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cedkpjstevns: about your comments on email storage, I answered but if you want to talk more, it will be better on the mailing list or here10:08
pjstevnscedk: mailing list is best for me.10:12
hoRn1cedk: I commited yesterday - but I don't see it - did I everything wrong again?10:12
cedkhoRn1: where do you commit it?10:14
hoRn1hg commit  - need to take a  look in .hg - right?10:15
cedkhoRn1: did you follow the wiki page?10:16
hoRn1cedk: stiil using subversion in all our rojects - I need to reed something about hg, tip, etc.10:17
hoRn1cedk: - yes10:18
hoRn1changeset:   65:44c5d288a3da10:19
hoRn1tag:         tip10:19
hoRn1user:        Jan Grasnick <>10:19
hoRn1date:        Thu Sep 29 19:14:29 2011 +020010:19
hoRn1files:       party.py10:19
hoRn1review 11200210:19
cedkhoRn1: you must export it and put it on the issue10:22
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hoRn1cedk: ok10:27
hoRn1cedk: done10:35
hoRn1cedk: now I#m prepared to close some other issues ;)10:36
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cedkhoRn1: I don't understand what you are doing with the patch?11:14
hoRn1cedk: Neither do I.11:15
hoRn1cedk: still wrong :-$ ?11:18
cedkhoRn1: but I don't understand why you fail11:18
cedkhoRn1: just type: hg commit11:18
cedkhoRn1: write the right commit message (using the template on the wiki)11:19
cedkhoRn1: and after that: hg export11:19
hoRn1cedk: yes - thought I did it like this11:21
hoRn1cedk: now i see that I only did a wrong space in the first commit - review 11200211:22
cedkhoRn1: don't forget to put a comment when you add a attachment otherwise I don't get an email11:28
hoRn1cedk: ok11:46
hoRn1cedk: but now all right?11:47
sharoon_cedk: ping11:53
cedkhoRn1: I see nothing in the issue11:54
cedksharoon_: pong11:54
sharoon_cedk: u r working on the search ?11:54
cedksharoon_: yes almost finished11:55
cedksharoon_: just writing the doc11:55
cedkoops, just writing the boring doc11:55
sharoon_cedk: whats the plan, i actually forked dfamorato's work to support the project I am working on and it currently indexes, though with 4M products it struggles a bit11:56
cedksharoon_: it is not about that11:57
sharoon_cedk: the main issue is offset which sucks in every database, which i am planning to replace with range of ids11:57
cedksharoon_: it is about the search widget11:57
sharoon_cedk: i am keen to know if this work will be relevant ?11:57
cedksharoon_: I don't know, I was not very enthousiast about the result11:58
sharoon_cedk: ok, my works is here in case you want to have a look:
cedksharoon_: right now, I don't have a lot of time12:01
cedksharoon_: don't forget about the weakref12:02
sharoon_cedk: no problem, i wont12:02
sharoon_cedk: i will send a patch and bug report today (if you are planning for latest release)12:02
cedksharoon_: I will see if we can integrate it12:05
gingerlingI am on ubuntu and writing a business plan and want to try an explore what will happen with our stocking levels in the first few months of business as I am worried about cash flow. Is tryton what I need?12:09
sharooncedk: the blueprint is implemented as and
sharooncedk: it does not have the imap server though12:10
cedkgingerling: perhaps, Tryton allows to manage stock levels12:10
cedkgingerling: and also stock accounting12:10
cedksharoon: yes I know12:10
gingerlingso, is this going to be something I will technically be able to manage? I can cope with a spreadsheet in a haphazard way, but I don't know any code. Installation on ubuntu does not seem simple.12:11
gingerlingIts not like installing libreoffice, for example. It has modules?12:12
cedkgingerling: one question at a time12:13
gingerlingsorry, bit overwhemed by work today.12:13
gingerlingIt sounds like software I would use, even if its not right for my plan forcasts12:14
gingerlingI installed it12:15
gingerlingIt wants a username and password12:16
cedkACTION bbl12:16
gingerlingand says it could not connect to server12:16
gingerlingwhy is this? What do I do?12:16
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hoRn1cedk: whats wrong now?12:55
cedkhoRn1: it is still the same first patch15:02
hoRn1cedk: this one?15:06
cedkhoRn1: yes it is the only patch on the issue15:07
hoRn1cedk: and what is missing? a description of what is done?15:08
cedkhoRn1: yes as in my first comment15:09
cedkhoRn1: still not15:21
cedkhoRn1: read the comment template of the wiki15:21
cedkunder Comment format15:22
cedkhoRn1: why did you put "... for issue205715:25
hoRn1cedk: puh - I take a look to other patches15:26
cedkhoRn1: and where is the comment ?15:30
cedkhoRn1: don't show me always the same patch15:30
cedkhoRn1: finally15:41
cedkhoRn1: it seems that you create the patch on a repo where you have already done some commits15:47
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yangooncedk: I see that bugfix releases for are still pending17:36
yangooncedk:  I could probably do them this weekend17:37
yangoonok, omit carrier and sale_shipment from this list;)17:38
yangoonplease leave a message, if it is welcome or if you have other plans17:40
cedkyangoon: I have some patch to backport to tryton, trytond, company, party and project_plan17:44
cedkyangoon: I could backport them today and if tomorrow there is no unittest issue, you can go to release them17:45
yangooncedk: ok, just give me a go tomorrow17:46
cedkyangoon: ok I backported all in the queue17:58
cedkyangoon: let see if there is no error in unittest17:59
cedkhoRn: I find an issue in the codereview21:07
cedkhoRn: could you fix it an create a new patch on a clean module21:07
hoRncedk: yes21:11
hoRncedk: Today I didn't realize, that you ment the short comment on the patch ... With childs playing in the same room sometimes my brain don't work that good21:14
cedkhoRn: not a problem, once someone can submit a patch correctly I'm happy21:16
hoRncedk: I try hard21:18
hoRncedk: seems best i check out a clean copy21:43
cedkhoRn: yes21:44
cedkhoRn: with hg, you can rollback only once (and it is not always possible)21:44
hoRncedk: now I'm confused again22:22
hoRncedk: in last-message.txt i see my comment - if I do a hg export, the comment isn't there22:23
udonohoRn: hi, check with hg head if the last commit is like you expect.22:30
hoRncedk: no - short description is missing22:31
cedkhoRn: finnaly we got it :-)22:54
hoRncedk: I felt like a noob22:55
cedkhoRn: perhaps take a look at
hoRncedk: I'll never will do a contribution again :-D22:57
cedkhoRn: next one should go easier, no?22:58
hoRncedk: hope so22:58
hoRncedk: now I start the server to take a look at issue216323:01
hoRncedk: client complained the same issue23:02

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