IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2011-10-01 #tryton log beginning Sat Oct 1 00:00:02 CEST 2011
plantianHave there been updates on the new wizard design ?  I still have this issue open for the documentation and you added some sort of notifier to remind me.00:13
cedkplantian: too close from the release to be implemented00:16
plantiancedk: Okay. Which release is out now, 2.1 ?00:18
cedkplantian: 2.000:18
plantiancedk: Sorry, I meant, which one is going to be released.00:18
cedkplantian: 2.200:19
plantiancedk: Do you know if there is any news on mac osx client ?00:20
plantianI'm pretty sure I'm still stuck in 1.8.00:20
cedkplantian: had not yet time to look at it00:21
cedkplantian: I will try for the release00:21
plantiancedk: Okay, thanks.00:22
cedkyangoon1: the test for 2.0 are passed09:43
cedkyangoon1: now it takes arround 1h per database type09:43
cedkyangoon1: so I guess I will know arround 12h09:44
cedkyangoon1: I will be away when unittest will finish so I will send you an email10:06
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yangooncedk well, thanks11:25
yangooncedk: releases done, uploaded to and pypi, pypi updated, news prepared, but not yet published15:07

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