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cedkmeanmicio: ho you become a fsf member :-)11:36
cedkI'm wondring how much time before in OpenERP :-)13:08
bechamelcedk: what does it do exactly ?13:25
cedkbechamel: allow to show the views13:28
cedkbechamel: you can on the ir.ui.view record and press "Show" button and you will get a popup with the view as it will be display in the client13:29
cedkI write it because I want to review all the views before the release13:32
cedkespecially the wizard one13:32
bechamelcedk: ok13:38
meanmiciocedk : I'm an FSF member since 2005 ;-)14:30
cedkmeanmicio: but it is new that your in the irc group ?14:42
meanmiciocedk : oh yes.14:44
meanmiciocedk : cloaked meanmicio as fsf/member/meanmicio14:45
Lo-lan-doHi all14:55
Lo-lan-doI upgraded to 2.0 (after backporting the server packages to Debian stable), but I still can't seem to understand where/how to customize the list of tabs that open at startup.14:56
Lo-lan-doI'll have a look at the wiki.14:56
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Lo-lan-do…no luck :-/15:05
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Lo-lan-doAh, there's a too.  But it's not much more helpful; "Home" is only mentioned in one page, with no link to how to edit it.15:18
cedkLo-lan-do: did you read the doc recently send on the mailing list15:50
Lo-lan-doI'm not on the mailing-list, I'm afraid.  I'll go read the archives.15:51
cedkLo-lan-do: it is a manual15:51
cedkLo-lan-do: on google doc15:51
Lo-lan-doFound the link.15:54
Lo-lan-doBut I get redirected to a login page :-/15:54
Lo-lan-do(In Dutch, for some reason :-)15:54
cedkLo-lan-do: I guess you must have a google account15:55
Lo-lan-doI guess I'll do without then.15:55
Lo-lan-doOkay, got it (via a friend)16:15
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andreasgrabHi, I am trying tryton (trunk). On adding attachments i get the following message: You try to read records that don't exist anymore!19:06
andreasgrab(Document type: Attachment)19:06
andreasgrabany tips?19:06
andreasgrabServer: /home/andreas/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/ir/ DeprecationWarning: With-statements now directly support multiple context managers19:07
andreasgrab  Transaction().set_context(user=0)):19:07
andreasgrab/home/andreas/workspace/tryton-dist/trytond/trytond/model/fields/ DeprecationWarning: With-statements now directly support multiple context managers19:07
andreasgrab  Transaction().set_user(0)):19:07
cedkandreasgrab: have you the last version of the client?19:08
andreasgrabi will try  hg pull now and come back19:10
andreasgrabsame with latest version (2.1.0 =trunk)19:12
cedkandreasgrab: I think I got a patch for the issue19:12
andreasgrabhow may i try it?19:13
cedkandreasgrab: could you retry now?19:13
cedkandreasgrab: I commit it because I got a different issue but I think it is linked19:14
andreasgrabcedk: perfect, that was realy fast :-)19:15
cedkandreasgrab: easy when I fixed the issue one hour ago :-)19:17
andreasgraban other question, is there any documentation how to set up sequence. I try to program a new module as a newbie. I read through and configuration.xml but dont know what really needed.19:21
cedkandreasgrab: you mean how to use ir.sequence ?19:23
cedkandreasgrab: there is no documentation except the code19:25
cedkandreasgrab: what don't you understand in party ?19:25
andreasgrabcedk: where is the ir.sequence setup? it is in configuration.xml ? with the name "party.configuration"19:28
andreasgrabcedk: but i think i have to learn more python and come back in a few weeks/month!19:29
cedkandreasgrab: yes it is in party.configuration where we define the ir.sequence to use19:30
andreasgrabcedk: i think tryton will still be GPL ;-) then19:30
andreasgrabcedk: thanks! i will try19:31
cedkandreasgrab: what do you mean?19:32
andreasgrabcedk: i started with openerp - a little sarcasm19:36
cedkandreasgrab: changing the license will require agreement of all the copyright owners19:38
cedkandreasgrab: but for sure, in Tryton we don't change the rules every 6 months19:40
cedkandreasgrab: do you know they are changing the release numbering for the next one19:41
cedkandreasgrab: which means that the previous numbering rule was followed only for *1* release :-)19:42
andreasgrabmy focus is on tryton now, just read a little on twitter, with some mercy to "rvaliy"19:52
cedkandreasgrab: so it is rvaliy that make you change ?19:53
andreasgrabnot really, i am addicted to open source and community19:55
cedkandreasgrab: so yes, OE is not for you :-)19:56
andreasgrabcedk: just some experience with closed source ERP - the most are not flexible19:57
andreasgrabcedk: and you can not do anything on your own.19:57
cedkandreasgrab: of course19:58
cedkandreasgrab: I think instead of "open source", you should use "free sotfware" ;-)19:59
andreasgrabcedk: i hope tryton will run my bussiness in some time, a lot of "small" requests from small companies20:00
cedkandreasgrab: what do you mean?20:00
andreasgrabi am working in a small company but don't want to solve "my Outlook doesn't work"20:01
cedkandreasgrab: so what is your business?20:02
andreasgrabsome of our customers ask about "Solutions"20:03
andreasgrabcedk: look at our outdated Website20:03
andreasgrabcedk: my business: servers,clients, network for companys < 100 Workstations20:05
cedkandreasgrab: and you want to use Tryton for your company or to install it to customers20:07
andreasgrabcedk: we are using openerp v5 since 01/2010 for accounting (with a lot of bugs)20:10
andreasgrabcedk: i would like to change with 2012 to tryton20:10
cedkandreasgrab: what do you mean by accounting ?20:10
cedkandreasgrab: invoice? or more?20:11
andreasgrabcedk: invoicing, time_sheet, analytic accounts, purchase, sale20:11
cedkandreasgrab: but you don't really make all the accounting in OE ?20:12
andreasgrabcedk: NO20:12
cedkandreasgrab: so I guess it is doable20:13
cedkandreasgrab: with some customization20:13
cedkandreasgrab: if your workflow is quite standard20:14
cedkandreasgrab: those concepts are very different from those in OE but it is more concistant20:15
andreasgrabcedk: First thing i try is to implement some "image management" for us and an friendly customer20:15
andreasgrabcedk: i am lokking on tryton for month now, and i am convinced.20:16
cedkandreasgrab: ok if you have issues don't hesitate to talk here or on the mailing list and report issue on roundup20:18
andreasgrabcedk: i think it will take some time to get all my tasks done. Just starting. You will see me again for sure!20:18
cedkACTION bbl20:19
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