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2011-10-06 17:01 <hoRn> hi. how to stop a workflow from python after writing the state from a other model? need to write a record ir.trigger in xml, right?
2011-10-06 17:02 <cedk> hoRn: what do you name "workflow"? Because it is not linked to "state"
2011-10-06 17:06 <hoRn> i have a workflow on lines in a model - i wanna stop the workflow of this lines when i set the state of the parent to cancelled. now I'm thinking it could be senseless to have a own workflow or each lien, bacuase seems covered by the worklflow of the parent. A coffee could help ....
2011-10-06 17:10 <hoRn> cedk: ok - italian coffee in front of me ;) so the short question is: how to stop a workflow of an object?
2011-10-06 17:11 <hoRn> cedk: with a ir.trigger I guess - an on_write
2011-10-06 17:15 <cedk> hoRn: you must create a Transition that goes to a ending Activity
2011-10-06 17:17 <hoRn> cedk: the transition i have
2011-10-06 17:18 <nicoe> then you should trigger this transition
2011-10-06 17:19 <hoRn> niceo: i found a post on dev
2011-10-06 17:20 <cedk> hoRn: it is workflow_trigger_validate
2011-10-06 17:31 <hoRn> cedk, nicoe: ok - nice - I put the id of the transition and not the signal ;|
2011-10-06 17:35 <hoRn> cedk: now my horrible modul for quality-management seems ready (again).
2011-10-06 17:37 <nicoe> Just in time for you to prepare a little demo at TUL2011 ;)
2011-10-06 17:42 <hoRn> nicoe: yes - because i think is interesting in relation to the production
2011-10-06 17:42 <hoRn> nicoe: i did it for process-control in production. is linked to 3 models: sipment-in, project, shipment-ou
2011-10-06 17:43 <hoRn> nicoe: i violated the project-modul for production related things
2011-10-06 17:47 <hoRn> nicoe: but I need a translater because of my english - it's a kind of pidgin with a strong accent of saxony
2011-10-06 18:04 <nicoe> maybe I can help a bit for the english
2011-10-06 18:09 <cedk> hoRn: also there will be more non-native english speakers than native
2011-10-06 18:10 <hoRn> cedk, nicoe: ;) - I will do a little demo.
2011-10-06 18:11 <cedk> hoRn: put it on the wiki page :-)
2011-10-06 18:12 <hoRn> cedk: what? the module?
2011-10-06 18:12 <cedk> hoRn: that you will do a demo at TUL
2011-10-06 18:12 <hoRn> cedk: link?
2011-10-06 18:15 <hoRn> cedk: dont know where to put - lightning talk?
2011-10-06 18:15 <cedk> hoRn: yes
2011-10-06 18:16 <hoRn> cedk: no button for editing
2011-10-06 18:16 <hoRn> need a coffee again
2011-10-06 18:17 <cedk> hoRn: perhaps you don't have the right
2011-10-06 18:18 <cedk> hoRn: send me your google account
2011-10-06 18:26 <hoRn> next point in my todo:
2011-10-06 18:26 <hoRn> seems impossible in tryton right now - right?
2011-10-06 20:16 <hoRn> done
2011-10-06 22:20 -!- meanmicio(~lfm@fsf/member/meanmicio) has joined #tryton

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