug report. Could you please add the builder/packager for the windows client in the nosy list once I have added the details?15:37
pjstevnscedk: there is no patch to review. A rebuild without line 13/14 of the client solved the crash. We havent tested a rebuild with both lines included. Maybe there's a problem with the build currently on the download page.16:05
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Lo-lan-doHi all18:41
Lo-lan-doQuick question: does the Tryton server store stuff internally, or is it stateless and everything comes from the database?18:42
Lo-lan-doThe real question being: if I start two Tryton servers on the same database, will Bad Things Happen?18:42
Lo-lan-do(The real real question : two Tryton servers on two different databases synchronized through multi-master replication)18:44
cedkLo-lan-do: you can but you must activate the option multi_server in the config file18:46
Lo-lan-doCool :-)18:47
Lo-lan-doI guess I'll investigate Bucardo then.18:49
cedkLo-lan-do: You can also load balancing read-only DB connection18:55
Lo-lan-doIt's not really a question of load.  I'm a freelancer, I really don't do that much work in Tryton :-)18:56
Lo-lan-doIt's more a question of having an offline Tryton on my laptop, and sync to the main server when I get home.18:56
Lo-lan-doAnyway.  That's for another day.  Dinner time!18:57
Lo-lan-doAnd thanks for Tryton :-)18:57
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