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meanmiciocedk : ping14:00
meanmicioI believe the vat number should not have the country code as a prefix. I did a while ago the coding for OE for checking the VAT number for different countries, but getting the country code from another field14:02
cedkmeanmicio: it is already the case14:05
cedkmeanmicio: there is a vat_country and vat_code fields14:05
cedkmeanmicio: there is a vat_country and vat_number fields14:05
cedkmeanmicio: and there is a vat_code function field that joins both14:06
meanmiciocedk: beautiful :-) I coded that way long time ago out of frustration in OE... they never merged it though . :-)14:06
cedkmeanmicio: and the vat_number is checked only if you fill vat_country14:07
cedkmeanmicio: so for countries that are not yet supported by vatnumber lib, you can still enter the vat_number (and put the country prefix in it)14:07
meanmiciocedk : Great ! so is an option but not mandatory. I had to do it because in OE was impossible to batch-load VAT numbers without the prefix.... I also set a boolean to avoid checking for the vat number if the user wanted to14:09
cedkmeanmicio: I think it is better to fix vatnumber if there is false negative14:10
cedkmeanmicio: any way, in OE they used a copy of an old version of vatnumber14:10
cedkmeanmicio: it seems know we got almost no false negative14:11
meanmiciocedk: let me send you what I did a while ago... you might find it some concepts useful14:11
meanmiciocedk : but for what you're telling me, most is implemented already ..14:12
cedkmeanmicio: better on the mailing list14:12
meanmiciocedk : sure14:12
cedkmeanmicio: how do you plan the support of Tryton version in GNUHealth ?14:21
cedkmeanmicio: for now, I guess it is 2.0 series14:21
meanmiciocedk : just sent it to the tryton-dev mailing list14:23
meanmiciocedk : We should keep it synced. So, when 2.2 is out, Health should be compatible with it14:24
smarrocedk: Hi, how can we do to add Argentinian vat number check in vatnumber?14:27
meanmiciosmarro : Sebas, in the code I just send is there ;-)14:35
smarromeanmicio: ok, but we need to add the code in the vatnumber library
meanmiciosmarro : yes. Good. Way better than having embedded in the main program14:43
cedkmeanmicio: submit a patch to vatnumber15:01
meanmiciocedk: ok.15:04
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