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hoRn - not so much knowlege of the client - can somebody give me a hint, where the client could put the -1?10:55
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sharooncedk: ping15:09
cedksharoon: pong15:12
sharooncedk: sorry for the delay, i have pushed the patch which changes _cursor attribute of browse record to weakref15:12
cedksharoon: I saw but it is too late for 2.215:16
sharooncedk: :( perhaps 2.3 then15:16
cedksharoon: did you mesure a difference with this patch?15:21
sharooncedk: I don't have stats anymore, maybe i could build and update ?15:21
cedksharoon: because I don't see why the current cursor storage could prevent the GC to collect BrowseRecords15:32
sharooncedk: i got your argument, but i will update and create the stats… anyway there's no hurry since 2.2 is frozen15:33
andreasgrabhi, i am a newbie! How can i do an _sql._constaint for field "bez" in uppercase  def __init__(self) ?17:47
cedkandreasgrab: I'm not sure it is possible in SQL17:48
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